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How do you carry your drop charts for quick access?

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Unread 01-16-2008, 10:41 AM
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you have an inbound email with 2 attachments...

enjoy. shoot them in at home and let me know....

good luck
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Unread 04-13-2009, 10:34 PM
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Re: How do you carry your drop charts for quick access?

I transfer my dop chart to my turrets via white electricians tape and a waterproof pen that way it is turn and burn I go 50 yard increments out to 400 and 25 after that works good if you hunt in similar elevations through out a hunt wouldn't be so handy if the elevation changed greatly

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Unread 04-14-2009, 12:41 PM
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Re: How do you carry your drop charts for quick access?

I print my charts for the elevation I will be hunting as well as the average temprature. Of course these are only used as a quick reference. Time and battaries permitting, I will use the hand held.

Long range shooting is a process that ends with a result. Once you start to focus on the result (how bad your last shot was, how big the group is going to be, what your buck will score, what your match score is, what place you are in...) then you loose the capacity to focus on the process.
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Unread 04-14-2009, 07:17 PM
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Re: How do you carry your drop charts for quick access?

I print it out but only use yardage (50yd incr), drop (in), drop (moa) wind drift (in), wind drift (moa) (wind set at 10mph). I laminate this card, usually 3x5", and slip it under the elastic cartridge carrier on the butt of the rifle. JohnnyK.
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Unread 04-17-2009, 07:22 PM
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Re: How do you carry your drop charts for quick access?

I tape one out to 500 to my stock with 100 200 250 300 350 400 450 475 500 and then I have a much more extensive laminated one in my rangefinder case
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Unread 04-19-2009, 10:47 PM
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Re: How do you carry your drop charts for quick access?

The picture in this article here is the system i use--

Long Range Coyotes: A Custom AR-15 And The Little Scope That Could

I've just altered it a bit lately by not putting the decimal points in unless i go beyond a 1-digit reference number. Always range,elevation,windage-no headers needed. I also put addtl. reticle-rangefinding or turret adjustments in a Butler Creek Blizzard-style objective cover, by disassembling it, putting it on a thin piece of cardboard, and reinstalling it all. When the caps are popped it all comes up so i can see everything at a glance.
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Unread 04-21-2009, 05:01 PM
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Re: How do you carry your drop charts for quick access?

I use JBM ballistic calculator to calculate data for my charts. I print out 5 or 6 different charts, each one for different temperatures or elevations etc. I transfer the info to an Excel spreadsheet and print out a copy to tape to my stock. During cooler months I use one particular chart, during the summer I swap it out for a chart with higher temps. I can always tote along spare charts in a pocket if I expect conditions to change. However, I mostly only shoot this 223 out to 550 or less, so slight temp variations are not a big deal.

Here's my chart from Excel.

The first column shows the distance in yards. The second column shows a modified MOA, more user friendly in my opinion. My scope is calibrated in 1/8th inch clicks at 100 yards. If my chart says 1.2 MOA, that means 10 clicks. 1.7 MOA is 15 clicks. 2 MOA is 16 clicks, etc. Works quicker for me rather than some decimal point that you have to convert in your head anyways. The third column is the number of clicks. The fourth column is inches of drop so I can visualize if I want to. Fifth column is windage clicks @10mph.

I "laminate" it with clear wide packing tape on top to protect it from moisture. On the bottom I use two-sided "permanent" tape. It sticks to my stocks very well, never had one peel off yet. I place it under the scope so I can see it better without having to move the rifle much or at all. Don't put your chart on your buttstock or you'll have to completely remove your head and look down while turning your rifle, a waste of movement.

I also tape the same chart to the underside of my rangefinder. After ranging a critter, I simply turn the rangefinder to view the underside. The chart is right there in my hands and I read off the MOA I need to dial in. That way I don't even have to look at the chart on my stock. You have to range long targets anyways, so why not just put the chart on your rangefinder? Make it easy for yourself.

I also make an abreviated round chart for the inside of the rear scope cap for quick and dirty adjustments. Again, all charts are "laminated" on the top with clear wide packaging tape, and attached on the bottom with double sided permanent scotch type tape. Never had one even start to peel up yet. It is removable, it just takes some work, and it won't damage your paint job either.
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