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help with entry to long range shooting

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Unread 01-12-2011, 12:34 AM
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Re: help with entry to long range shooting


Ok...to start off with, you 'aren't exactly sure what an action is'. That in itself should be your first clue as to what course of action to take first. Before spending your hard earned money on a platform, I recommend spend a little less money and learn. Get a hold of some books regarding sniping, ballistics, basics of target shooting, operations and components of rifles. Talk with a couple of gunsmiths, competition shooters, etc. The more info you can acquire, the better armed you'll be in choosing the correct system.

Groper gave you some killer advice. 300 yards is not long range, not even close. Long range begins somewhere (and many people have differing opinions) in the vicinity of excess of 600 yards. You also have ELR shooting (extreme long range) which consists of 1200 yards and beyond.
Let's say you get your .308 and your happy with eventually working up a load and your zero to 1,000 yards. Cool, now what happens if you try to use that same load and zero to really drop something? Nothing. Putting holes in paper isn't the same as having enough energy to really use on game. Reallistically, a .308 is only effective for terminal ballistic performance to about 800 yards, but is well capable of putting 'holes in paper' past 1000. What happens if you want to reach further than 1000?

When it comes to long range shooting, it is no longer a simple issue of lay the crosshairs on target, breath easy, relax and sqeeze off the shot. A whole lot more comes into play. So many aspects apply to affect your bullets trajectory, that when you miss, you're confusion as to which aspect caused your miss will drive you crazy.
So, do the research now, before you go buying anything. The three most fundamental aspects of accurate shooting are 1)the shooter, 2)the ammunition and 3) the rifle. However, each one has a multitude of aspects to be learned, understood and mastered.

Good luck.
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Unread 12-18-2011, 12:53 AM
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Re: help with entry to long range shooting

hey guys! been a while since i chimed in here. first of all, let me thank everyone for the advice. probably saved me a lot of money. i ended up going with a howa 1500 in .308 topped with an ebay bought bushnell elite 4200 4-16x40. worked well but the longest range i could find was around 400 yards.. and as all of you said, i wanted more . i never did kill a deer with it tho =/. here in florida i found the 30-30 worked fine. any how, rifle and scope all together cost a little less than 1k. i never replaced the stock or anything like i wanted and only used the rings and mounts shipped with the scope. either way i was happy with the results at that point. my thirst for more has led me to sell the combo(for almost what i paid) and i plan to use that money for my next action. either 7mm rem mag or .300 win mag. should i just go ultra mag? i have invested in some reloading gear and have gotten familiar with it(not an expert by any means) on the good ol' .308. i found a range within driving distance that will let me go a lot further than 400 yards and i want a caliber that will get me to 1k with enough authority for white tail. although there is a 99.9999999% that i will never have that shot on anything breathing.

so i guess my questions are: 1) 7mm mag/UM or 300. 2) anything better than those 2 for what i want to do? 3) suggestions on actions 4) do actions by themselves have to be shipped to an ffl?

and last but certainly not least, thanks again everyone for all of your help
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Unread 12-18-2011, 06:28 PM
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Re: help with entry to long range shooting

7SAUM, WSM, RM or 300WM, WSM, SAUM, will be all you need for whitetails to 1000yds. Use 162-180 in 7mm or 200+ in 30cal. That will anchor them at that distance.

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