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Custom build for my Fiance

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Unread 02-04-2010, 05:53 PM
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Re: Custom build for my Fiance

By the time you practice enough to make a reasonable kill at a 1000yds. you will know what you need.

So you are saying your fiance is sitting around chatting with you and goes something like this.

Honey I have been dreaming of a rifle that I could kill a bear or an elk at 1000 yards. I am tired of doing it at 500 yards. I really want a challenge.

You- hey let me get on the internet and see what the guys say you need.

lol when I am with my woman she wants something other than a Carlos Hathcock rifle.... :-)

Are you for real? Or just trying to start a thread?

Does your fiance have a sister?
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Unread 02-04-2010, 10:29 PM
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Re: Custom build for my Fiance

Not sure what forums some members have been visiting but, here on LRH we try to play nice, be respectful and helpful. IMHO if one doesn't have something nice to say then it's best not to say it at all.
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Unread 02-05-2010, 08:27 AM
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Re: Custom build for my Fiance

Well the beneficial part of Amaziah's post is that it recognizes that a woman may well have her own opinion of things.

To me the things that has not been touched on directly is "fit". This includes not only stock dimensions but overall length and balance and distribution of weight.

Distribution of weight is different than balance and gives a rifle or shotgun a whole different feel.

Iit appears to me that a lot of men think that if they paint the stock pink or turquoise that the enamel automatically cures fit problems.
The Smokin Fur Rifle Club
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Unread 02-05-2010, 12:59 PM
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Re: Custom build for my Fiance

I really think its a good idea to go with 7-08 with 168VLD and limit it to 800 yards as a start.

Another name for the 243 is 6-08. Skip 6.5-08 (260 Remington) on to 7-08 would be a good upgrade. They all use the parent 308 case, just different neck size.

Good luck on your choice.
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Unread 02-06-2010, 03:13 PM
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Re: Custom build for my Fiance

Originally Posted by MontanaRifleman View Post
I would go with a 6.5 WSM in about a 7 -7.5 rifle, put a limsaver recoil pad on it and you wont need a brake. If you're set on a brake, go 300 WSM or bigger. Why bother with anything smaller for hunting especially bear? No mtter what you choose, I would be real selective of LR shots on bears. Wouldn't want to be chasing and tracking a wounded one with the missus.

Good hunting,


I have to agree with MR. With a break you can tame a 300WSM down and make a very capable 1000yrd rifle. Use a 210grn (Berger, JLK, SMK) of some type or the 208 A-max and load it down to 2750fps- 2800fps and you will have a light recoiling rifle very capable of taking game at that distance. All of these bullets have a BC of .640+. Obviously making sure the rig fits the shooter should be priority number one.

My other suggestions would be the standard 284 Win. with a 168 Berger, 7mm WSM or SAUM (160 Nosler, 162 A-Max, 168 Berger, 175 SMK, 180 VLD), and the 270WSM with the 150 Berger at top velocity.

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