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Cleaning Question

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Unread 09-26-2009, 10:57 PM
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Re: Cleaning Question

JP, a bore scope is the only way you can tell the condition of your bore. You might have some slight throat erosion and fire craking or maybe just a rough bore.

I usually wait long enough for the barrel to cool enough that I can barely detect any more heat than air temp, however long it takes. On cool days it cools faster. Try to keep it in the shade especially while cooling and keep the bolt open.

I just got back from the range where I was breakign in a coupel of used Senderos I got. A 300 RUM and a 26-06.

The RUM had 26 rounds through it when I started the break-in with Gun Juice. It fouls pretty bad. It's been taking me about an hour to clean all the copper out between shots with Bore Tech and I only got 4 shots through it in 5 hours by the time I left so more to go. Hopefully I can eliminate the fouling or get it way down.

The 25-06 I got from a guy who got it from someone else who said he thought it might have about 200 rounds down the tube. I took it straight out to fire a group to check velocity and accuracy before cleaning it and starting the break-in. I shot a .24" 3 shot group and the fourth took it out to .45 under less than ideal conditions and this with factory ammo It took me 5 days to get that bore clean using Bore Tech and Wipeout. Since it took so long cleaning I decided to have it scoped and the bore is totally fire cracked from throat to muzzle. The Smith was surprised I could hit anything. I'm figuring I'llneed a new barrel sometime but I decided to to break it in with some Gun Juice anyway. I decided to partial cleean between shots so some fouling would fill the cracks and the Gun juice would seal it in. The rifle shot very well with all that fouling in the first place so I decided to seal in the fouling and see what would happen. Nothing to loose. So far so good... I shot a .4" 3 shot group in 20-30 mph crosswinds during the process. This fire cracked tube is still driving tacks. Break-in still in progress.
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Unread 09-27-2009, 01:13 AM
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Re: Cleaning Question


Let us know what you think of the Gun Juice treatment after you're finished.

I've treated about 6 barrels so far and they all cleaned much easier as the treatment process continued. I had one bore that was copper fouling pretty badly. It still copper fouls but only about 5% of what it used to. The other 5 don't really copper foul much at all. Some of my barrels were custom and they never coppered up much to start with. But the Gun Juice still seems to seal off the bore with some type of coating and the clean up slicker than snot. I don't worry to much about cleaning them during my hunting season so I don't have to worry about clean bore shots hitting differently than the fouled bore shot, and I don't worry too much about any corrosion since my barrels are stainless and sealed with the Juice.

It is a PITA to Gun Juice treat the bores, but I like the Gun Juice much better than the Ultra Bore Coat product that I tried. In fact, the Ultra Bore Coat I received was either defective product or the stuff simply doesn't work. I ended up treating the Ultra Bore Coat treated bores with Gun Juice and there was a big improvement in reduced fouling and ease of cleaning. My experience with Ultra Bore Coat wasn't good. I couldn't tell it did anything other than cost me money.

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Unread 09-27-2009, 03:21 AM
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Re: Cleaning Question

One other item that helps quite a bit when cleaning a barrel, clean it at the range. The heat in the barrel after a fired round will help the chemicals you are using to clean a little deeper and quicker.
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Unread 09-27-2009, 08:23 AM
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Re: Cleaning Question

I use a bore scope and if the fouling has built up which in 95% of the rifles it has use IOSSO. Follow the directions and it will be clean down to the metal...

1 bore scope is worth a 1000 expert opinions...
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