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Best LRH caliber to start with?

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Unread 12-20-2012, 06:54 AM
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Re: Best LRH caliber to start with?

Originally Posted by toddc View Post
I dont agree on the 308. Since elk were thrown into the mix + a move out west I think you probly will wanna throw the 308 off a hill the first time a nice critter is at 750 with a 20 mph wind. I live out west and thats better be a chip shot or your givin up a ton of opportunities.
Where I live its not even a poke till 880. This isnt 308 country. Will it work?Yep....but not like a high BC high velocity combo will. Here are my reasons.
#1 Everyone says they are good to learn on. BS Learn on what is forgiving and easy to use.
A real LR round will FORGIVE a bad wind call. A 308 wont.
#2 Availability of ammo.HUH? Are you even considering not reloading? LR without reloading is a JOKE! Learning to reload a STW isnt any more difficult than a 308. If you reload for LR you will be good at it which will make reloading for anything a breeze.
#3 600 isnt LR. Not out here anyway. We killed 50 deer in 08 with an avg dist of 748. Considering 6 were bowkills and 3 with a 357 this will give you a concept of the capabilities needed. Pick a gun that will do the job with about a 50% power reserve for when a target moves or shot is bad. 308 ISNT IT.
#4 308 doesnt kick! Uhhhh try a lightweight cheapo stock one with 210gr bullets. Get a real caliber and then get a BRAKE! Edges dont kick with gun weight and a brake. Brakes are tooooo loud. EARMUFFS!
#5 Its military pedigree! See (MILITARY INTELLIGENCE)
Parts list
Savage LA action. ????? kEEP IT CHEAP.
Prefit barrel using 7mm stw as a MINIMUM. Yes you need a longer barrel. $300+-
Large muzzlebreak $200
trued recoil lug $30
tune stock trigger (yes it can be done)(yes by anyone with a brain) FREE!
Good stock $100-1000
If you keep the stock $$ reasonable then this is under 1k and will be a hammer.
Caliber Id probly lean to a 7mil of some sort to learn on.
Remember buy once cry once. Learning wheels are for 3 yr olds on bicycles.
Learn on an effective round and learn to use that 1 round. Why would anyone practice or learn on something they wont wanna use when its the real deal.
I'd mirror a lot of this and suggest the 7mm STW as well along with 300wm, and 300 RUM. I own and shoot all three and love all three. In fact I own 3 STW's, two 300wm's and one 300Rum.

All of the above are deadly to 1,000yds on any north American game and the Rum adds about 250yds above the others.

Get a good platform not a light or ultra light model, and spend money on a quality stock such as HS Precision or Mc Millan, or Precision stock works and do it right from the start.

As for action the Savage, Remington 700 or Mod 70 Winchester's will all suit your needs quite well. You can spend a lot more on a custom for very little return in accuracy or lifespan if any for the added investment.

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Unread 12-21-2012, 08:04 AM
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Re: Best LRH caliber to start with?

Originally Posted by JPaul17 View Post
Ok so I've pretty talked myself into my first true long range build and have all my specs picked out except for one pretty big detail.....the caliber. So far I've got three great guns that could be contenders for a build but I'm looking to do a whole new gun for this. As of now I have a 243, mid range lightweight walking varmit gun, a 270 thats a mid weight mid range gopher and deer gun, and a 308 that is my all purpose lightweight deer gun. I live in western Pa so mid range I'm going to say is about 300 yards. Have had room for longer shots on gophers but hardly ever on deer and most of the guns are easily under 9 pounds with a scope and all completely factory with 22 inch sporter barrels. What I'm looking for in my next gun is something I can shoot out to 600 and possibly further since I've just found some areas that allow practice at that range. The gun must be able to take anything from a deer to an elk at that distance since after graduation im planning on moving out west granted I have sucess in finding a job (environmental science major with wildlife bio minor). All of the guns that I own shoot great and have me leaning towards using them for the next gun, more so the 270 and 308. Im hoping for a gun that has great ammo selection and is also some what on the cheaper side to shoot, since I haven't done a ton of long ranging, Im sure I'll be practicing alot and would like to not have the barrel shot out before I even get to hunt with it.
My idea is a build on a savage action staying around ten pounds with a 24-25 inch medium to heavy weight barrel possibly 25-26 fluted and a traditional synthetic stock (no adjustable cheek pieces or folding tactical stocks) more than likely a new trigger and bedded. For now im not worried about a scope since you cant shoot a scope without a gun. I'm leaning on the side of the 308 since it seems to be a good basic beginner gun but any one who has any better suggestions can feel free for input. Also anyone who has done a build with a 308 similar to this specs of your gun and how you went about achieving it would greatly be appreciated.

Sorry for the rambling but theres almost too many possibilities.
I'm just a few steps ahead of you in my LRH. I've hunted elk with a traditional muzzle loader so I know it doesn't take a shoulder breaking howitzer to bring them down. I'm starting with a Remington 700 ADL in .270. It was a very good shooter to start with. I floated the barrel myself and then I bumped into a gunsmith that specializes in Remington 700 accurazing. I had him do the bedding, pillaring, lap my scope rings, install a Timney trigger and lighter firing pin and for grins and giggles he did a brake. It came back a tack driver and a hoot to shoot. I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go with a scope so after some research I settled on a Tasco Varmint/Target mil dot scope to see if I like the mil dot system. I have had a lot of guys with much more expensive scopes scratching their heads over how good this cheap scope is. I live in San Antonio but I will hunt Colorado for elk next year. I'm hand loading several suggested recipes and fortunately I have friend that owns a custom ammunition company and he guiding me and advising me on my loads. My best right now with for a deer load has it at 1.75" group at 400 yards with good speed and energy. But I'm enjoying the quest and I have some more bullets like Barnes and Berger on order and I'm trying a variety of powders. One thing I learned from working up muzzle loaders is that what works for one gun may or may not work in your gun. My advice is go with what your gut is telling you and what your budget will afford. I usually say I can afford my dream rifle setup but I can't afford the divorce.
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Unread 12-21-2012, 10:59 AM
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Re: Best LRH caliber to start with?

Am I crazy or would the old .30-06 (no longer sexy, I realize) provide the young man with a small ballistic boost over the .308 for the same price? I hear all the points made for bigger, faster, heavier, and longer but I'm just trying to respond to the original question. Bullet options are practically limitless.
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Unread 12-21-2012, 11:05 AM
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Re: Best LRH caliber to start with?

Originally Posted by Joshuak12 View Post
Am I crazy or would the old .30-06 (no longer sexy, I realize) provide the young man with a small ballistic boost over the .308 for the same price? I hear all the points made for bigger, faster, heavier, and longer but I'm just trying to respond to the original question. Bullet options are practically limitless.
Yes. all things being equal you could expect about 100 FPS, maybe a little more. It is an advantage over the 308 using the heavier bullets. Overall though, at the longer ranges you might pick up 50-100 yards ballistic performance over the 308.

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Unread 12-21-2012, 12:04 PM
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Re: Best LRH caliber to start with?

A decent 7mm would make you happy I'm thinking. Start reloading and practising and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what it and you are capable of. An old Vietnam vet helped set me up with my 7 and 1000 yds is easily achieved. Would you shoot an animal at that range? That opens a whole different can of worms, are you capable of making a kill shot at that range? Is it ethical to take that chance of losing a wounded animal? Only you will know your capabilities and you make that call. Some folks can't and some can. Practice is the key with any caliber IMO as shot placement is the deciding factor in most long range kills. Just my 2 cents!
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Unread 12-21-2012, 01:00 PM
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Re: Best LRH caliber to start with?

From the sounds of the rest of this thread i must be crazy... but my vote goes to the 308
Remington 700s.... only
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Unread 12-21-2012, 01:04 PM
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Re: Best LRH caliber to start with?

I agree with "toddc"s logic.
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