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am i thinking too much of the .308

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Unread 05-07-2009, 01:37 PM
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Re: am i thinking too much of the .308

just bought a rem 700sps in a 308 BBL rifle and i threw on a Osprey 10 - 40x50 mm Long Range Tactical Scope, Matte Black with a harris bipod and a uncle mikes Neoprene Buttstock Shell Holders and a tactical sling i put about $1,000 in everything so i was wondering if i should throw on a .308 VORTEX FLASH HIDER threw brownells and what ammo should i use. I just can't wait to go and shoot the thing it's going to be great

best of luck

Charles H Mousseau JR
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Unread 05-15-2009, 02:22 AM
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Re: am i thinking too much of the .308

Originally Posted by Bravo 4 View Post
That my friend is the normal reaction of most people, especially hunters. They are pretty much just ignorant and have their beliefs. I don't tell strangers that I hunt animals or even shoot targets out to the ranges I do, which isn't as far as a lot of others on the site.
I hear that, I asked about shooting at great distances on another site and everyone went crazy! I only wanted to shoot targets too. I couldn't believe it. One guy said something like, "You better have a good reason to have a gun that shoots that far!"

Luckily, a longrangehunting member read my post and directed me here.
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Unread 05-21-2009, 02:24 PM
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Re: am i thinking too much of the .308

Originally Posted by foreign View Post
cheers for the replies. yea michael i would like to use the accubonds but they are $60 for 50 where as the sst are $54 for 100. the student bugget decideds that for me pretty quickly.
That is the same reason I went with the 165 SST's as well lol My rifle shot the Winchester BST 168gr well, but then the reloading bug hit me and so I had to change because for the same price of 50 BST, I got 100 SST's!
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Unread 05-24-2009, 12:43 AM
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Re: am i thinking too much of the .308

I guess we all have our own limitations. My limitation is up to the distance that the bullet will expand and penetrate and do significant damage to make a reasonably quick killing shot and ftlbs of energy really doesnt have a lot to do with it.

If I was hunting with a 308 and 165 SST's, I would take a shot on game as far as the bullet had sufficient velocity to open, period.

IMHO and it's JMO, a buulet that has sufficient velocity to open will have sufficient momentum to penetrate a deer. Now elk size game would be a different story. It would take a little more momentum to penetrate a 900 lb elk vs a 200 lb deer.

Most of us hunt with expandable bullets and not unexpandable solids. If we fire an expandable bullet tio a range where it wont expand, what's the point? (no pun intended )

So I guess the bottom line is what is your criteria for a minimum killing shot on game at "X" number of yards?

Cheers and good hunting,

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Unread 05-24-2009, 01:07 AM
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Re: am i thinking too much of the .308

I haven't used the SST in the .308, but I have used them in 6.5 with great success. I have used the 178gr A-max and a hunting partner regularily uses the 180gr SST, both out of .308's and they work very well.
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Unread 05-24-2009, 06:49 AM
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Re: am i thinking too much of the .308

Michael Eichele

Hay I know we talked before about the 308 what weight ACCUBONDS do you shoot?
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Unread 05-24-2009, 12:36 PM
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Re: am i thinking too much of the .308

You have to keep in mind that most hunters are not long range hunters & know little about rangefinding, wind, Bal. reticles & even less about clicking up.

They are looking at traj. tables in the factory ammo charts & most of us did before we got interested in LRH. And when you look at it that way & see the 308 traj. & the 270WSM or others traj. on the same chart, what do you expect a novice to conclude?
You will not make peace with the Blue Coats, you are free to go.
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