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7mm08 vs .308

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Unread 08-30-2008, 01:47 PM
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Re: 7mm08 vs .308

I owned a .308 one time and even took a deer with it. It was a great little rifle. After owning a 7mmRemMag and .300WinMag I can not see owning either (7-08 & .308) for target shooting or hunting. They're both enemic. Why lob bullets when you can drill "em? JohnnyK.

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Unread 09-04-2008, 09:58 PM
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Re: 7mm08 vs .308

Most definitely with Charles A on the energy/velocity debate.

How much damage would a FMJ going 2800fps at impact do vs a soft point going 2000fps of the same cal and weight?

Being a LR hunting site, we have to expect that impact velocity is 'low'. Nothing is going to hit fast at 800yds.

So we need to match the bullet to the impact velocity for max 'killing' effectiveness. Of course, said bullet must also be accurate to hit the desired target.

We usually use bullets like the MK, AMax, and now Berger. All would be considered fragile when compared to a Barnes X at high impact velocities but these 'varmint' bullets work like a charm when things slow way down.

The fact they are all superbly accurate just helps our cause that much more.

At these speeds, the Barnes X tend to act just like a FMJ.

As to the orig post, the 7-08! there is simply no comparison.

All you have to do is compare a 7mm Amax vs a 30cal 165/8gr anything. Both cases will push to around 2700fps. The 308 will likely go a smidge faster at the muzzle.

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Unread 09-09-2008, 01:14 PM
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Re: 7mm08 vs .308

Originally Posted by Varmint Hunter View Post
On the plus side for the .308 is more frontal mass for a larger diameter wound channel and greater overall mass. Try sticking a 190VLD in your 7mm-08. :>)

I've got them both and would use them interchangeably for most hunting scenarios.

Thats my take, there just is not enough difference to matter much. I don't think theres anything that I would hunt with a 7-08 that I would not be just as comfortable using a .308.

If you are buying a new rifle or barrel then sure go for the 7, if I already had a 308 though theres no way I would spend a cent to "upgrade" to the 7-08.
"My greatest fear is that after my demise my wife will sell my guns for the price I told her I paid for them"
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Unread 09-11-2008, 05:15 PM
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Re: 7mm08 vs .308

Originally Posted by remingtonman_25_06 View Post
Ballistically the 7-08 is hands down the better LR cartridge then the .308 Win. 2 reasons for this, one being the 7mm BC is hands down way better then .30 cal, and for two, smaller calibers with smaller bullets are usually faster, couple this with the better BC and it becomes easy to see why the 7-08 is better then the .308

Stick a 162g AMAX in that 7-08 and it spanks the 308 in every category...

Heck even the .260 with a 140g AMAX is better then the .308, maybe not in energy, but in drop and drift I know for a fact it is w/out even looking at the ballistic charts.

The .308 would be about the last cartridge I'd ever own...
Try killing a 1800 pound moose with a 162 AMAX! When duty calls for a sub magnum I personaly will stick to the 308 to rely on that task. A 180 Branes or accubond is hell on them. With a target that big I am hardly concerned about saving 3" of wind drift. Drift is drift, and drop is drop. They must be compensated for to succeed. I could care less if the bullet drops 65" or 58" or drifts 10" or 13". Dial it and kill it. Make sure you use an adequete bullet to dop the job at hand. 162 AMAX's are great deer and sheep bullets I will give them that, just not elk, moose or bears.

you could use the 160 AB for moose. This buys you 10 more yards of reliable expansion over the 308 but about 100 less pounds of energy at the 708 max range than the 308. You also gain a whopping 2" of trajectory at the 725 yard mark. Bottom line is for a suitable hunting load for big game, you buy 2" of trajectory but notably less energy with the 708 but extend your expansion range by 10 yards.

From a match standpoint you could use the 162 AMAX and the 155 308 SCENAR. The SCENAR is 16" flatter at 1K but drifts 11" more in a 10 MPH wind. Each has their good points. Do any of these numbers give way to a spanking on either side? Hardly!

It really boils down to if you like the 284 bullets or the 308 bullets. Whichever gives a given shooter more confidence, this should be the deciding factor. Supiority is such a subjective term.

If the goal is to spank the 308 in every catergory the 708 is not the answer. One should look at a hotter 7mm or bigger like a 300 mag. These will "spank" the 308 (and the 708 for that matter) in every catergory except finicky.
Long range shooting is a process that ends with a result. Once you start to focus on the result (how bad your last shot was, how big the group is going to be, what your buck will score, what your match score is, what place you are in...) then you loose the capacity to focus on the process.

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Unread 10-01-2008, 10:36 PM
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Re: 7mm08 vs .308

Not to high jack the thread, but I have a quick question. I want to build a 20" 7-08 or 308 for deer and can't decide. Which would be the more appropriate caliber for the shorter barrel? I have heard the 308 does not lose too much velocity until you drop below 20 inches. Is this true and does it also apply to the 7-08? What would you'll do?
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Unread 10-06-2008, 09:19 PM
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Re: 7mm08 vs .308

I have owned a 7mm Rem Mag, a 308 and 3 7mm-08's.

7mm Rem Mag - great calibre, finicky to load for, not very efficient...but completely seperates the front shoulders from the rest of the body on deer in SASK...was shooting a 139 Hornady IB over RL22 at a chronied 3300 fps and pretty good recoil even in the Ruger M77 MKII LMSS with a mercury recoil reducer installed. TOO MUCH TISSUE AND MEAT DAMAGE ON THE GAME I HUNT.

308 - efficient calibre, small powder charges very effective on all game in Canada except maybe Grizz Bears...few more ft/lbs recoil...maybe..owned in a Winchester M88 lever action...my calibre of choice for many years...always thought the bang for the buck was lacking.

7mm-08 (current chosen) for me and my wife...
well, superior bullet SD and BC, delivers 139 gr Hornady IB over 43 grains (half gr off book max, very accurate but could be faster, just not sure how quickly I find signs of pressure) of Varget in my T/C Pro hunter at chronied 3000 fps...felt recoil seems les than my 308 (but I am pretty sure its not).

- I feel it has lead to better shooting and more confidence for both of us...I've done the 7mm Mag thing and collected the scraps...not much to choose between either 308 or 7-08...we shot both our moose this year with the 139 IB and the 7mm-08...mine at 100 yds and the wifes at 150 yds or so...both Moose piled up in hurry after a double lung shot on each...

Calibre does not kill...shot placement kills and a hard kicking calibre does not lend itself to proper practice... my 7-08 allows me to practice which tends to improves on my ability to place my shot.

Just my thoughts...they are both great calibres...pick one, load for it and practice, practice, practice...


Sask Hunter
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Unread 10-06-2008, 10:02 PM
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Re: 7mm08 vs .308

G22, I like a 20" barrel in 7-08. Mine shoots 3,000 fps at the muzzle with 120gr Nosler Ballistic Tips and H-414. A longer barrel will give you more velocity, but the 7-08 is efficient and a 20" barrel handles very well.

Good hunting, Tom
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A big fast bullet will beat a little fast bullet every time
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