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6mm Remington

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Old 03-28-2011, 07:27 AM
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Re: 6mm Remington

I initially set the rifle up for shooting 80-95gr bullets and went with the 1 in 9 for that. The 95gr Berger or Sierra matchking calls for that twist. If you want to shoot VLD's check out Berger and Sierra's website and check the bullet you want against their twist rate.

I had no intention of using 70gr bullets until the Superformance powder came out. I was lured in by 3800fps because many of my coyotes are shot while working on the ranch, and I have to shoot quick. I don't have time for ranging and adjusting turrets like I try to do on big game. I like that I can have a +/- 3" trajectory out to 350yds so I can hold center and not worry about range. If you have more time for your shots, in wind, or at longer range the VLD's will outperform the light bullets.

I haven't had any trouble seating the bullets for a short action, but haven't loaded VLD's in the 6mm either. I loaded them in my short action 243 win with no trouble.

If you are interested in loading with the lighter bullets and the Hodgdon Superformance powder their load data is on their website.
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Old 03-28-2011, 10:34 AM
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Re: 6mm Remington


Do you reload? Do you plan to utilize the long VLD, SMK, DTAC bullets in this rifle? If you plan on using the long bullets I would suggest a LA for the facts listed before... seating the bullets long enough not to compromise powder capacity & velocity. Now you can run a SA, seat the bullets deeper & have the chamber designed accordingly OR you can have an extended mag box installed to allow longer seating w/o going to the LA OR you can single load at whatever length you need.

Once you decide what your max bullet weight is you can establish your max COAL & you can decide what action/mag length you need.

I believe the 6xc was designed by david tubb IIRC.... supposed to be an efficient little turd providing good velocity w/heavy bullets & good bbl life... only problem is if you don't reload you may have some troubles finding ammunition

Keep us posted on what you decide.... (some build pics would be ok too)
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Old 03-28-2011, 05:32 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

Greg I have a 1in9 twist 243AI and love it. It will shoot 95VLD and 105VLD over rl25 amazing. So far have killed a mule deer, antelope, hog and blacktail with it. Case life has been very good. Like stated before If ou plan on shooting 95-105gr bullets in 6mm id say a LA. For a SA the 243AI. You will love either. Good luck and post pics!
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Old 03-28-2011, 05:43 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

I plan on sending in my action friday the 1st. I have a McMillan Remington Sporter stock on order now.............So im looking at having the rifle back by sometime around the end of July

I do reload and I do realize that the VLD have to be seated way out..........Im just not there yet, when it comes to shooting the VLD's.
I called Hornday today and asked about the twist rate for their 75 gr. V-max and they said 1x10 I also called Swift about their 90gr Scirocco and they said that because the bullet it long it would need the 1x10 faster twist rate.
For me long range would be 400 yds..............and until I know that me and my rifle feel comfortable and consistant at that range I dont want to look at anything beyond that. So as of today Im looking at the Pac Nor barrel 24inch 1x10 #4 ..........A Sako extractor. Thats about the extent of my limited knowledge and experiance. When you talk about anything beyond that I get lost.
When I had my CZ 527 re-barreled from a 22 Hornet to the .19 Badger and was getting .291 five shot groups ...........I got real interested in Long Range shooting and the thought of five shots touching. That was never ever a thought in the past.

I do need some more input and advice.....................What Scope and has anyone out there used or seen Darrll Hollands ART reticle.
What bases and rings do you recomend. I have use S and K bases and rings..........for their light weight
Well that's were Im at now.....................maybe in the future I will try the VLD's and if we have a banner year on jackrabbits, I might be looking for a new barrel.......
In the past when shooting ground squirrels on alfalfa fields I had one day when shooting a 22 Hornet and a .221 fireball that 660 rounds were fired ............that was a long day.

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Old 03-28-2011, 08:17 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

I'm in your same boat. I love the idea of shooting past 600yds, but my practice results and the shots I get hunting don't make me comfortable there yet. I am currently very confident out to 500yds on deer size game, 600 on elk. My practice revolves around that and I do well there, when I try to stretch it I humble myself. The 10-15mph winds I shoot in and the weight of the rifles I like to use plays into that, as does my shooting ability. Most of my practice is at 300-500yds, getting real confident there.

I used the 75gr V-max for years on coyotes and have taken over 100 yotes with it. It is my favorite bullet for coyotes, it seldom exits and is very destructive from any angle. I also know it will absolutely wreck a bobcat from personal experience. After the 2 cats I've shot with it I will let one walk before shooting it with this bullet. Maybe past 300yds it would be ok, but I doubt it. I only use the 70gr BT now because of the speed I gain about 300fps accurately in my gun.

If you decide to hunt deer the 87gr berger VLD is designed for a 1 in 10 twist and I got very good accuracy from it. I was one of their field testers for it and will send you my full results if you give me your email address. It is on an old post here also if you do a search.

I use Leupold CDS and varmint hunter scopes on all my long range rigs. My turrets go to around 650yds and that's far enough for me. At least for now. I like the weight and low profile of them for hunting guns. I don't shoot long range in the field as a preference, I love close shots, but like the ability to reach when necessary. I like my rifles to carry and point well for the close shots so I compromise weight and stability for the really long ones.

I think your barrel choice and length are good, you should get good velocity and handling with it. Good stock also. I have a Pac-Nor coming in this week for a 22" 204 ruger I'm building.
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Old 03-29-2011, 06:39 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

Im impressed ...........500yds is a long ways, and 600 on an ELk..........!!
I talked to Berger, Hornady, and Sierra today.............a 1x9 is good with their 105 berger Match Hunting and back to the lighter bullets. It will stabalize the 105 Hornady Match also. So all bullet companies recomended the 1x9 twist.
Im sending my action to Carolina Precision Rifles.............I've talked to both John and Richard over the phone. They seem like really nice guys. Both worked for Kenny Jarret for a lot of years. I had them accurize my 22K Hornet.
I had my other 22 Hornet rebarreled to the .19 Badger. It is suppose to be a excellent fur gun for bobcats. Check out this web sight and the pictures @ www.jamescalhoon.com I have only put about 100 rounds through it and have not shot any coyotes with it. In my coyote days I always used a .22-250 but what I have seen with this gun it is a fun gun shooting ground squirrels. The only draw back to the .19 is Calhoon is the only source for bullets, but with his 32gr at 3650 Im getting groups that average .291 I ordered 500 cases and 3000 bullets so that should last a while.
So this .243 AI is going to be a new and exciting adventure for me.........Its been a long time since I have had a 6mm
My email address is rimrockhunter@gmail.com
I would be interested in your report.......................How did you get to be a field tester for Berger? What part of the country do you live in. I live in Reno, Nevada, which allows me to get out and do a lot of shooting easily.
Its just getting a Deer or Antelope tag. My wifes family live in Idaho and they have invited me to come up this year for a Elk hunt...............We will see what happens in the Draw.
Elk with a .243??

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Old 03-29-2011, 06:53 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

Well, you can certainly kill an elk with a .243, it happens every year.

I'd rather have a bigger rifle throwing a heavier bullet for elk.

Looks like you've got a good rifle planned out! Looking forward to seeing photos of it, seeing your range report and of course success in the field.

Regards, Guy
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