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6mm Remington

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Old 03-26-2011, 10:50 PM
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6mm Remington

I was told, by a Gunsmith that since I have a short action that I should have it chambered for a .243 A rather than a 6mm Remington, because the .243 will work better in a Short Action.

Is the 6mm Remington a LA or a SA round.....................I use to shoot a 6mm years ago in a Rugar 77 and I think it was in a short action.

Another Smith told me that I should get a 6mm XC That's a new one for me.....................very little info on this new round....

Has anyone heard of it?

So, a 1-9 twist rate will shoot the lighter 70-75 grain bullets as well as the VLD's............................??

This whole rifle project was easy however this twist rate is the confusing part. Every one has a different opinion...................

Has anyone out there shot game at over 500yards or is that distance and more more of a rareity...............

Does anyone have any experiance with Darrell Hollands ART, Advanced Reticle tecknolagy??

The more questions and answers I ask and recieve there more questions I generate.............................

I would think that most good bullets with the right scope set up are capable of 500 yard shots........................

Lots of thoughts .......................

Not so confused

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Old 03-27-2011, 04:14 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

The 6mm is very close to the same size as the 243. Smith didnt know what he was talking about. I just converted a 243 to 6mm in a ruger for my girlfriend( I would have done 243 but didnt have a reamer and had a 6mm reamer)

I bet none of you have a .234 (6mm rem necked to .234)
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Old 03-27-2011, 04:49 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

Greg, I've been shooting a factory Rem 700 short action, in 6mm Rem, since 1974. Well, my youngest son hunts with it now, but I still claim it from time to time!

Although the factory rounds fit fine in a short action, a lot of guys like to build them on a long action so that they can seat the bullets out much farther. This of course provides more powder capacity, therefore more velocity.

The .243 AI is also a wicked shooting little rascal. Either, or even the standard .243 Win, is dandy for varmints through deer size game. I don't recall ever shooting anything out at 500 yards with my 6mm Rem. Ours. Whatever! It will drop a mule deer just fine at 300 yards with a mere 95 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip. Complete penetration and devastating results internally. Typically we shoot 75 gr hollow points at rock chucks, 95 - 105 gr bullets at deer, and whatever happens to be in the rifle at coyotes.

Nice little cartridge. There's a lot of info on the various 6mm's - except not much on the 6mm Remington - at AccurateShooter.com 6mmBR.com -- Best Guide to Precision Shooting and Precision Rifle Accuracy

Check out the articles on the .243/.243 AI as well as the article on the 6XC.

Regards, Guy
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Old 03-27-2011, 05:01 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

Factory short-action 6mm Rem 700 BDL. Young man swears it's his rifle now...

Using it on rock chucks, yes he's pretty proud of that shot:

Handles deer just fine. Usually we use the 95 grain Ballistic Tip, sometimes different 100 gr bullets:

Lightest bullet I've sent through it is a 55 grain at scorching velocity. Accuracy was okay, but not as good as the various 75 gr hollow points. Heaviest I've used is the 105 gr Speer, a flat base bullet that shot very well through it. I haven't tried the longer 105 gr A-Max or the Berger VLD through it.
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Old 03-27-2011, 05:21 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

i dont know which round your more fond of but i love the standard 243. win and the 243. AI although i dont own a AI. I have a factory remington 700 243. win and it is one wicked round. [IMG][/IMG]

I haven't made any awesome shots on game but i have successfully made a 600 yard shot on paper. Longest shot on game was 275 yards on a crow. [IMG][/IMG]

and 150 yards on 2 squirrels

I suggest sticking with the 243. win or making it an AI
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Old 03-27-2011, 08:59 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

I had a custom 6mm Rem built on a Ruger short action M77 this spring with a 25" 1 in 9 twist Kreiger barrel. I am getting 3824fps and .5" groups with 70gr ballistic tips and a max load of Hodgdon Superformance. It has been really deadly on coyotes, I've shot 12 with this load since getting it built from 125 to 412yds, avg 269yds. It shoots 100gr sierra's very good with H100V also, and should handle the VLD's up to 95gr.

The VLD bullets haven't expanded well for me on coyotes, so I haven't tried them in this rifle. My girlfriend and a couple neighbor gals have used my Winchester M670 243 win to take 7 deer with the 87 or 95gr Berger VLD and they perform great on them. Shots were from 70 to 230yds none of the bullets exited, and none of the deer went over 20yds. Internal damage was massive. The delayed expansion of the berger gets inside a deer's chest and causes major damage. It starts expanding to deep in a coyotes narrower chest in my experience, exiting without causing enough damage.

For 500yd shots on deer I'd prefer a heavier bullet for a little insurance if heavy bone is struck or it's a quartering shot. I like 264-7mm magnums for my deer hunting because I like a little extra power. That's why I like the 6mm over the 22 centerfires for coyotes, little better ballistic coefficient and more bullet weight for tough shots. The 6mm's are capable at 500yds on deer but don't offer much room for error, and will limit shot angles.

What do you plan to use the rifle for?
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Old 03-27-2011, 09:17 PM
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Re: 6mm Remington

I plan on using the rifle for Marmonts, Jackrabbits and Coyotes...................

Do you have any problem seating the longer bullets out of a 6mm in a Short Action?

I have heard so many opinions on bullet twist ...................Kenny from Jarret rifles says that the secret to the .243 Ackley is getting it in a 1-12 twist for pullets from 60gr to 90gr. Chris from Pac Nor barrels told me to get the 1x12 twist for up to 90gr bullets also...................

But you have yours in a 1x9 with the 70gr and up to the VLD....................So what have you heard about the twist rate??

About the time I decide someone comes along and tells me somthing new.

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