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338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?

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Old 04-18-2007, 11:56 AM
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338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?

Im working on getting into the long range scene. I have been saving $$ and gathering parts to build a new gun. Its taken me a year to get all the stuff I have collected now and Im about ready. I have a McMillian A-5 stock, SS Lilja 30" fluted #8 contour barrel 1:10 twist, Jewel trigger, Williams bottom metal, and have a SS 700 magnum action. I am thinking on getting a Stiller Predator or Lawton 7000, but havent saved that much yet. I have been planning on a 338 Edge but recently some friends have been trying to talk me into a Lapua insted. Just wondering what you guys would do if you had the choice and why. If I go with the Lapua I will definatly get the new action, if I went with the Edge I think I will just use the 700 action for that. Scope rings & bases will come later in the game but for now this is what I have to work with right now. And I will more then likely be sending it off to Kirby to do the work on it. Im just looking for the pro's & cons of each. Thanks in advance
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Old 04-18-2007, 12:36 PM
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Re: 338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?

The edge and the Lapua are similar in performance, but I am almost certain Kirby will not build you a lapua on a stainless steel ation, because stainless is not quite as tough as chrome-moly......
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Old 04-18-2007, 12:52 PM
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Re: 338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?

Why wouldn't Kirby build a 338 Lapua on a SS action?

I have one and it is fine.

Kirby, what say you?
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Old 04-18-2007, 01:30 PM
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Re: 338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?

Really, the only differene is brass I believe. Your going to pay out the ass for Lapua brass, vs rem or nosler brass for the 338 EDGE. Granted its better quality, but I dont think its worth more then 3x, especially when theres really no added FPS performance.

My dad just took his rem 700 up to Shawn this last sunday. Plans are to screw a 28" hart Stainless/fluted w/DE brake. Keeping the factory LSS stock and everthing else. Plans are to shoot the 300g SMK around 2850fps. This will be more then enough rifle for what were wanting it for, a packable rifle that will easily allow us to thump elk/black bears to around 1200-1300 yards.

I would go with the EDGE, but thats just me. Paying close to $2 a piece for brass is not worth it IMO.
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Old 04-18-2007, 02:27 PM
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Re: 338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?

God, you have love this argument and the logic behind it.

Let's put this in perspective.

Someone will spend $$2500-3000 on a custom gun then says the "big issue" is an $80 difference for quality Lapua brass that lasts 4-6x minimum over $80 cheaper Remington brass. Rem brass for RUM is $80 a hundred vs $176 for Lapua from Sinclair. I have loaded 338 Lapua Improved over 15x. Who has got 15x reloads out of the RUM case at those velocities?

Are we "pole vaulting over mouse turds" here?

There is no denying the Edge is a great round, particularly in a 700 action, but is it the round of choice in a top end custom built, maybe custom action?

It might be, but the deciding factor sure should not be the cheapest component of a high dollar system, ie "cost of brass". Truthfully, IMO the RUM is really not cost efficiant when you compare cost AND longevity. At the end of the day, the RUM is more expensiven no questions. That still does not mean you should not choose the EDGE, just that cost of brass should not even be in the equation.

Now the Lapua certainly needs a different action which will cost more, but not really when you factor the money spent tricking out a 700. Plus the custom will be worth what you paid for it and will not lose 50% of its value the moment you leave the gunsmiths door.

Build what you want and need, but do not delude yourself into some false "cost effectiveness" on brass cost. Do it for the right reasons.

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Old 04-18-2007, 02:41 PM
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Re: 338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?


The cost of brass is a very small item in a big custom gun.
I use the 338 lapua brass necked down to .30.
It is very good brass and holds up well.
How much do you plan to shoot this gun? 500 rounds of brass will probly out live your barrel.

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Old 04-18-2007, 03:28 PM
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Re: 338 Edge vs 338 Lapua, which one?

I agree that the Brass is a non-issue. You should just look at the round itself. I own a 338 Lapua, but the Edge is great round. Better performance with a 300 smk.

Shawn Carlock is a great gunsmith too! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Something to think about.
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