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338-378 Versus 338 Rum

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Old 10-01-2007, 10:49 AM
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338-378 Versus 338 Rum

Looking for a 338 Long range hunting rifle.
I have a been a reloader for 20 years.
I have been shooting and hunting with a 300 Rum and am looking for something in the 338 long range class.
Give me your opinions on each of these.
The Weatherby would be in the Accumark Rifle
And the Rum would be in the SS Synthetic factory rifle for now.
I am a elk hunter and in Eastern Oregon
I shoot long range targets if not on a daily basis then weekly at the very least.
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Old 10-01-2007, 11:13 AM
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I'm assuming that you reload , if that is the case I'd get the 338RUM and have it rechambered to 338Edge. The 338-378Wby is the faster and flatter of the two but at nearly $100 a box of loaded shells and half that for 20 pieces of brass that alone would keep me away from the big Wby.

I realy don't think that one would realy see that big of a dfferance between the 338Edge and the Wby but the differance between the big Wby and the regular 338Rum might be problematic to some shooters , either will get you to 1000yds and more
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Old 10-01-2007, 12:15 PM
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The 338/378 is currently the most powerful factory 338.

The 338 RUM is not very far behind in fact it is real close
to the big Weatherby and faster than the 340 with big bullets.

Not long ago I had the 338 bug and went through the same
thing you are going through,and this is what I decided.

I just happened to have a MK 5 Weatherby action and thought
with the extra .100 thousand magazine length and with the
338 RUM being slightly shorter ,It should be a good combo.

I was right the extra magazine length allows me to seat the bullets
long saving space normaly used up with deep seated bullets. In fact
it holds all most as much as the 338/300 RUM.

Weatherby uses the magazine box to hold the rounds center'ed
for better feeding, and this work's very good for the big beltless
RUM and is easy to adjust (no milling of the rails).

With this set up I shoot 200gr to 250gr hunting bullets and 300gr
SMK's with no problem's.

Just my opinion
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Old 10-01-2007, 12:33 PM
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I agree with James. I have a .338 x .378 Wby and and wouldn't trade it for anything. But I have to load for it though. Factory ammo is right at $5 a shot. Last time I bought hulls, even they were over $2 each, so even counting on using the once fired factory brass, you're still into factory ammo at over $3 a shot, (one less loading than factory brass).

I'd go with the .338 Rum right off (~60 cents/hull), no fire forming and plenty potent out of the box. You can always sink the chamber to the Edge later if you want to. The Wby bolt face has to be a std magnum, The .378 face is larger than the rebated Rum extraction rim).

This is a case where you can't lose; either of these cartridges is Elk poison, and 1,000yd capable.

Enjoy, Tom
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A big fast bullet will beat a little fast bullet every time

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Old 10-01-2007, 03:35 PM
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Thank you for the quick replies, Yes, I do reload, and cost doesnít have that much of a bearing on this.
The 338Edge is and improved 338 Rum Iím assuming, and info on this?
Anyone have ballistic comparisons between the three?
I have reloaded for the 30-378 and found the accuracy as good as any factory rifle out there.
Right at this moment Iím going to start with a factory rifle and build from there.
Re chambering a rifle isnít a problem either.
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Old 10-01-2007, 06:50 PM
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Well if it were me I'd get a Rem 700 in 338Rum , probably a Sendero if one could be found , that way later if the standard 338 RUM doesen't work out then it can be rechambered to the 338 Edge which by the way is the 300 RUM necked up thats it the shoulders on the 300 are a bit taller than the 338.
If its to be rebarreled latter than use a Wyatt's box and rechamber to 338 Lapua improved which would run right with the 338-378Wby and the brass would last alot longer ,in fact I think that Kirby Allen's round will run faster than the 338-378 if I'm not mistaken.

I'm not saying that the Wby MK-V action isin't any good its just that the Rem 700 will work , cost less and has alot more options. when its time to build on.
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Molon Labe
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Old 10-01-2007, 07:20 PM
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Wyatt's box? Man Im behind in times I guess.
Is the Sako big actions a good base?
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