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308 or 284

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Old 07-03-2010, 01:07 AM
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Re: 308 or 284

What the hell!!! Im in too!

Nobody has mentioned the 284 Shehane? its the most you get out of a 284.

Im getting all my stuff together to build a standard 284WIN with will achive 2900 ish with a 162-68 gr bullet from a 26" tube, the Shehane will do this with ease. The reason that Im not going Shehane is the cost of Dies for me are too much for the 50+ FPS gain, I can pick up 30 fps ish with a longer barrel which Im paying for regardless of lengh, Im going for a 28"
The rat in the woodpile will be its OAL for factory stuff, mines a Barnard so I dont care but if you are single feeding dont worry about it.

As liltank stated is is very under rated.

If this was your only rifle for target and hunting and you want a "cost effective" round then consider it, if you want a new barrel every 1000 rnds get a 6.5-284 ,barrel manufactures love them!!!!

Exbal tells me a 284" 162 AMax MV of 2900 fps @ 600 yrds will hit with 1543 ftlbs the Shehane will launch a 180 gr 284 Berger @ 2900 fps @ 600 yrds 1848 ftlbs in comparison a 178 gr AMax 30 cal MV of 3000 fps @ 600 yrds 1505 ftlbs.

Anit it beautiful !!!

The only consideration really is your action.

I had better change my log in name

All the best.
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Old 07-04-2010, 01:38 AM
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Re: 308 or 284

Since you brought it up. I have been looking into the 284 and have found it hard to find a good supply of reloading products. Midway has the Winchester brass as a seasonal run only. Hard to find match grade dies. Where can a guy find supplies and what works the best?
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Old 07-04-2010, 04:12 AM
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Re: 308 or 284

I use Wilson in line dies so I can load at the range and a Redding body die for sizing. Redding makes a Type S bushing dies for the 284 category III depending on which set they run from $205 up to $299. You can get Lapua,Hornady and Nolser 6.5x284 brass and neck it up to 7mm and many consider the Lapua the best brass.

My gunsmith used a 6.5x284 reamer then throated for the 7mm and OAL is 3.100" vs 2.800" for the standard 284.

There was a good deal on the 6mmbr forum about the 284,280and 280AI as to which was the best. No question the 284 and 284 Shehane are good match rounds but you are loading to max or close too it @ 2800/2900fps for the 160/180 gr bullets. One comment was the 280AI get you there with alittle extra to spare
why 284 than 280 or 280ai?

I started back in the 70's shooting the 284 in the win 100 later moved up to the 6x284 then moved up to the 6.5x284 now have the 284 and I just like the case always been a good one.

Since I have the 284 and 280AI both rifles are very accurate but the 280AI is faster if that would be a concern.

It's hard to pick that perfect hunting/target rifle. Well good luck
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Old 07-31-2010, 12:25 PM
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Re: 308 or 284

So I went and did it again. I just sent in the check for a Savage 16 FHSS in a 7mm wsm, much to the chagrin of my wife. I just can't seem to stick to one rifle and that is the problem. I tell my wife, this rifle is the perfect rifle for me because ... then a year later I am saying, I need this new rifle because ... but I will sell one to help pay for this one. This is why I went with a stainless Savage. I made the decision that I absolutely need a stainless rifle and I want to stick to a short action. Something that has a chance of shooting right out of the box so I can build over time.

I am a CRF guy for sure, but I need the versatility of the Savage so in the future I can change the caliber if I choose. I'm already thinking of getting a 260 bolt and barrel for her, to make a cheap target/deer rifle. I have owned 2 Savages already and have absolute confidence that I can get this one to shoot less than MOA prone off of a bipod. All it will need is a good action bedding surface and tuned hand loads. I am actually hoping to get her closer to 1/2 MOA with the factory barrel, but being that this is a sporter weight barrel I will have to shoot real slow for that (all cold bore shots). When I shoot the barrel out (and that is the plan, to keep this long enough to shoot out a barrel) a Shilen prechambered super match stainless will get the call. Will it be in the same caliber? Maybe by then the 300 wsm will be looking better for my needs.

I just wanted to say thanks to all for their input. Even if I didn't buy the rifle/caliber that you suggested, all the input was considered and got me on this path. I feel very confident that in a year from now I will not have any real excuse for a new rifle. http://www.longrangehunting.com/foru...cons/icon9.gif
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Old 08-24-2010, 12:20 AM
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Re: 308 or 284

I am one of those folks that still swear by the good ole 308 winchester. With that being said, the 284 winchester is a ballistically supperior round. It has more case capacity and if you shoot heavy 7mnm bullets the BC is much higher as well. look at it this way. with a 284 you can shoot bullets as light as 168 and still have a BC of over .600. the 7mm 180 grain Berger has a BC of .650.

As much as I love my .308 it can't touch those numbers.
.308 Howa 1500, 24" varmint barrel, Harris bipod Bell & Carlson MkII tactical stock. 4-14x50 tactical scope from Wonder Optics.

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Old 08-25-2010, 10:19 AM
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Re: 308 or 284


I have to agree with you, I love my 308. It is capable of 1000 yard shooting, a great all round caliber, long barrel life, recoil is mild even in a light rifle, great bullet sellection, tons of reload data, etc. I am a crf guy and my 308 is a Ruger Hawkeye. I know it is not the rifle of choice for many here, but when I head out to the desert for some shooting the 308 Ruger always comes with me. The love of this rifle was what actually started me thinking about the 284 winchester caliber. I wanted the rifle that I shot the most to be my long range hunting rig as well (familiarity). I am a big elk hunter and over the years have seen some awesome things when it comes to elk sucking up lead. My first elk hunt when I was 12, we lost an elk that was shot four times and went down after the third shot. We tracked that elk all day over 7 miles and finally lost the track in a marshy area. That elk was hit hard lots of blood to start off with but after a while we were on our hands and knees looking for placed where the elk rubbed against a bush. Two weeks later, our hunting partner was back with another group of guys and found the carcass of an elk 30 yards away from where it was originally shot. Trust me that experience change my life when it comes to shooting at an animal. I want enough gun, I won't take any shot unless I am 100% sure that I can place that shot where it needs to be. I'm glad to say that I myself have never shot an animal that has gotten away.

That being said I also know that with the right bullet the 308 is quite capable of taking an elk. I have never hunted elk with a 308 but wouldn't feel under gunned with one if I did, I just don't thing I would be comfortable out past 400 yards. I was looking at building a rifle out of my Ruger and thought a 284 might get her done. I am only looking for a 650 yard caliber. In the end I decided that it was just better to leave the Ruger as a 308. I don't want to loose all those great reasons why the 308 works so well. I bought a Savage 16 fhss 7mm wsm for my long range shooting and elk hunting and I will use the 308 as my go to rifle and back up hunting rig.

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