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1000 yard coyotes

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Unread 12-04-2007, 03:13 PM
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You might also want to look at the ballistics for 25-06. It might surprise you.
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Unread 12-04-2007, 03:53 PM
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Killing coyotes at 1,000 yrds. is not easy even with all the best equipment. I shoot a .22-6mm and push an 80 gn at abt. 3,470 fps. At 3,400 fps. the bullet will drop abt 280 in. Infact if you are zeroed at 400 yrds. your bullet will be 11.76 in low at 500 yrds. When you get to 1,000 yrds. you will have abt. that much drop in 25 yrds. so you must have a real good range finder. A 10 mph. cross wind will drift your bullet almost 88 in. or a 1 mph wind would move the bullet almost 9 in. Even if you can measure the wind where you are the wind speed and direction can change several time between you and the target so wind drift is more of an art than a science. Shooting 1,000 yrds. in the field is all together different than shooting 1,000 yrds. at the range. You can walk your bullets in on the range, but a coyote, for some unknow reason, just won`t stand still and let you do that.
I have $ 1,000+ in my gun, another $ 1,000+ in my scope, For a range finder that will do any kind or rangeing at 1,000 yrds. will be another $ 1,000+. You will still need a good spotting scope and a portable bench, or something to shoot from. Do you still want to shoot 1,000 yrds. ????
I can do pretty good in the field to 600 or 700 yrds. My weakest point is being able to range the targets. The range finder I use sell for $ 800 new. Start by tring to get good at 500 yrds. and then work your way out. 500 yrds. you can do with alot of off the shelf rifles. Rember big heavy bullets for the cal. ( high BC bullets) are far better for long range shooting than than lite bullets even if the lite bullets are alot faster.
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Unread 12-04-2007, 09:36 PM
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Catfish those are all real good points you brought out. When you actually skin a coyote you will see there is not much target area there. Probably just alittle bigger than a rockchuck, at least the coyotes I have seen. I will easily admit that its going to take me at least 3 shots to get on him, probably more. Yeah you might get lucky, you might be a better shot than me. But its still hard. Especially since he's not going to be standing around.

As for a cartridge, Look at F-class for a second. Their main objective is to hit a 5 inch circle at 1000 yards, 15 shots in a row. The Dominant cartridge right now seems to be the 6.5x284 for the open class, good ballistics and tollerable recoil. Lots of cartridges can be this accurate I suppose, but that fact tells me something its winning because it does really well in the wind and is really accurate. Its popular because its easy to load for and the high B.C. bullets available to it.

I would think this would be a really awesome long range coyote gun.
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Unread 12-05-2007, 01:15 PM
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Sounds like the 6.5x284 is the hot ticket for long ranges. Unfortunately this might be too much solution for not enough problem for my needs since Iíll also use the rifle for sage rats and want to be able to shoot repeatedly for longer periods of time without recoil fatigue. From what Iíve read the 6.5x284 is a pretty hot round in that department.

So Iím still torn between .224 and .243. I need to get access to a ballistics program to play around with some numbers because the .224 75gr A-max has a BC=.435 and the .243 105gr A-max has a BC=.500 which is a fair bit higher (15%). So even at a 9% lower speed (say 3200fps with a .243AI vs 3500fps with a 22-243) the 6mm may do better than the .224 at the longer range.

So thatís why I was saying earlier that I would like to get a short/fat round to get more efficiency so that I can still shoot the same speeds but with less powder (and consequently a little less recoil, noise, and barrel fouling/burning).

Anybody looked at the 6mm Thermos Bottle cartridge? Now thatís cool! My guess is that this is the trend. Sort of like how fat shaped skis have changed the ski industry.

BTW, anyone know of an online resource that lists noise and/or recoil values for different calibers (including wild cats)?

Thanks to all for hanging in there with all these questions
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Unread 12-05-2007, 06:33 PM
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Would a 6mm BR or 6mm Dasher have enough steam left for a long range 'yote shot? Speaking of which, what is generally considered 'enough' in terms of residual energy on target for a coyote? I've seen rough numbers of 800 ft-lbs for deer, 1000 ft-lbs for elk, but I've never seen a number for coyotes.
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Unread 12-05-2007, 06:58 PM
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Guys, I had this link in my favorites list. Its a ballistics calculator that tells you the optimal game weight for your bullet. External Ballistics Calculator Thanks Ol' Mike I think I got the link from you. Anyways, for the 6mm dasher(6br IMP.40) shooting a 105 grain bullet at 3050, at 1000 yards you have 558 foot lbs and the calculator says optimal game weight of 61 pounds. So since most of the coyotes I have seen are under that I would say go ahead and shoot one with the right bullet. Probably the 105 amax would be a good choice.

That's the gun I am building right now so thats good to know, since it will be a multi-purpose rifle anyways (varminting,F-class and benchrest). It will be hell on squirrels too! might look into that one Sig.
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Unread 12-05-2007, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by sigmatero View Post
Anybody looked at the 6mm Thermos Bottle cartridge? Now thatís cool! My guess is that this is the trend.
Yeah and I nearly died laughing... I saw the thermos bottle on awhile back. I hope that isn't a trend!!! Thats one Funky Mama.
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