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Three beauties need new homes NOW!

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Unread 03-30-2009, 02:41 PM
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Three beauties need new homes NOW!

These rifles are built by me. I built them while working for Nate at Straight Shot Gunsmithing. I must sale them quickly.

300 RUM!
Beautifully trued Rem 700, m16 extractor, tactical bolt knob, nicely tuned 2lb factory trigger, Brux 28" 1 in 9.6 palma contour, Wyatts extended mag box, Joel Russo laminate stock, and an SSG extreme brake. This one turned out perfect! It is gorgeous, and a real hammer!! I would like $2500 but she WILL go this week. This is a superb custom without the 8-12 month wait!

A photo of the action too:

7mm WSM
Trued model 70CRF, used match barrel with new chamber and new crown #5 contour 1 in 9, sweetly tuned 2lb factory trigger, Boyds thumbhole stock, and an SSG V port brake.

This is a sweet handling rifle with a lot of reach.

and the action:

260 REM
This one is a tack driving, trued CZ 550, has the CZ set trigger, used Broughton 5C with new chamber and crown 28" 1 in 8 twist #5 contour.

and the action:

I am not sure what to ask for 2 & 3 due to the used barrels. Both of these barrels were retired early due to poor chambering jobs. I don't know round counts, but was led to believe they are both low. They are completely rechambered and recrowned. I test fired both rifles for accuracy. The 7wsm shot .5 and the 260 shot well under .5. Like the 300 RUM, I need to sale these this week. Please don't be shy with offers or questions! This is an opportunity to get a superb rifle at a huge disount, with zero wait!

All the work on these rifles was done by me. I quarantee all three rifles will shoot at or under half minute. I will allow any reputable member three days to examine and shoot these rifles. I would do more but I am pressed for time.

Nate at Straight Shot Gunsmithing offered to comment on these rifles for me. I would be grateful if you would keep your questions about these rifles in this thread, and not bombard a busy friend with questions.

Thanks for looking!!
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Unread 03-30-2009, 08:43 PM
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Re: Three beauties need new homes NOW!

I am sorry if you already stated this but what is the round count on the 300 um. Also how did it shoot and what kind of speeds were you getting out of it.

Thanks for your time
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Unread 03-30-2009, 08:50 PM
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Re: Three beauties need new homes NOW!


I only saw a price for the RUM maybe I missed it on the others?
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Unread 03-30-2009, 10:13 PM
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Re: Three beauties need new homes NOW!

The RUM is new. Round count is around 35 for testing and a bit of fun.

I've gotten a dozen PM's about the other two asking for a ball park. I'll break down what's in them.

Chamber, thread, and crown barrel: $185
True actions, single point threads, square face, square lugs, square bolt face and lugs: $150
Pillar bedding: $125
Brake for 7WSM: $140
Tune triggers: $35
Actions: $400
Stocks: $400

7WSM = $1435
260 = $1295

These prices would make the used barrels absolutely free!
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Unread 03-30-2009, 11:13 PM
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Re: Three beauties need new homes NOW!

Sorrry I didn't fully answer your questions. It shot under .5 moa. I didn't measure groups or take pictures. I just verified she did what she's supposed to do. The metal work turned out perfect. She's got the potential to be superbly accurate.

I shot 210 bergers at 3180 fps.

Again, I guarantee all three rifles shoot 1/2 minute or better, or your money back!!
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Unread 03-31-2009, 12:04 AM
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Re: Three beauties need new homes NOW!

First of all I would like to say GRIT did and EXCELLENT job on all three of these rifles!

I would like to start with the 300RUM
This one started it's life as GRIT'S personal long range rifle in a 300WIN
which he put in a Joel Russo stock and bedded. He started by sanding off the finish on the stock and refinishing for a VERY nice satin finish, the he removed the factory barrel and used my truing jig,mandrel and bushings to dial in the receiver
to +/- .0001 after this the receiver face and locking embuttments were single point re-cut then a single point internal threading tool was used to re-cut the threads in the receiver for perfect alignment in the raceway. Surface finish on all cuts were superb as I closely checked/inspected everything.

The face of the bolt and the locking embuttments were then re-cut in a different jig
then the bolt was machined for an M16 extractor and a thread on knob. Grit then got his first lesson in writing "G" code to mill the diamond pattern in his bolt knob.
Which was his design and a mighty nice one at that!

The barrel was a Brux 9.6 twist 30 cal. that I had in stock with interrupted fluting by Brux. The barrel was then dialed in using a range rod and .0001 indicators for perfect alignment with bore. Then the thread tenon was machined for proper fit in the action. My 300 RUM match reamer was used by fitting the proper pilot for the bore diameter ,my through bore flush system was hooked up to the barrel then the chamber was reamed for a glassy smooth finish and proper head space was set with a Holland precision ground recoil lug. The barrel was then flipped around and dialed back in using the same range rod and .0001 indicator in order to machine the crown perfectly concentric with the bore as well as thread for a muzzle brake.

After threading, the muzzle brake was installed and timed. the trigger was tuned to a crisp 2lbs. No creep. after this He machined out all the old bedding and installed two aluminum pillars in the Russo stock which was followed by a complete epoxy bed of the receiver which turned out very nice.

Once the rifle was completed it was time for a range test. We loaded up some rounds with some 210 Berger's and H1000 and headed out to the range.

Grit zeroed it and fired a three shot group at 300yds. that was under 3/4"
then he offered for me to shoot the last two rounds (which I eagerly accepted) both shots were half lapped in each other what more could you ask for?!?

This is the same rifle that GRIT used when we did the 1918 yd. shoot with. and it did very well.

As far as the other two rifles repeat of the above.

A few other highlights:

on the .260, A CZ action was used. I had never blueprinted a CZ action before and must admit I was impressed at how it turned out. GRIT did and excellent job with single point re-cutting the threads as they are metric and the half nut needs to stay engaged while threading a 2.0 metric thread in my lathe. When we did the range test we used some rounds I had loaded for my .260 with 130 Berger's and they went more like 1/4MOA at 100yds. which we were very excited about.

The barrel came from a friend of mine that had a custom rifle built before I met him using this Broughton 5C. The gun never did shoot and we ended up using the action to build a different gun. The barrel had been fluted after it was manufactured by Broughton so I made a lead cast of the bore and hand lapped the bore at the breech end to match the bore during the fluted portion. Then the crown end and breech end were cut off and re-chambered for this .260. This barrel had VERY low round count before all this and has a very crisp clean throat and will easily go thousands of rounds of superb accuracy!

The bedding job was tricky, two aluminum pillars were installed as well as a complete epoxy bed of the receiver and it turned out VERY nice!

The 7WSM What can I say it's just a shooter! A very nice handling rifle and I must say I'm in love with 180 Berger's going 3000FPS

All in all a lot of time and care went into these rifles and I must say it was a pleasure to work with GRIT as it's always a pleasure working with someone who is excited about what they are doing as they will go the extra mile. It was not easy, hours of dialing things in and re-dialing things in.

GRIT mentioned several times that it was going to be awful hard to part with these rifles, but house building has been slow with the economy and when it picks up I'm sure GRIT will be back to build himself a rifle.

So if you see something you like buy with confidence as GRIT is a man of his word and these are some mighty fine shooting rifles!!!

without God their is no hope for this country
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Unread 03-31-2009, 12:12 AM
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Re: Three beauties need new homes NOW!

Grit, sorry to see you are getting rid of these, if I wasn't a broke college kid and had my engineer job i'd probablly take a couple off your hands. Good luck selling these don't think they will last too long.
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