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Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )

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Unread 07-07-2006, 06:47 PM
Junior Member
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Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )

Hi, would like to clarify a subject that was opened here
and that perhaps it gave to understand to the some that I am making something made a mistake.
(perhaps I really am making and not know) an email was ordered (in reply) for me to lapuaa338@msn.com or MATT PEETZ

I followed the email:


My friend, forgives me if somebody understood wrong what I want, or perhaps
the laws are different in my country.
here it is normal to have inheritance firearms (old firearms) most of the
time is not possivel to register the firearms
e for rifle, metal ring, carbine, etc, of superior bores, only mattering
a friend mine that indicated the site for me.

I have CR of sporting shooter and transport of firearms.
if to want can ties to pass you my register you to confirm.
only that in Brazil the alternatives for purchase of firearms of bigger
bores very are limited here.
the majority of the store vendem rifles here of .22LR and nothing more.

I would like to legalize/to register all the products that I to matter, but
do not know if this is possible? for collection or inheritance it is not

the times the proper salesman says me that only vendi will be without
registering or permitting the firearm.

I do not go to say the name of it, but an user of fórum said me that he
ordered to a SAKO TRG42 338 LAPUA of this store (sees in link)


it said that purchase in this store and sends me.
I am negotiating with it, but since it is not allowed, I go to lock up the

then I ask for excuse for the users of fórum, but I found that he was not
making nothing of missed.

I go to postar this back in fórum also not to leave you doubt, certain?

it is my order of excuses for all here.

if I will have made something that I go against the regulation of the forum,
please, they inform to me: osmarpfsul@yahoo.com.br

one more time it forgives me

tanks and sorry



Meu amigo, desculpe-me se alguém entendeu errado o que eu quero, ou talvez
as leis sejam diferentes no meu país.
aqui é normal ter arma de herança ( armas antigas ) na maioria das vezes não
é possivel registrar a arma
e para rifle, fuzil, carabina, etc, de calibres superiores, só importando
um amigo meu que indicou o site para mim.

eu tenho CR de atirador esportivo e porte de armas.
se quiser posso ate te passar meu registro para você confirmar.
só que aqui no Brasil as alternativas para compra de armas de calibres
maiores são muito limitadas.
a maioria das lojas vendem rifles aqui de .22LR e nada mais.

eu gostaria de legalizar / registrar todos os produtos que eu importar, mas
não sei se isso é possível? para coleção ou herança não é necessário.
as vezes o próprio vendedor me diz que só vendi se for sem registrar ou
licenciar a arma de fogo.

não vou dizer o nome dele, mas um usuário do fórum me disse que encomendava
um SAKO TRG42 338 LAPUA desta loja ( veja no link )


ele disse que compra nesta loja e me envia.
estou negociando com ele, mas já que não é permitido, vou encerrar a

então eu peço desculpa para os usuários do fórum, mas achei que não estava
fazendo nada de errado.

vou postar isso lá no fórum também para não deixar duvidas, certo?

fica aqui meu pedido de desculpas para todos.

se eu tiver feito algo que vá contra o regulamento do forum,
por favor, me avisem: osmarpfsul@yahoo.com.br

mais uma vez desculpe-me

Obrigado e desculpa


----- Original Message -----
From: "MATT PEETZ" <lapuaa338@msn.com>
To: <osmarpfsul@yahoo.com.br>
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 11:47 PM
Subject: RE: do you sells firearms for the Brazil?

> One thing i can tell ya is
> If you want to continue barrageing people with emails and forums looking
> to buy high quality rifles with or without registration i am sure our ATF
> and national security would really like to know.
> Don't respond and don't email again.
> Forwarned
>>From: "Osmar" <osmarpfsul@yahoo.com.br>
>>To: <lapuaA338@MSN.COM>
>>Subject: do you sells firearms for the Brazil?
>>Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 18:33:38 -0300
>>Hi, my name is Osmar, I am for Brazil. all good?
>>I am practicing of sporting shot and hunting in Brazil and it would like
>>to know if somebody vendi or knows somebody (or store) that vendi weapons,
>>products, the ammunition and accessories for practises of my sport and
>>sends for Brazil?
>>if possible to send me good sites, store and information for importation
>>of firearms.
>>I have interest in used weapons new and (with and without
>>for collection, competitions, hunting and defense.
>>I have in weapons also long-range interest and precision,
>>for example .50 BMG, Lapua .338, Robar SR90 .308
>>and other rifles snipers that not sell in Brazil. (new or used) (with or
>>without license)
>>unhappyly the Brazilian bureaucracy "strangles" the sport in Brazil,
>>therefore I want to import of U.S.A. some products that not sell here.
>>do you send firearms for Brazil?
>>my email for contact is: osmarpfsul@yahoo.com.br
>>Tank you


well, I have interest in buying long rifles and other firearms that are not sales here in Brazil, but without confusing nobody or disrespecting the law.

if he will be possivel, then I have interest yes, if… then I do not go to be alone in the same will.

tanks to everbory and I am sorry

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Unread 07-07-2006, 09:05 PM
Silver Member
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Nebraska
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Re: Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )

This is exactly why i typed what i did. You could have easily emailed me back in Private and then addressed the forum.

Sorry Len but this is crap and should be addressed. Doesn't really matter the guns still have to be registered to leave the country. Looked to me like he wanted some under the table deals.

Guess he forgot to Read the Sticky about Lens Living Room. Will see if i can still logg on.
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Unread 07-07-2006, 11:12 PM
Posts: n/a
Re: Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )

Agreed. This crap doesnt belong here. I know I am considered a "lurker" but poster Brazil raise some questionable practices. If for nothing else in his use of poor english and grammar, or general disregard for replying to posts that are over 2 years old to try to buy firearms, then for his choosing to name names in the emails hes recieving. From my point of view, if anyone wants to go through the trouble of selling him a firearm, so be it. If anyone wants to send dirty emails, so be it. If he wants to make a public ordeal out of his so called legal obligations to import firearms when some have shown no interest, then maybe its time someone steps in and sets him straight. This is only my two cents.
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Unread 07-07-2006, 11:27 PM
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Location: Hoosier
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Re: Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )



There are a bunch of helo's down there looking for drugs.


I'm really not comfortable with this in the least bit. It can be legally exported, but the importation into brazil seems to be a prohibited act. A large caliber gun such as these can take down a helo.
Beware the fury of a patient man....

Be kind to your neighbors... shoot quietly..
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Unread 07-08-2006, 12:07 AM
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Re: Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )

Could Brazil be an ATF working on an set up ?

Kill more Coyotes

Feed The Buzzards
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Unread 07-08-2006, 04:08 AM
Platinum Member
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Re: Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )


I find it difficult to understand your Portuguese - English translation completely.

I do not believe you will find a private U. S. citizen on Long range Hunting that will fully understand all the legal requirements or be willing to do the Export Permits and requirements to sell firearms to you. I believe it would be a very costly and time consuming effort.

I believe your only option is to enter into a contract with a large commercial firearms dealer.


(via Altavista Babel Fish translation service)


Eu encontro difícil de compreender completamente seu português - tradução inglesa. Eu não acredito que você encontrará um cidadão confidencial dos E. U. na caça da escala longa que compreenderá inteiramente todas as exigências legais ou será disposta fazer as licenças e as exigências da exportação para lhe vender firearms. Eu acredito que seria um esforço consumindo do muito caro e tempo.

Eu acredito que sua somente opção deve participar em um contrato com um negociante comercial grande dos firearms.



I don't believe Brasil intended to directly offend anyone and I don't believe he intended to create a problem. I do believe there is a cultural difference and that this may have been the origin of the unintended offense(s).

(via Altavista Babel Fish translation service)


Eu não acredito Brasil pretendido offend diretamente qualquer um e eu não acreditamos que pretendeu criar um problema. Eu acredito que há uma diferença cultural e que esta pode ter sido a origem do offense(s) unintended.
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Unread 07-08-2006, 08:44 AM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 10
Re: Serious subject. ( about importation of firearms for Brazil )

o fato de eu não saber inglês corretamente/totalmente, talvez esteja atrapalhando a nossa comunicação.
por isso eu peço desculpas novamente se a tradução ficou diferente do que eu quis realmente dizer.

perhaps the fact of I not to know English correctly/total, am confusing our communication.
therefore I ask for excuses again if the translation was different of what I really wanted to say.



Could Brazil be an ATF working on an set up ?

[/ QUOTE ]


No! Im not. I am here for to clarify the problem.



acho que quem chegou mais perto e entendeu o que eu falei, foi o Dave King.

I find that who arrived more close and understood what I spoke, was the Dave King.



I don't believe Brasil intended to directly offend anyone and I don't believe he intended to create a problem. I do believe there is a cultural difference and that this may have been the origin of the unintended offense(s).

[/ QUOTE ]


Acho que o problema pode ter sido esse mesmo, mas nunca tive a intenção de criar problema!


I agree!

I find that the problem can have been this same, but never had the intention to create problem!

I'm so sorry


eu só coloquei isso no fórum, porque achei que poderia ter mais alguém que estivesse me entendendo errado.

I only placed this in fórum, because I found that he could have plus that was understanding missed me.


I just wait that U.S.A. does not drop bombs in my country therefore! ( was just a joke to lock up the subject )

tanks (obrigado)

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