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Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: KRISS Super V CRB/SO - (SPF!!)

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Unread 09-01-2009, 12:53 PM
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Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: KRISS Super V CRB/SO - (SPF!!)

For Sale New in the Box Kriss CRB/SO, Foregrip, TDI Kriss single point sling, Quick Detach sling mount pin, 3 new 30 round Mags (also will work with any Glock 21 Mag), 100 rounds of .45ACP ammo, Midwest industries flip up front and rear sights, Folding stock, Otis Kriss Super V cleaning kit.

Military channel future weapons did a segment on this weapon, and it was Voted the Best SMG on the Military Channels Ultimate weapons.

One Sweet rifle with almost no recoil. Would be great for home defense.

E-Mail me if you are intereste: trpk154 @hotmail.com Buyer pays actual shipping charges to their FFL.


Price: $2000.00

The first major breakthrough in automatic weapons operating systems design in more than 120 years!

The only semi-auto carbines designed and proven to improve your accuracy in the field and on the range

The Problem
Firearms with traditional linear operating systems have a problem; no matter how many tricky buffers and springs they use or how hard the operator leans on them.

If the goal of operating a firearm is put rounds on-target easily and consistently, then why do these traditional operating systems--many of which have not changed in principle in more than 120 years--actually work against the operator by creating unnecessary and uncontrollable amounts of recoil and muzzle climb?

The problem, particularly prominent in large pistol calibers and medium/heavy SMG/MG calibers, causes operators to constantly have to adjust their sight pictures, thus reducing their effectiveness and reducing the number of rounds delivered on target. The phrase, "Spray and Pray" comes to mind as an apt descriptor of the problem.

That is, until now.

The engineers at KRISS-TDI started with a clean computer screen with one idea in mind; to create a totally new kind of operating system that actually
works with the operator to deliver higher levels of accuracy and unsurpassed levels of controllability.


The Solution: The Patented KRIS Super V System
Three simple steps. (Well, if you consider 5 years of development, the cooperation of the US Army ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal and millions of dollars as “simple.”)

First, KRISS-TDI engineered a very rugged, but small and lightweight, .45 ACP bolt weighing less that 1/5th the weight of a 1911 slider and traveling the exact distance of the length of a .45 ACP round. This reduces the amount of recoil force generated by the KRISS. Smaller, lighter and less travel means less recoil energy to manage.

Second, the small amount of recoil energy generated is transferred to and absorbed by the slider mass (see illustration on reverse) which absorbs the energy before it can slam back against a hard buffer and spring, or worse the frame, as found in all traditional semi and full-auto operating systems.

Thirdly, the slider mass not only absorbs the recoil energy, but re-directs the energy downward and away from the operator, thus virtually eliminating muzzle climb and nearly eliminating felt recoil. The horizontal plane of the weapon stays absolutely flat as the round departs and the operator feels a slight push into the shoulder or hand. And that’s it.

Simply said, if the firearm doesn’t jump up and move the operator around--even on full auto at 1000 .45 ACP rounds-per-minute--the operator doesn’t have to reacquire his sight picture before he can put the next round down-range. More rounds on target more of the time is the result. And isn’t that the point?

The Proof: Documented Performance
In head-to-head, instrumented bench testing by the US Army Picatinny Arsenal, which measured X, Y and Z axis moments of inertia at the instant of firing, the KRISS Super V Vector SMG .45 ACP produced 90% less muzzle climb and 60% less felt recoil than the MP5 firing 9mm. And please note; the KRISS SMG frame is smaller and lighter than the MP5.

Proof Delivered: The KRIS Super V 16” CRB/SO and the 5.5” SRB/SO* .45 ACP Civilian Carbines
Now approved by the ATF for civilian sales, the CRB/SO and SRB/SO semi-auto carbines share the exact same operating system, rugged construction and durability as our now famous KRISS SMG (well, except for the bit about having a swap-proof semi-auto fire control group; the ATF was rather insistent upon that).

Our CRB/SO with a 16” barrel is deadly accurate out to 150 meters, producing 6” groups with standard 230g FMJ ammo. 1 3/8” groups at 50 meters are consistently achieved.

Our SRB/SO with the same 5.5” barrel as our SMG will ping 12” steel all day long at 100 meters and in a compact, 16” folded size, is easily the smallest, most maneuverable and hardest hitting carbine in the world.

*SRB/SO only legal in certain jurisdictions; check with your local dealer.

Prove it to yourself
No kidding; to fully appreciate the performance of the KRISS family of firearms, you really have to fire them. Talk and words are very cheap in the firearms business, and all the talk stops when you pull the trigger and discover something you’ve never experience before...a firearm that stays where you aim it, no matter how fast you pull the trigger.

We invite you to visit your friendly local KRISS Certified Dealer for a demonstration soon. These fine folks have literally gone to school on the KRISS Super V System and know what they’re talking about.

Inside the KRISS Super V System
How the KRISS Super V System Actually Helps the Operator
Traditional linear operating systems create forces that actually work against the operator’s ability to put round on-target. These forces create large amounts of felt recoil and muzzle climb; both of which impair the operator’s ability to keep his sight picture. The Kriss Super V design re-vectors these forces down and away from the operator and reduces felt recoil by as much as 50% and muzzle climb by as much as 95%! The KRISS Super V System works with the operator and actually enhances his ability to put more rounds on target, more of the time.

What the KRISS Super V System delivers

Compact, Stiff and Highly Maneuverable Platform: Because the KRISS Super V System (and not a heavy frame) absorbs and re-vectors the recoil
and muzzle climb forces, KRISS firearms are able to be lighter, more compact and easier to handle than competitive weapons.

Rugged, Durable and Dependable: The KRISS Vector family of firearms benefit from another feature of the KRISS Super V System; a design featuring
fewer and more robust moving parts than any comparable operating system. The KRISS Super V System consists of only two major moving parts; no
tiny springs or complicated buffer systems to deal with. The KRISS Vector firearms have undergone 4 years of continuous and rigourous testing and improvement driven TDI’s industry-leading design, engineering and technical analysis teams with results verified by US Army testing facilities. More than 60,000 rounds have been put through KRISS test weapons without a single major failure.

Simple to Own, Operate, Train and Maintain: No matter if the mission is getting a tighter shot pattern on the range, clearing a room of bad guys or supporting a SWT in an urban CQB environment, the KRISS Vector firearms are up to the task. The mechanism is straightforward and uncomplicated. Use of familiar controls cuts training and re-training time and costs. Pull two pins and the entire 2-part operating system comes clear of the frame for ease and speed of cleaning; with a minimum of training, even under combat conditions, the entire cycle can be completed in 30 seconds. Pull two more pins, and the entire weapon can be taken down in just seconds. . .with no tools required.

In an industry too-often filled with hope, hype, over-promise and disappointment, the KRISS Super V System has been acknowleged by a wide cross-section of industry experts to stand apart. The KRISS Super V System delivers exactly what it promises; the world’s first family of firearms that actually helps operators put more rounds on target, more of the time. The proof is in the shooting, and you are most cordially invited to join in.

The KRISS Super V wins the Ultimate Weapons award for "Close Quarter Combat" on the Military Channel

View the Video Here:


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Unread 09-04-2009, 12:21 AM
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Re: Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: The KRISS Super V CRB/SO New in the

add a couple new photos.

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Unread 09-05-2009, 01:24 PM
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Re: Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: The KRISS Super V CRB/SO New in the

I'm selling to buy a scope, and a suppressor. I would consider a partial trade for a Leupold Mark 4 long range scope or something comparable.

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Unread 09-12-2009, 01:29 PM
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Re: Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: The KRISS Super V CRB/SO New in the

I will consider all resonable trades. I would still prefer a partial trade with cash.

thanks for looking.
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Unread 09-15-2009, 01:50 PM
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Re: Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: KRISS Super V CRB/SO - (SPF!!)


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Unread 09-17-2009, 09:42 PM
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Re: Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: KRISS Super V CRB/SO - (SPF!!)

I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan.
Question: will you take payments?
How many rounds have you fired thrown it?
Have you had any problems jamming?
What rounds are good to use?
Can you buy 100 rd mags?
Thank you for your time.
Email: robert.s.mcadams@gmail.com
p.s. you can call me Scott
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Unread 09-17-2009, 11:29 PM
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Re: Semi Auto Version of the #1 Submachine Gun: KRISS Super V CRB/SO - (SPF!!)

Traded to MagnumForce

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