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300 WM vs 300 wsm

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Unread 04-25-2012, 05:16 AM
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Re: 300 WM vs 300 wsm

and ill ask why not load the 300 win up to the same pressures? I dont see guys shooting the 257 roberts or the 7mauser at factory levels. Ive been at this for about 40 years and the load data for about all the rifle rounds and especially the magnums has been downloaded alot in the loading manuals. Biggest differnce i see is with the short mags the data given is about equal in pressure to what they used to load the longer mags too. A rifle is a rifle. A 300 win mag model 70 is not weaker then a 300wsm 70 is. Both rifles are completely capable of running the same pressures. The brass is surely just as strong too. I dont think to many here use factory ammo so it sure isnt an arguement that because factory 300 win is milder its not an arguement to say that loading both up to there true potential isnt a fair comparison. Its no differnt then saying a 757 can be loaded to equal or better a 708. the 708 is shorter and was designed by the factory to run higher pressures too but in equal strenght guns theres not a single reason the 757 cant be loaded to the same pressure. The short mags are toted as giving the same velocitys as standard mags because of there effiecentcy and i wont argue that grain for grain of powder they will produce more velocity the a bigger case will but a couple grains more of powder is a pretty small expense and ill stand behind the my belief that in the same gun at the same pressures the short mags wont produce as much velocity

As to case life id about bet that if you headspace on the shoulder instead of on the belt a win mag case will last as long as a wsm case. Being belted or beltless doesnt mean much as the belt is more of a decoration then anything. Barrel life i cant argue much. The 300 win is using more powder so i guess it may burn a barrel out faster but i have to wonder what the comparison would be like if you were running both at factory pressure levels as most higher pressure loadings tend to burn out throats faster. Especially when using ball powders. I guess for the most part we will have to agree to disagree. Personaly i think the short mags were an answer to a question that didnt exist. Like I said i have nothing against the 300wsm. If a great deal came up on one i might even buy one but i surely am not buying one figurig its going to do a pinch of *** more then my 300 win mags allready do. I guess we have to keep in mind what were using them for. Im not trying to punch tiny groups at a 1000 yards with my 30 mags. there hunting guns pure and simple. I dont even fool with bullets heavier then 180s even in my 300 wby mag. For your use the extra velocity really doesnt matter as your loading for the ultimate in accuracy not power.
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Unread 04-25-2012, 07:54 AM
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Re: 300 WM vs 300 wsm

well i better get my 2 cents in haha

i personally shoot a 300 ultra but my uncle has a 300 wsm he loves and i got him to try and push heavy bullets out of it and it just didnt have the case capasity to power the big bullets out at speed.

i have a friend that shoots an old 300 wm in the old blued barrel sendero with more rounds down it then id like to think about. it shoots great and is a super accurate gun.

really it comes down to what your gonna want to do with it and if you need or just want the extra longer case. personal prefrence.

some shoot wsm some shoot wm i shoot ULTRA MAG
Thanks JIM
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