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Montana Rifleman Company

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Unread 08-20-2006, 10:55 AM
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Re: Montana Rifleman Company

Well $300 for a barrel
$300 for barrel fitting and action blue printing
$300 for a good stock
and that should have you complete rifle

I'm not sure what your supposed to be getting from Krieger thats costing $1300

But for $1300 you should be able to get BR quality parts and have a BR quality smith do a BR quality job which should give you the 1/4 moa your after if your doing your part at the reloading and shooting bench.
I have seen a few guns from Pac-Nor that had their barrels and their smith fit the action and barrel that would shoot consistantly under 1/2moa with several differant loads , But I have alos heard some bad things.

What exactly is it your looking for as far as the guns specs go?
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Unread 08-20-2006, 06:25 PM
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Re: Montana Rifleman Company

This is how I broke out the pricing:

#17 Heavey Varmint Barrel $265.00
Thread for an action $65.00
Thread and install muzzle break $200.00
Install/chamber $270.00
Truing Service Level III $240.00
Finish Blue barrel & action $225.00
Engraving $50.00

Total $1,315.00

Please be brutally honest with what I have selected. Am I going overboard? I thought it would be best to have a muzzle break being a 300 wing mag. I also thought the action should be trued??? Thoughts???
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Unread 08-21-2006, 10:37 AM
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Re: Montana Rifleman Company

Ryno , the basic break down that I mentioned is what I have payed in the past. typicaly what I would do is send the smith my new barrel , unmarked , unthreaded and unchambered along with my action (Rem 700) and a money order for anywhere from $300 to $400 and I get back a fully blueprinted action with the barrel installed chambered and the caliber marked on the outside , all I have to do is mate the barreled action to the stock of my choice which I choose to do but your smith could do it not sure what that charge would be.
As for fitting the brake to it I would thinkthat $200 for a good brake that is indexed and has a knurled cap also is a good price. I personaly don't think that a brake would be needed on a 300win mag of this weight would need a brake. I have a 12lb class 300 that is not bad to shoot at all with a well desgined stock.

I think that you should check with some of the smiths here on what kind of price your looking at to have your rig built , but to me your prices see to have a few extra cost that arn't needed to be added in a build.

I can vouch for Shawn Carlock and Chris Matthews's work as being top end and great guys to work with. I haven't had Kirby do any work for me yet but look forward to it one day but from what I have seen and heard from other guys he is also one of the best around. I'm having 308Nate build me one as we speek and his work promises to be great also , I'm waiting eagerly.

I'm not a big fan of having the barrelmaker put my stuff together as I typicaly can never speak to the smith to to see exactly what work is being done and what kind of tolerances hes holding. The term "action trueing" is a very broad area of what is to be happening to the action. If I'm paying for a Trueing-blueprinting job I expect to have the action setup and running true in the lathe being indexed off the bolt raceway , then the reciever face and bolt lug recesses are cut that way the action is true and square to the bolt shank , then the action reciever threads are recut , the bolt is then trued in the same fashion being indexed off the bolt shank the rear of the lugs are trued and the bolt face is recut square this way everthing is strait the bolt and when the barrel is threaded and chambered after it has been set to run strait being indexed off the bore.
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