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APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects

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Unread 05-15-2006, 01:51 PM
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Re: APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects


No particular reason for the 1.20 O.D.

The barrel started life as a Rock Creek M24 barrel which is 1.20.

In hind sight, would .025" per side make a big difference?

I don't know.

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Unread 05-15-2006, 02:20 PM
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Re: APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects


The workmanship on both rifles looks excellent. How they shoot is another matter. A lot of variables determine a rifles accuracy. It could be the barrel, it could be the brass, it could be the poweder bullet combination, seating depth, etc.

I'm just putting it out there the way it is. I was hoping to get little bug hole groups with the new barrels but that's just not reality.

The reality is that the .270 with the heavy barrel shoots most loads consistently. It gets 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch with just about any of the powder combinations that I have tried except for the IMR4831. That stuff has just never worked in any of my rifles.

The .257Wby with the thinner barrel is a lot more sensitive however. It only likes a certain powder and within a certain range. I have tried loads above and below the shown charge weights and other bullet types. I listed the loads which seemed to be the most consistent and accurate.

Both actions were trued & lugs lapped. I see guys posting pics of groups tighter than mine at 300 yards and I tell ya, Sometimes I wonder if those are really consistent groupings or selected one time best groupings.

I've tried just about everything I could think of to get tighter groups except different primers. I currently use Federal 215M. Bob suggested using different primers, Anybody got any advice on which type I should try.

Also, the .270Wby is not bedded or anything. I am waiting for a new stock to be delivered. The one shown is temporary. So things can only improve with that rifle. Also, I gotta say, shooting the 11 lb .270wby is a dream when compared to my 8lb, .300Wby Light Weight. I never thought that 3 lbs could dampen out so much recoil. The .270 may not be a tack driver, but I am very happy with it. If I shoot cross canyon with that thing, I have very high confidence that I will hit my mark.

By the way, also remember that all the targets I posted are development loads and not the final loads. So yes, some look bad but others are pretty good and the good ones are the keepers. Some have pretty tight 2 shot groups and the third is usually a little off. This could be a brass problem, or maybe it's me. I do use the vice like rest shown, so it pretty much takes me out of the equation, but you never know.

If anybody has suggestions on tightening up my groups, I'm all ears.

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Unread 05-15-2006, 07:56 PM
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Re: APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects

A couple of things to look at.

If you are using necked down brass then you should fire form it before load development.

For a change in primers try Remington 91/2M. It will not cause any miracles to happen but might keep a few of the flyers from happening. Might make things worse. Nosler uses them for load testing

Take the front and rear sling swivel studs off so they donít catch on the bag during recoil.

IMR4350, and RL22.

Tighten up all of the action screws.

At least five minutes between shots.
The Smokin Fur Rifle Club
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Unread 05-16-2006, 04:56 AM
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Re: APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects

If anybody has suggestions on tightening up my groups, I'm all ears.

[/ QUOTE ]
Personally, I wouldn't judge the gunsmithing/action/barrel/reloading quality at all until those things are properly bedded into decent stocks.
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Unread 05-16-2006, 06:47 AM
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Re: APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects

As mentioned...trying differnt primers would help....I would get away from the mags and use standard primers. If it is putting two in a hole and then one out that could be a seating depth issue.
Good bed jobs would also help a bunch...(no, I did not bed this one per his request)
Getting bug hole groups takes the whole package, not just a new barrel.
Chris Matthews
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Unread 05-16-2006, 06:56 AM
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Re: APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects

I would agree with chris on this one. The 270 Wby was also not bedded and until it is you are really only doing velocity testing because the rifle will behave totally different with a quality bedding job and stable stock.

I would also agree that for the case volumes you are using, there is really no need for a magnum primer, espeically with stick powders. With Ball powders in cold weather there are some benefits to the hot primers but not with stick powders and these case volumes.

As long as you have a good load density with appropriate powders I would say start playing with seating depth and see what happens.

More importantly, do not waste barrel life until you get both rifles properly bedded. As Chris correctly mentioned, tight groups are a product of a rifle that is properly fitted from head to toe. Get that done first and then start with some serious testing.

Good SHooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Kirby Allen(50)

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Unread 05-16-2006, 09:07 AM
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Re: APS & LSR Rebarrel Projects

Not trying to knock anybodys shooting ability but a question for Chris and Kirby

What do you guys do when you put a gun together for a guys thats doesen't know how to use it?
I have built a few guns,I'm buy no meens a "gun builder" but I have put a few together that shoot very well two were for other people that I diden't know their ability . One of the guys called me back realy pissed that his gun woulden't group better than 2" , I got the gun back and it would shoot consistanly in the 1/2" range with Blcak Hills ammo and several thrown together reloads, I sent it back with my findings and he is still pissed. The gun is a light weight 300Win mag that kicks pretty hard so I'm thinking that the recoil might be the problem

Not to jack anybodys post but this one got me thinking about what a good builder does for shooter error?
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