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APS 6-284 Review

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Unread 07-06-2008, 01:18 AM
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APS 6-284 Review

Hey Everyone,

Well, I am finally getting around to posting some results with my new Allen Precision Shooting Heavy Xtreme 6-284. I picked this rifle up from the US border on Jan 16, 2008. It has been terrible weather the last little while, so I have JUST gotten around to breaking in the barrel. This is my very first custom rifle ever! Also, this is my very frist experience with a 6-284.

Here are the specs for the rifle:

Action: Lawton M7500 Single Shot
Barrel: Lilja 1.25" straight cylinder 30" 1-9 6 grove twist with a Custom APS muzzle brake
Caliber: 6-284 Win
Stock: McMillan Tooley MBR 80% black, 20% red
Trigger: Jewel BR set to about 1 lbs
Base: Lawton 1 peice 20 MOA rail
Rings: 30mm TPS
Scope: Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 with the NP-1R reticule
Weight: With the scope I would say about 27 lbs give or take
Case: Guard Force Silver Aluminum Large rifle - I think it is about 60" long. Somewhere in there anyway

The rifle is something to see for sure! Turned out much better then I expected. I have been slowly breaking the barrel in over the last few months - shooting as weather allowed. It has been VERY windy and raining just about every day I have off, so slow going. But I finally got the barrel done.

I decided to load up some ammo last night in plans to head to the range today to continue fire-forming brass. I am using Lapua 6.5-284 Norma necked down to 6mm. But, it was 60+ kph winds today, so I did not have a chance to go this afternoon. Just after supper the wind died down so I figured, what the hell. Might as well. I am just fire-forming brass at this point so I am not concerned with tight groups yet.

So, I loaded up this new beast and crammed it into my poor little Neon car. With the case the total package weighs in excess of 60 lbs! I loaded up some ear muffs, targets, ammo, my Caldwell Rock BR front rest and a rear shooting bag and headed on out. By the time I arrived at the range the winds died to just a slight breeze. Perfect for shooting.

I stapled up some targets at 200 yards - that is as far as my local range can go. Got the rifle set up and started making some noise. I was shooing 3 shot groups and letting the rifle cool for 20 mins after each grouping - the 6-284 is a hotrod after all. I was trying to hold tight groups even though it was just a brass fire-forming session.

I was shooting some 80 grn Nosler BT and some 105 grn Hornady A-Max bullets fueled by Reloader 22. I was getting OK groups with the 80 grn BTs - about 1" at 200 yards, but I figure with some tinkering I can get them shooting better.

The last 2 groups of the day were 105 grn A-Max bullets. I had one good group - about 3/4" at 200 yards. I thought "Well, this is pretty good. Not sure if I can do better then that!" After all 3/4" at 200 yards is just shy of 1/2 MOA. So, after the barrel cooled I settled in for the last group of the day since light was fast disappearing. Same load but seated 0.020" jamed into the lands. Well, this was the result:

That is a 5/16" CTC group at 200 yards!! And I thought that 3/4" at 200 was good! I was able to cut group in half but seating the bullets 0.020" into the lands! In the life of the barrel these were shot numbers 38, 39, and 40. These were also done with UN-FIRED non fireformed brass. The load I was using is as follows:

Brass: Lapua 6.5-284 necked to 6mm
Primer: Fed 210 Match
Powder: 53.0 grns Reloader 22
Bullet: 105 grn Hornady A-Max
Cart overall: 3.035" base to tip or 2.510" to the OGive

So, needless to say I am VERY impressed with Kirbys work! If anyone was ever in doubt of which smith to go with, you can't go wrong with Kirby. I am having fantastic results so far. I am extremely happy with how this rifle turned out. I will post some pics one of these days. I store the rifle at a different location from where I live, so only group pictures tonight.

Oddly enough I found the 105 grn A-Max bullets to expand better then the 80 grn Nosler BT. A bird landed on the 100 yard board and a "stray" bullet just happend to hit it center mass with a 80 grn Bullet. There was some carnage - feathers and decapitation. Most of the body was ripped up but still in tact. After letting the barrel cool, another unfortunate bird landed on the 100 yard target to have a rest. This time a stray 105 grn A-Max found its way into the center of that unfortunate bird. Well, lets just say a 30 foot circle was formed with little squiggily bits of that bird!! THE only solid peices I found were: ONE wing, the tail, and its head. The rest was turned into little bits! I am a .220 Swift shooter and I have to admit that the 6-284 is WAY more destructive! I am in shock at how much damage the 6-284 can produce!

But, that is my first impressions with a APS rifle and a 6-284. Once I head out to longer ranges I will let you know how it performs.
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Unread 07-06-2008, 05:26 AM
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Looks good but you forgot a major important step here !!


Realy though , thats a good group for a fresh barrel and the slight horizontal stringing their would probably tighten up a bit in no wind , nobody can complain about groups like that .
What are you using a gun that heavy for ? varmints , paper?
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Unread 07-06-2008, 01:10 PM
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we want pics
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Unread 07-06-2008, 01:52 PM
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With a little tweaking of loads that thing might be a shooter yet.

You're right about Kirby's work. It's first class all the way.

The description sounds like a great bunch of components. Now I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures.;)
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Unread 07-06-2008, 09:03 PM
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Ok, I was able to get some shots of the rifle itself today. So, here they are:

A side view of the rifle:

A close up of the action:

A top down view of the rifle

A close up of the scope mounting system I am using

A side view of the rifle plus the case

The reason I wanted this rifle so large and heavy was for long varmint shots and good paper groups. In the end I do not plan on walking with this rifle, so big and heavy is OK with me.

I forgot to mention in my first post that I have all of the metal teflon coated flat black and I have the huge 50 BMG style 3/8" flutes in the barrel. The bolt body is also spiral fluted.

If anyone wants some specific shots of the rifle, let me know and I will see what I can do. I can get some Ultra High Res photos if you like - my fiance is quite the photographer.
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Unread 07-07-2008, 10:51 AM
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Looks like your "mini" Black Sunshine is starting to behave for you. Keep us posted as to your longer range shooting.

By the way, hows the recoil on that big girl???
Kirby Allen(50)

Allen Precision Shooting
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Farther, Faster and Flatter then ever before.

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Unread 07-07-2008, 12:07 PM
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That is a very nice looking rifle. You might need a bigger brake though.
The Smokin Fur Rifle Club
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