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Worst Kicking Firearm?????

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Unread 05-04-2007, 10:18 AM
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Re: Worst Kicking Firearm?????

The absolute worst recoiling firearm I have ever fired was a BFR .500S&W w/o a brake or was just plain wicked and nasty!! A FIRM two handed hold sent the gun over my head with the right hand still clinching the grip and the left still pointing at the target.

Second.....Encore handgun in .454 Casull. This cartridge in a revolver is a sweetheart. But in the single shot, lightweight tapered barrel Encore it's a real wench!

Also shot a lot of .416 Rigby from a 16" Encore handgun...not too bad.

In long gun form...gotta say my Mossy 835 and 3.5" turkey loads. Like Remmy'06...bloodied my nose also!!
Dan B.
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Unread 05-04-2007, 12:24 PM
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Re: Worst Kicking Firearm?????

A 416 Rigby CZ ZK604, firing 400grn solids in front of 101grns of powder.
The rifle weighed in at just under 9lb.....Horrendous!

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Unread 05-06-2007, 12:29 AM
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Re: Worst Kicking Firearm?????

Sako TRGs m995 in 338 Lapua Mag. No brake. It weighed about 8# with the factory stock. 89gr of RE25 and a 300gr. SMK. At least with this one the kick was very forceful, but not as sharp as it could have been. The perceived recoil was worse with RE22 and the 250gr SGK's (more sharp). I am still shooting it without a brake, but the addition of a McMillan A-5 stock did wonders for the recoil (now I don't get a headache after 10 rounds).
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Unread 05-06-2007, 07:03 AM
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Re: Worst Kicking Firearm?????

Saw a video of a pro gun tested shoot an 8 bore or a 4 bore double rifle, can't remember which, off a bench. Had to have a "catcher" behind him. I think he said 6 rounds was the limit. Worst rifle I ever fired was a Civil War .56 cal. black powder with a mini ball off the bench. Recoil bad enough my trigger hand gave me a bloody lip. Didn't do that again.
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Unread 05-08-2007, 11:57 AM
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Re: Worst Kicking Firearm?????

I've got a couple and they are all my brothers.1st is his 870 Super-Mag,followed by his 375RUM BDL S/S(Sporter Barrel) this thing is VIOLENT off a rest,a little better off hand,but it shoots pretty good.Makes your head feel funny if you shoot it with your mouth open.Here it is.

Next is his Ruger #1 in 458LOTT,I won't shoot this off the rest.Here he is with a groundhog that got smashed with a 500gr. Bullet.
“From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need” Karl Marx/BHO
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Unread 05-08-2007, 12:59 PM
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Re: Worst Kicking Firearm?????

Worst Kickin' so far would have to be my buddies 358 sta

This rifle was ten year project and I've been hearing about it since before I can remeber. It is supposed to be the cats meow for an alaska goat rifle. I don't know what possesed him to make a rifle that light but he did. I think soaking wet with a sling and the magazine full its sub 7.5#.

He's got me by 30 years so I did the fire forming and attempted to sight it in of the bench. That is until we broke the crosshairs loose in the burris posi-loc. Its not so much the ft lbs that get ya its the fps that thing comes at you. It comes after you with a vengance, I have shot 3.5 inch mags at ducks and geese since I was 15 and this thing kicked my butt. After 27 rounds in one setting we learned two things 1. Burris has excellant customer service with broken scopes. 2. This thing needs a brake in a bad way

Never will complain about extended shooting sessions with my 300
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Unread 05-13-2007, 07:01 AM
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Re: Worst Kicking Firearm?????

Foremost in my mempry banks is a Spanish made side by side 12 guage a friend of mine had. I think it might have gone around 4.5# when loaded with the three in mag shells. The thing about it was that if you chose the wrong trigger to pull first it would loose both barrels at the same time. You had to remember front trigger first then rear. Of course when your used to only having the one trigger, you generally got the rear one first. there were several times on dove hunts where someone always ended up swapping guns with him due to the great preformance it had. Of course when this happend, they were generally always watched for the coming results. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

Next would be my ex BIL's 10guage goose gun with slugs we decided would be fun to play with. One of the old bolt action jobs which had the barrel similar in length to some of the power poles. Not a fun thing to do.

Of late, my Ruger .308 Compact from the bench with stiff handloads, or any standard load for that matter. The thing just seems to knock the fun out of shooting it within about 5 rounds.

A friends Weatherby chambered in 7 mag which weighs about 7# fully loaded. Witht he 26" barrel and being so light it just stomps the crap outta ya no matter how you hold it. Still working on getting his loads worked up and not in any hurry to do much anytime soon. As mentioned it isn't the Ft/Lbs, but the FPS it comes back.

I shot a 375 H&H from a very light Remington African rifle, and put around 30 - 300gr rounds through it with less felt punishment, than from either of the two above mentioned ones. Heck the owner even had to pick up my hat and catch me and the chair a couple of shots. Sorta reminded me of what those fellows shooting the 577 looked like.

In handguns well I feel that my 454 is plenty of horsepower, and with 40 rounds of 260gr top end loads pushing hard on 2000/fps from the bench, left my arm and ahoulder sore for several days. It is a hoot to shoot but must be kept to moderation.
Mike / Tx

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"Heck why would I lie, most folks don't believe the truth when I tell them"
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