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Where do these people get there information

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Old 06-17-2005, 08:54 PM
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Where do these people get there information

.I'm not sure how to start this post or even if this is the right place to post what is bothering me but I want to let you all know how I feel right now.
At 6:10 am this morning we received a call from my sons plt. leader that he had been wounded in action earlier this week in Iraq. We are trying to find out the severity of his wounds and other information from the army as I write this.

But that is not why I write this, it concerns the actions of several senators and Representatives who in the past made statements about the war which affect our solders serving through out the world.

One such is Senator Durbin from my state of Illinois who made a comment about the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay being tortured by us, that they were subjected to the same treatment as those Innocent men, women and children held by Germany and Russia during WW2 and the cold war, or that they are subjected to the type of interrogation techniques our men received at the Hanoi Hilton during Viet Nam. I do not believe for one minuet that that is true, or even close to being true.
When I called the Senators office to voice my opinion I was told I was in the minority of the callers and I should become more informed by going to his web site.
Senator Durbinc Site

After reading all that he had to say on the subject I called his office again and was told that that was his stance and he would not change it. I informed them I had a son over in Iraq and that I felt his statements were giving the people of the Islamic world a untrue picture of the treatment of enemy combatants. And I also thought he should become better informed before he made statements like "Polls show that Muslims have positive attitudes toward American people and our values." he goes on to say that they don't like the American Government. In the next sentence he states they respect our Values again. Maybe he is fighting a different war or talking to different Muslims then the ones trying to kill us.

I asked about the Senators own service record or if he had a son or daughter in the service and was told that was not Germaine to the discussion, which I will assume as negative to any military service or offspring in the service, I may be wrong about this but I believe if it wasn't true they would have said so.
The aid then hung up on me. I called again and as soon as I gave my name the phone was hung up again, I never raised my voice or used a cuss word in my conversation with the aids I know they are not the problem. But I am from the Senators state and I expect to be treated as such. I will be at his next meeting and I will ask him some tough questions

My son has written us about the people of Iraq and how they really do feel grateful to us for helping them He states in many letter how the enemy fighters are from outside of Iraq and many have had military training in other countries and that when they find that the enemy are from Iraq most are criminals

I'm sorry for rambling so I'll quite, I urge you to read the senators statements and judge for yourselves. Maybe I am to close to the subject but I remember how I felt when Kerry lied about us in Nam it did bother us. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.
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Old 06-17-2005, 10:23 PM
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Re: Where do these people get there information


The first comment that I want to make is that upon seeing
this post, I have prayed for your son & will continue to do so. I wish the best for your son & your family.

Concerning Durbin the Turbin, I cannot express the anger I
feel toward him & the other liberal clowns in D.C. Obviously, they need & will receive even more defeats in
coming elections. They hate President Bush so much & want to be in power so badly that they don't care about America
& especially our soldiers, only themselves! I think Durbin
should resign in shame, but we can forget about that. I hope the people of Illinois send his butt packing.

Please let us know about your son & if you are comfortable doing so, state his name (unless special ops or classified) so that I can formally add him to my prayer list, but if not that is OK.
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Old 06-18-2005, 08:43 AM
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Re: Where do these people get there information

We were having trouble finding out much of anything because my son filled out papers that stated unless killed no one was to be notified. "DUMB ASS". But because of a member of this site we were able to contact the right people and get answers in only a few hours. Right now we know his wounds were not sever enough to take him out of action for long and he is back with his unit.

I am even more determined to speak with the Senator now and let me also say that in my first post I made remarks about his lack of military service or the service of any his children, That was wrong of me, I let my feeling get the best of me and I will control them from know on.

I urge everyone to contact the senator and give him your opinion of his statements.

Thanks again for the support.
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Old 06-18-2005, 09:25 AM
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Re: Where do these people get there information

I totally 100% agree with you. Since you are in a state that has a somewhat reasonable ratio of liberals and conservatives it would be worth your while to try and get them out of office and to pester them every chance you get.

I am sad to report that I live in a state where the liberals have run so rampid that there is no hope of turning it around.[img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]Although I still vote in every election to do my part. Barbra Boxer and Dianne Feinstein need to go NOW! I hate them. Man I wish that the earthquake we had on Tuesday would have stirred up a tsunami that would have wiped out the ENTIRE bay area. Then the conservatives would have had a chance to reclaim the state. But I hate to say that it didn't happen so currently there is no hope.

I am glad to hear of what your doing in honor of your son. I have a brother that just recently got back from Iraq and he says the same thing that the people are happy with what were doing over there. The ones that don't are the younger generation that didn't know what it was like before sadam came into power. He talked with some of the elders and they do remember what it was like back when and they are desperate to bring back democracy.
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Old 06-18-2005, 09:46 PM
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Location: Pocahontas, AR
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Re: Where do these people get there information

I am glad to hear that your son's wounds were not severe.

I hope that you and the people of Illinois can replace Durbin. Even if he apologizes, his credibility is gone if he had any. I would never trust him & will from this point
consider him an enemy of the U.S. & our fighting forces!
You will not make peace with the Blue Coats, you are free to go.
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