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What's going on at LRH !!?!?!

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Unread 10-24-2005, 01:58 PM
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Re: What\'s going on at LRH !!?!?!


I bolded that post so that it would be noticed by all, not as a warning. I, and I'd imagine others, often skip to the last entries in a 'hot' thread and sometimes miss entries entirely. Bolding was my attempt to be noticed and not skipped/missed is a hasty slide to the latest entries.

I wanted to make apparent that the Adminstration had discussions and what you see are the results of those discussion and historical reviews/warnings.

Unread 10-24-2005, 02:46 PM
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Re: What\'s going on at LRH !!?!?!

Have we ever thought that words can be taken out of context. I know what I wrote was abrasive a bit but it made my point. No sugar coating etc. Ric made a comment about the 1 mile elk shot with a so so bullet in his opinion. I have read that thing several times and he never busted on GG. GG response was...Pouncing again! Too me that was the first attack...The first strike in the war of words so to say. I didn't see any pouncing in the thread. If I didn't know the history I would of said..."pouncing" what the heck is he talking about.

So many times folks use words to say things they want but sugar coat it so sometimes the point gets made...sometimes not. My post earlier may have been wrong but I wanted everyone to know what I felt...Not try to determine how they think I felt.

Christ!! I cant stand the guy who lives next door to me but I don't go beat him up call him names or move out!

The bad thing about this whole darn mess is no one is gonna go back on what was said and done! This to some would show a sign of weakness.

Not enough people in this rude ***** world don't say sorry.

One simple little word.

Ok Len and Ric are both wrong...GG is wrong...... WE ARE ALL SORRY ..can we get back to normal now!!

Let everyone have there say and lets move on!

A quote of sorts I saw from the news

"Customer Service is now being advertised as an EXTRA."

The reason for this is because everyone has become so damn nasty in the world. We now think that customer service should be an added extra!!!!!!! Makes me sick to my stomach!

Venting off

Unread 10-24-2005, 03:04 PM
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Re: What\'s going on at LRH !!?!?!

I dont post on here much but i read everything and I have been reading since 2002 and i realy dont see what the big deal was. i think it would be a great loss to not have his input on the forum,I had emailed ric directly to ask him about one of his rifles and he took alot of his time to email back and forth with me to answer all i could throw at him, i consider myself a rookie when it comes to long range big game hunting and after talking with ric i had to say he was a huge help and only gave his thoughts and concerns with a project i again i just wanted to say i think it is a mistake for banning someone that has helped so many.

jared Costa
Unread 10-24-2005, 04:07 PM
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Re: What\'s going on at LRH !!?!?!

I am trying to figure out what got Ric launched?? He is/was a tremendous asset to the board. Hopefully the moderators will reconsider.

Frank D [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
"A tie is as good as a loss, and no one remembers second place."
Unread 10-24-2005, 05:26 PM
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Re: What\'s going on at LRH !!?!?!

lablover, I think I live next to the same guy as you! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

I kept pace with the discusion in question, I also seen GG's newbie post. GG's newbie post was worded poorly but I understand his frustration. "Guiding" the newbies should be left to the administrators. Ric made light of the post and things headed south. In my opinion it should have been deleted imediatly because the post served no valid purpose.

When the accubond fire works started valid points were being discussed initially. It turned ugly when one thought the other was not playing fair. When you post on this board you are going to get opinions and possible critisim. Don't ask to sensor anyones opinion if you don't want to get into a pissin' match. Leave well enough alone and ignore the poster. Was Ric trying to get under GG's skin? Maybe thats a question for Ric. Was GG baiting Ric with his post? Maybe thats a question for GG.

I will miss Ric's opinions and advice.

I hope that GG does not get a "bad taste in his mouth" over this, and continues to contribute pertinate information about his expertise and his experiments.

Both of these men were/are valuable members of this site.

Please lets keep debates cival and based on first hand experience. Before you post a reply ask yourself, Am I adding to the discussion or taking away from it. Some things are better left unsaid.
Unread 10-24-2005, 05:49 PM
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Re: What\'s going on at LRH !!?!?!

i'm pretty much a newbie here.i don't know any history but as far as that bullet discussion went, i thought Ric gave some very interesting information with the thought process and facts to explain his point.he didn't take any jabs or for that matter,have a "tone" in his post.this matter is obviously not information related because Ric has more practical hunting/shooting info than anyone on here.
Unread 10-24-2005, 06:13 PM
LB LB is offline
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Re: What\'s going on at LRH !!?!?!


Please lets keep debates cival and based on first hand experience. Before you post a reply ask yourself, Am I adding to the discussion or taking away from it. Some things are better left unsaid.

[/ QUOTE ]

This is a personal opinion, but sterile posts and timid responses bore me to death.

I think there has to be room for (polite) honest disagreement. By the same token, you have to be willing (and capable of) brushing off, (even laughing at) comments you don't like. LB
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