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want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

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Old 08-01-2005, 07:47 PM
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want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

i put this here only because i didnt know where else to put it - i am down to the last caliber i want to play with- for now anyhow- and it would be a 6br - first off i want to ask whats the difference in 6mm ppc and 6 br and 6 norma and a few more i cant remember - i had a buddy to tell me that a "6 br" is what i needed for paper at 100 yrds and if i wanted to later shoot it at longer range i could but it would make me happy - well i have a 700 remington short action that came from a 204 caliber and if it will work i want to have a gunsmith put a 6 br barrel on it and maybe a stock - i cant spend the 1800.00 bucks that he wants for a benchrest gun but after a little trigger work and a nice stock i hope this rifle will shoot with the new barrel and stock- that 6br cartridge looks pretty neat - fat little thing aint it - anyhow if you fellas would make a suggestion as how to go about this and maybe what type barrel and the differences in the 6br /ppc/ all the other stuff - i was told that the gunsmith can make my dies at the same time he makes the barrel and it would be better because the barrel and dies would match- i am not sure as far as the cost - barrel stock dies and labor but at least the action is paid for and this fellas likes the remington actions even though its not a 40x - has anyone else done that same thing and did it shoot like you wanted it to and do you have a 6br and are you happy with it - thanks for any input you can offer
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Old 08-02-2005, 08:20 AM
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Re: want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

Do the BR it will get fantastic performance and accuracy. Like 55gr blitzkings at 3900 and .250" groups. Mine is a 12 twist Lilja 27". It out performs my 22-250! what more cuold you ask?
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Old 08-02-2005, 09:42 AM
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Re: want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

Let me just say that the 222 is an AMAZING little round and one I respect very much. I would much prefer it to a .223 or a 22-250 because of it's super accuracy and little appetite for powder. It also has a very long neck which also is very desirable to me. However, the 6 br has it beat in every arena except powder consumption and noise.

The most accurate cartridge and most "steerable" cartridge at 100 and 200 yards is not the 6br nor the 222. It is without doubt the 6 ppc. The 6 ppc is slightly shorter than the br and smaller in body diameter thus giving up a little more case capacity and velocity to the br. It is based off of the 220 russian case.
By all means, if you want the best 100 yard cartridge on the planet, go with the ppc.

If you will ever use the gun for varminting past 500 yards, and can settle for the 2nd most accurate 100 yard cartridge, go for the 6 br.
Using your 204 action will require you to open your bolt face to accept the bigger case head of the br, but a competent gunsmith can do this no problem.
The 6br remington was the first br and it has gone through several renovations since it's conception including changing the primer pocket size, and changing neck length. New 6br remington brass is now more like the 6br norma dimensions than it has ever been but it is still different enough that you must specify which kind of brass you will be using when ordering a reamer. THe Norma version came about as a change in the dimensions of the much superior Norma and Lapua brass from the Remington and because Norma saw the advantage of this case using a 105 grain VLD bullet to enhance long range shooting. By running an 8" twist in this caliber, you go from a 800 yard gun (with the 14" twist) to a 1400 yard gun.
Then there are all sorts of wildcats based off the 6br case like the 6 dasher and 6 br improved. These all have their place as well.

I own two br's. One with a 14" twist and one with an 8" twist that is improved. Both are deadly accurate, but in wind or really long range varminting, I much prefer to grab the faster twist because of it's superior bc bullets.

I would recommend any custom barrel that you can get your hands on, and DO have the dies made with the same reamer that makes your chamber at the same time.

The short action Remmy 700 for a 6br will work great. Just have it blueprinted and properly bedded and this cartridge will scare you with it's easy reloading, superb accuracy, fast clean up, and small appetite for powder.

One other thing I should add:
The Lapua 6br brass is probably slightly better than the Norma, however, check the reamer for neck dimensions because if you have to take more than .001" off the brass neck thickness on Lapua, you will be hating life. The Lapua brass is so damn tough that neck turning can become a nightmare. Norma brass turns much more easily and will last almost as long. If you order a reamer, make it for Lapua brass and make the neck dimension .271 or .270 tops. This would then only require you to just clean up the necks. My 6br improved has a .265" made for Lapua brass and it was a bloody mess getting it down that thin!
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Old 08-02-2005, 07:08 PM
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Re: want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

dang fellas you dont know how much i appreciate the info/suggestions really - i am leaning toward the br for most of the reasons you all mentioned and as far as the brass and neck turning - well i have a 40x and the fella i got it from turned the necks he said and they look great and i have reloaded his old brass and the gun shoots just as perfect with my loads as it did with his - its a 22-250 and i love this gun - so if i am going to have to turn necks for this kind of accuracy so be it but -- i got a forster hand held neck turner and i dont think so much of it - actually it sucks but i might get a little better with it the more i use it - but is there something else out there that works better and easier to use - it seems like i dont hold the case straight while im doing it or i dont know it just dont look nice and even as far as the neck thickness goes - it may be right but it dont look right - now this is winchester and not lapua or norma but i got some of that coming and i want to turn the necks like they should be but dont want to waste any of this brass lol- so if someone knows of a neck turner that does great please fill me in and where to get it - again thanks for all the info
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Old 08-02-2005, 09:18 PM
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Re: want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

garrets dad,

there are a lot of people on www.6mmbr.com who are going to the no-turn necks on the 6mm br and improved versions. I personally have neveer neckturned, and hopefully wont.
personaly if it was me, i would get a 1-7.5 twist barrel so i could use the 107 smk as well as try the 115 dtac (supposedly about thee same b.c. as the 6.5 142 smk)

(jb1000br where were you?) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Old 08-03-2005, 01:06 PM
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Re: want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

agree, go to www.6mmbr.com and read about all the 6s before you decide.

Unless you are building a fullblown BR gun, skip the 6PPC. go with the 6Br in either a .271 or .272 no neck turn gun with reamer based off Lapua brass. No need to neck turn that cartridge for what you want.

Lot of good 6 BR smiths listed on www.6br.com. They all have the reamers and know tricks for 6br smithing.

Just take your 700, true the front of rcvr, lap lugs and add a 26-28" match grade barrel with 1-8 twist. Doubt the straight 6br will push the 115 DTAC like it should and plenty of great 100-108 gr bullets that will run in straight BR as good if not better. DTAC needs larger case normally.

A custom barrel installed will cost about $500. I personally like Broughton barrels. PacNor also makes a match grade relatively inexpensive and will chamber and fit to your action.

Forget custom dies for non BR gun, buy a set of Forester Bonanza BR dies in 6BR with micrometer seater for about $80 and if you want have the FL size die converted to bushings for $40 for Jim Carsenson (on BR.com also). No need to spend $300 plus for gunsmith custom dies unless full blown custom BR gun and even then easier ways for that cartridge, such as taking a Redding body bump die($25) and 10 pieces of fired brass,and sending it to Jim Carsentson and for $75 he will custom hone it to your chamber. Wilson inline seater is $50 and best on market, either the Forester or Redding are top of the line for 7/8x14 dies and much cheaper and just as good as custom seater.

Look at the stocks also listed on 6br.com. Richards Microfit has many good ones and relatively cheap.

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Old 08-03-2005, 01:11 PM
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Re: want to have built a 6 br or maybe a 222

garrets dad,

there are a lot of people on www.6mmbr.com who are going to the no-turn necks on the 6mm br and improved versions. I personally have neveer neckturned, and hopefully wont.
personaly if it was me, i would get a 1-7.5 twist barrel so i could use the 107 smk as well as try the 115 dtac (supposedly about thee same b.c. as the 6.5 142 smk)

(jb1000br where were you?) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

[/ QUOTE ]

Sorry, not sure how i missed this [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

just click the link in my sig line, and you will have several days of reading [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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