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Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

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Unread 02-26-2004, 04:44 PM
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Re: Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

Well I am not going to get into a ******* match with being the newby here but I will throw in my .02 worth on answering Wyo's original question, " what criteria do you base it on?"

My self I have always looked at it as what will my gun hold. My Sako holds 5 with the one in the chamber. Personal hunting experience has told me 3 shots is about max for opportunity to shoot. So I base mine on 3 & 5 shot groups. If it will do .75" in three shots,I am a happy camper, if it will do the same with 5 then I am even happier. I have found that if it doesnt then it is more my inconsistancy than the rifles ability. If it can do it once, it can do it again.

I personally was very impressed with his group. Considering I know where he lives and the teperature conditions he was probably shooting in. I shot 2, 3 shot groups at 100 yards in December with my .243 Win. Just an old Rem 700 BDL Sporter, thats in primo shape, no work done to it, from a bench with heavy duplex hunting scope. The temp was 8 Deg F and there was a mild breeze as well. Needless to say it was COLD. I shot one .55" and the other was .65" measured center to center on widest shots. No fliers left out. Was I happy with this performance? Dang streight I was especially in the conditions. Nothing like wiping snot off your bolt that's frozen! If that target was a speedgoat, it would have been dead. I just hope I can do the same come time to warm up!!!
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Unread 02-26-2004, 05:30 PM
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Re: Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

I do not have any photo's of groups off a bipod. The only photo I have is this one. The left chuck was taken at around 300 yrds. One shot.The Right one was taken at 190 yrds. Two shots, I just buzzed his back with the first one.

The way I see the remark ,"Nice group, now try 5". I see it as a way to learn what your gun will do with 5. After ya do 5 try ten. Then you'll know how your gun acts with that meny rounds down the tube in a row.!
If your hunting and ya get in a rush and miss as I have on more than one occasion, you can have confidance that the next shot you'll be headed to retreave what you've been shootin at. Just my two cents. By the way nice shooting. I would like to shoot with ya some time. I think it'd be a HOOT!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Unread 02-26-2004, 06:46 PM
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Re: Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

hello guys. my 2 cents. i shoot to do my best with my equipment.its not a 1k gun but sometimes i pretend.ive never had a dead hog complain.and as far as targets proud of some not of others.thats why i keep shooting or at least trying.maybe ill build a bench gun but i wouldent take it in some of the fields ive had my SAVAGEIN [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]
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Unread 02-26-2004, 06:54 PM
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Re: Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..


you available in Aug.? Sure would be fun to have ya here...

Ok guys I posted 2 more groups I shot today.. same scenerio prone/bo-pod

one at 750 and one at 895.. they are in Bullets , Barrels and Balistics...

are they any better? What would be the evaluation of these.. good, bad or Ugly... just be honest with your opinion!
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Unread 02-26-2004, 11:05 PM
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Re: Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

For the record

I have many times and still do shoot from a bipod on occasion. My lighter LR carry guns have bipods on them.

I feel that with a bipod, your rifle "should" hold 1 MOA "5 shot" groups across the entire course of fire you intend on shooting. That's all that's needed to make the kills on game that we are after.

That would be 1" at 100 yards, 5" at 500 yards and 10" at 1000 yards. Most times at 100 yards to 500 yards they are less then 1 MOA.
All the group sizes mentioned at the various yardages are well within the kill zone of any big game animals we hunt.

Some guns can do better then that from a bipod but, "5 shot" groups and 1 MOA seems to be a standard to go for.

If your rifle does better then that out to 1000 yards, your ahead of the game.
Remember, thats 5 shot groups though, not 3.

Three shot groups should do better then the 1 MOA most every time and at "all" ranges out to 1000 yards. I simply like to work on 5 shots rather then 3 for testing purposes. Those extra 2 shots keeps me on my toes. Many times I've had unreal 3 shot groups and then enlarged it by sending those extra 2 rounds down range. When you do keep all 5 in a small group it is VERY satisfying though.

It really doesnt matter if you shoot 3 shots or 5 shots, as long as the groups are within the kill zone area of the game your after and it will do this at the "range limits" you have placed on your bipod rifle. My limit is 1000 to 1250 yards Max with my 7/300 Weatherby light 12# rifle with 30" barrel and bipod attached.

I "had" a 40X in the 300 win mag that would do better then 1MOA 5 shot groups with a Bipod attached at most ranges to 1000 yards. It was consistant to. I think that rifle cost me $750.00. A fellow down south bought it from me a few years ago.

DC [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
Darryl Cassel
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Unread 02-27-2004, 12:10 AM
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Re: Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

That's what I'm talkin about! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Let's hear some more fella's! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Any difference in expectations of a custom and a factory stick?
Brent Moffitt
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Unread 02-27-2004, 12:11 AM
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Re: Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

Ric--I think you are after something that doesnt exist. There is no hard and fast rule for validating a rifle.

further, groups from a cold bore are a totally different animal than a warm gun.

I'll put this up for scrutiny:

1K BR gun -- 5-10 shot groups --

HB tactical gun--5 mags full (mag plus one in the hole that is) from a bipod

Varmint gun - 5-5shot groups from a benchrest, then if using a bipod for hunting, 5 groups from a bipod.

sporter/hunting gun - 5 three shot groups, mag fed, cold bore every time.

sound like a good outline?

I really think though, what your after is impossible, and subjective.

Keep shooting and posting, I will, and so can anyone else that wants to back up their mouth [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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