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A time to be American - GM Trucks

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Unread 02-22-2009, 10:06 PM
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Re: A time to be American - GM Trucks

Promotions and accompanying higher salary usually go to those who produce not to those who cruise. The union has little input here.

Criminals in this country are entitled to legal counsel. There is no reason that an American worker shouldn't be allowed to have a knowledgeable representative to advise them, if needed.

Never been on strike so have not reply. Some unions are overbearing while many others are not.

I favor a unionized work environment - you apparently do not. I am fine with our differing opinion on this issue. I'd image we are in closer agreement on second amendment issues. :>)

Originally Posted by RockyMtnMT View Post
As a union man, what would it take for you to get fired? You talk about the protection you get from the nasty supervisor that might be having a bad day. What protection does the company that you work for have? Lets say you have a bad day, once a week. How many weeks of one bad day a week does the company have to pay you for before they can get rid of you? Or lets say that you have an out put that is 40% greater than the guy that works next to you. Lets say he has been on the job for 6 month longer than you. Will you ever make more than he does? If not why bother doing more work than he does? Now run that attitude through however many people work for any given union organized company and tell me how that can possibly be good for the company.

The union does nothing but protect mediocrity. There is no way you or any one else can sugar coat it any other way. I assume that you are the guy that performs better than the guy next to you and not visa verse. How can you put up with it? You are being held back by the union that you think is protecting you. The only ones in your situation that benefit are the workers that are happy to be less than they can be, and the mafia union bosses that extort money out of you and the company you work for. Call it protection money.

Have you lived through a strike? Did you add up the money you lost during the strike? Did you make it back after the strike with the improved working conditions you got as a result of the strike? More than likely not. Everyone involved lost except the union leaders. Didn't cost them a nickle. In fact they get fatter every time they send the poor workers out to strike. Off the back of the worker that thinks he is being protected by the union. Kind of funny how that works, they take your money and you thank them for doing it. Then they donate it to politicians that disagree with you on probably most every moral, economic, and patriotic value that you have. Yet you still thank them for what they do for you.

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Unread 02-22-2009, 11:15 PM
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Re: A time to be American - GM Trucks

Originally Posted by aj peacock View Post
when they shut down the plants in the midwest and moved them out of the us to canada and mexico, they said "it's a global market, we don't just sell in the us anymore; it's called progress and globalization."

now after years of failing to fix the union issue, it's a us issue again. What happened to the "it's globalization chant?". Move the 10's of thousands of jobs back to the us, re-open the flint michigan plants, re-negotiate all the union bloat. Then i'll get behind some $'s to help them out.

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Unread 02-23-2009, 03:49 AM
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We are WAY past the American vrs forien BS

I'm a big GM fan but dont BS me, what the heck does GM and American have in common??
My 88½ton was Canadian, my 92½ton is Mexican and probably my 03 Tahoe. The Regal has 170K, the ½ton extended cab 330K and the Tahoe is just over 110K, my impulsive buying didnt get them into this condition so why the heck should I help get them out.
Let the BIG 3 sink or swim but make them do it themselves!! Cut the big boys salaries=they aint earning it anyway!! Break the UAW= They had thier chance to do the right thing and didnt!!
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
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Unread 02-23-2009, 07:53 AM
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Re: A time to be American - GM Trucks

Here is the best argument I know to give in regard to the union/non union issue. Last year both Toyota and GM sold 9.3 million vehicles. GM lost 27 billion dollars and Toyota made 19 billion dollars in profit. How could this be so you ask? The difference is the UAW.

There was a time in this country when we needed trade unions. Unsafe work environments, 80 hr work weeks, child labor, unfair good ole' boy contracts......not anymore. With OSHA looking up your ass every time time you break wind, the the endless government regulations we have to abide by, there is no need of them. I do not want a penny of my tax money going to any bailout of any industry period, but most especially, an industry being held hostage by trade unions.
You union guys go ahead and fire away.....I got my big boy pants on and rolled up to the knees. AJ
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Unread 02-23-2009, 09:01 AM
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Re: A time to be American - GM Trucks

I can't argue weather or not the big boys are getting paid too much. I suspect that they get paid too much. It's an unholy alliance with the union. We'll let the union do what they want as long as we can pay our selves as much as we want type of thing. Then we'll ride this horse till it collapses.

Just for argument sake, lets say the big boys were working for nothing. What difference would it make in the current situation? Really very little. It's really easy to dog pile on the top executives and say that they are the problem, when the problem is much bigger.

I guarantee that if they dumped the union, started performance based pay, and got rid of every employee that did not want to be paid this way. There would be people from all over the country willing to buy the houses of those who don't want to work in the new system and take their positions.

Then the good ol' US auto industry would put out high quality for money spent vehicles that would out compete every other auto maker in the world. We are capable of the best.


PS, Get the Government out of the way as well. This is the other side of the equation.
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Unread 02-23-2009, 09:32 AM
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Re: A time to be American - GM Trucks

Originally Posted by joecool View Post

Joe---It will never happen---we are in a Global Economy now and the fact of the matter is any BOOB can assemble cars and trucks. The labor required is just a commodity plain and simple and it can and will be done without Union Labor PERIOD if the industry wants to make any ROI!!

The days of Detroit being the King are Dead and Buried. We are a consumer nation now. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that that with the United States biggest exports being raw materials where we are going!!!

Everyone do the due diligence and the writing is on the wall no matter what the politicians say! Unfortunately it is just a fact now..
The Truth Is Not Always Good For Business!!
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Unread 02-24-2009, 01:09 AM
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Re: A time to be American - GM Trucks

None of the fullsize GM trucks are made here,CANADA AND MEXICO make them,if you want to buy an american made truck buy a toyota
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