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stampede this morning

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Unread 10-18-2008, 11:20 PM
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stampede this morning

Just wanting to whine a bit...
I've had a big buck picked out all summer. I've watched him whenever I could. He's in a high basin several very steep miles from the nearest (dirt) road. Last night I backpacked in to the basin. I sat on a high ridge around 1200 yards away and watched my buck and a new very large non typical.

The final leg of my hike was down an exposed ridge. The ridge has cliffs on both sides so you must hike in the open down the ridge. Not wanting to spook my two targets I waited until after dark and crept down the snowy ridge by moonlight. My final campspot was on a tiny bench at the end of the ridge. This would put me 400-600 yards of my bucks come daylight.

I was very careful hiking in to be quiet and conceal my movement. I hid my tent behind a screen of brush. This morning just as I'm slithering out of my sleeping bag and trying to dress in my tiny tent I hear footsteps crunching down the shale and snow of my ridge. As I'm crawling out of my tent another (noisy) hunter pauses six feet from me. I think if my rifle and pack hadn't been set up he'd have stopped right there.

Then he moves down the ridge thirty feet and sits down to glass! You got to be kidding, right! I sit down by my rifle and scope and make a bit of noise. The fellow looks up for a minute then heads down further. About this time I hear noise above me. There were five more hunters stationed along the ridge above me! Apparantly someone else knew about my deer.

About this time the hunter below me shoots. I figure I know where my deer will go so I set up for a shot in that direction. A few moments pass and the two big bucks appear trotting rapidly up the opposite slope. The closest hunter to the deer is the one below me (who's already killed a buck). He's around 350 yards from the fast moving deer. The ridge erupts in gunfire. 14 shots were fired at the two big deer! Nobody came close, and the deer never stopped to give me a shot though I tracked them the whole way.

The six guys then start cheering the guy below me, who'd killed a nice little buck.

Now I know I was on public land. However, my car was parked at the only logical spot to access the basin. My tracks were very obvius to any who cared on the bare ridge. It was obvious I was allready there. After a summer spent dreaming of hunting the buck, a hard pack in, and a cold night on the mountain to be in the spot, it's awful damn hard to not be tremendously irritated.

I had a bloody tent set up visible from above. I left an obvious trail in the snow down the ridge. Mabey I've got to many bloody manners, but I'd have left the ridge to me. I'd at least have gone another way when I stumbled upon me crawling out of my tent and my obvious shooting spot.

I could continue to whine... But just a little common courtesy on the mountain!! To top it off when I got to my truck I was boxed in!! Idiots everywhere! The real gripe is, the big fellows have been pushed out of the basin and I likely won't find them again.
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Unread 10-18-2008, 11:30 PM
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Re: stampede this morning

Wow - that's terrible! No common courtesy.

Don't give up though. Those two bucks just went deeper. Keep after them and you will find them.
I'm not gonna shoot here. I'm gonna shoot waaaaaaaay over there!
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Unread 10-19-2008, 08:25 AM
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Re: stampede this morning

i had almost the same thing happen opening morning of elk season here in son and i had been spotting every evening and morning for the previous week. had a heard of elk with a good bull in it located . we got to the spot we wanted to be 1 hr before daylight and parked blocking a little road that went right thru where the elk were bedded the night before. about 15 mins before first light two trucks and a 4 wheeler drove around our vehicle and right thru the middle of the elk. fortunately my son had sorta anticipated this and was staioned higher up on a ridge and got the bull headed for the tall timber.

on a side note.... a funny thing happened to me. i had this bull broadside @ 1193 yds after all the commotion....he was headed right toward my son so i didnt shoot, but had he been headed in the direction of the other hunters i would have. i have my rifle set up to shoot out to 1000 yds....i figured on dialing to a 1000 and then using my mill dots for the remainder of the range....didnt have a clue how much more drop to use , but i had figured 3 or 4 ft......came home and punched in the numbers in about 13 FEET!!!!! that was a learning experience even though i never fired a shot.....AJ
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Unread 10-26-2008, 06:11 AM
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Re: stampede this morning

That is an issue with public land... They had just as much right to hunt "your buck" as you did. Because you camped there does not give you first dibs. Go deeper to get away from the crowd. Utah has lots of land. I lived in AZ for years and would drive 25 miles of dirt roads to get to the far flung places to hunt.
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Unread 10-26-2008, 09:26 AM
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Re: stampede this morning

I have only had that happen to me in northern Wisconsin. Its like going to the Mall of America.

Again this year when a friend and I went to Wyoming we went way back in the hills. Again we worked with the other camps to see where other people are going and stay out of eachothers areas. Even though it is public land it has always worked that way and therefore worked well. There is nothing more frustrating than working hard all year to scout and be twarted by a bunch of fools.

Stay with those bucks. You will find them agian.

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Unread 10-26-2008, 09:28 AM
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Re: stampede this morning

Oh and another thing. I am with you - I hate it when people keep pounding off rounds. Just wait and make your shot. If you miss, wait to see if the animal gives you another clean shot and if not, well thats why they call it hunting.
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Unread 10-26-2008, 10:36 AM
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Re: stampede this morning


There are several follow on scenarios that come to mind, non of whch are good for that group of hunters. Only one of these scenarios would require a defense lawyer;)

But I really think that just for S&Gs I'da got any name/identification I could have gotten w/o revealing my intent and made the initial indication via mail that they will be sued for "disrupting another hunters efforts". This is possible under Idaho law. Not saying I'd go through with it, unless they do something else to piss me off. I have enough hunting friends + a daughter who is a lawyer that would get a kick out of writing the letter.

I guess you'll just have to go the bit extra. Those bucks are still out there.
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