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The saddest day in american history

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Unread 11-05-2008, 09:08 PM
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Re: The saddest day in american history

Originally Posted by James Jones View Post
The only true power that a president has is the power of Veto , no one man can set forth the ruin that a lot are expecting , not saying that it wont happen but he can't do it alone.

The concern is not the Presidential veto powder. Obama will be supported by the most liberal congress in history and there isn't much left in the way of checks & balances.

Here in NY we have also given the liberal left our Senate, Assembly, Governor's office and both US Senators. On both the state and federal level, my rights as a sportsman could evaporate almost overnight. Who would (could) oppose them.

It's not just the issue of shooting & hunting that's at stake, it's the very way of life that conservatives have cherished for so many years. Liberalism is alive and well in this country and it has just moved to the forefront of power.

Yes - I am concerned with the election results. Not panicked, but concerned.
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Unread 11-05-2008, 09:12 PM
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Re: The saddest day in american history

there is still the power of the fillibuster.... don't under rate it!
One conrgresman read a cookbook to squash a vote. heck, that will make anyone's mind turn onto something other than polotics!!!
I used to re-load but now I "hand-load".
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Unread 11-06-2008, 07:02 PM
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Re: The saddest day in american history

I did not vote for Obama. I do not share his view of the world and what role the US should play in it, I do not agree with his social values or ecomonic plans.

That said, I voted, the guy I voted for lost, am I happy about that, not at all.


The majority of the citizens that voted said they wanted Obama as their president. Just as we did in 2000 and 2004 when the majority of us said we wanted Bush to be our president.

Since 2000, there has been nothing but worthless bickering from our government. The hatred grew over the past 8 years until it has consumed everything that happens in Washington. Much of this was a result of the extreme libers blaming everything that has happened over the last 8 years, at least all the bad things on Bush and his party which to the logical minded US citizen is total crap.

We lost the election. We get another shot at it in 4 years. Will we make it until then, YES WE WILL. Will we as gun owners and lovers have some harder times, possibly. Will Obama be our president, YES HE WILL BE.

The majority of the vote went his way, that is how our system is supposed to work. While I do not believe in much of what he stands for, I do respect him as a human and WILL respect him as the President of the USA.

I can not remember how many times I set and listened to the far left biased news media refer to our current president as simply Mr. Bush but often would refer to the former president as President Clinton.......

Petty, sure but I refuse to stoop to their level. In 75 days, Obama will be president of the USA. I am a proud US citizen as I know we all are. As far as I am concerned, Obama requires the same level of respect as Bush did. We do not have to agree with him but he did get fairly elected as the President of the USA.

I remember 4 years ago that all the libers said if Bush got reelected they move out of the US. We all told them to not let the door hit them in the rear on the way out.

Are we going to say the same crap now or are we going to be better citizens then they were.

If we want to get back in power in 2012, there is one easy way to do it, get a damn good quality person that has true common sense conservative views and put enough votes in the box to get them elected.

The Dems have the power in the white house, senate and house. That is the bad news, but remember, if they do not greatly improve things over the next 4 years, they have no where to hide...... Keep that in mind.

Alot of people thought that Pre. Clinton would destroy all of our gun rights. He certainly made some things harder but we all still have our guns. The reason is because there are alot of Democrats in the senate and house that have our same values toward guns. I know of two Montana Senators that would never vote against our guns and Montana still has a Republican Represenative that will also stand for all gun rights.

Luckily, the extreme left whacks are in the minority, Democrats of republican means very little, common sense is what we need and to stop this petty bickering that is all we have seen since 2000!!!!!
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Unread 11-06-2008, 07:20 PM
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Re: The saddest day in american history

well said fifty driver!

I would like to also say that extreme liberals are as few in number as extreme conseratives -- that's the way it works. Polotics and polocies shift with time - usually slowly.
I used to re-load but now I "hand-load".
-- Well, at least I try --
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Unread 11-07-2008, 09:54 AM
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Re: The saddest day in American history

One good thing about the Dems controlling the presidency and the congress is after 4 years Americans may be fed up enough to vote in a conservative like Reagan. Which is the greatest fear the liberals have.

What does scare me is the Supreme Court vacancies comming up. And as far as filibustering goes I don't think we have enough conservative Republican legislators with the guts to follow through with it. It seems we have Republican lights in office now.

We will have a clue of what chances the conservatives will have in the next election once we see what the new platform will be for the Republican party, if it is the same as the last 12 years chances aren't very good. We need a true conservative to win.

I am waiting to see how the Dems cover up the fanny-mae and freddy-mac scandal, they caused the financial crush by blocking any regulation to control them, then use the fall out to win the election, I'm sure they are smart enough to hide the facts especially with the help of the liberal media.
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Unread 11-07-2008, 09:32 PM
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Re: The saddest day in american history

Until america stops running around the world acting like the world police -the world will hate america.

Until america stops going to other countries -building military installations and NEVER LEAVING -other countries will hate america.

Until america stops $elling the position of president to lobbiest [AIPAC ->foreign lobbiest] -america will continue its downward spiral.

Until the media stops showing favortism to liberals -america will continue to become more liberal.

Until americans stop voting republican or democrat and both candidates suck -america will continue on towards the toilet !

Until americans READ and HEED the constitution and bill of rights especially the part about """" EACH STATE WILL HAVE A WELL TRAINED WELL ARMED MILITIA """" to let the government know who's boss -nothing will get any better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until WE unite and re-become the"""" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA """"" and quit TALKING about this crap -nothing will get any better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What if our forefathers would have tried to talk to the king about -they weren't happy with the way things were ?
Where would we be today if George Washington had been a talker ???He was a killer !!willing to kill hundreds of men for trying to take his freedoms !!

When the ultra liberal house ,courts/judges ,gov't ,president decide to take your right to firearms -will you tell them NO ? -i will..
So myself i'm glad obama won -the sooner this country comes unravelled the better -a civil war would straighten this place out --for a while..
AIPAC for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unread 11-07-2008, 10:00 PM
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Re: The saddest day in american history

Them sounds like fighten words for sure. Some frightening words there too, I might add.

You been drinking? Or just feeling your oats! ;)

Don't believe we're anywhere's near the need to overthrow government with an armed assault.
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