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People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

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Unread 09-21-2008, 12:45 PM
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Re: People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

Originally Posted by kcebcj View Post
ol mike
The Owyhee desert is notorious for that in southwest Idaho. At least that has been my experience. You need a good map and know where you are at. I have a buddy that used to outfit down there and he lined me out as to what was going on. It probably happens all over the country. You just need to know where you are and if its legal to be there.
I make sure i know "according to a map provided by the state and a delorme map + my gps" .
Usually they post it by the gates then wire the gate closed w/ twenty five wraps of barb-wire -i keep a pair of heavy-duty wire cutting pliers in my truck and cut the wire to bits and throw it on the ground -then take the sign w/ me.
I pulled 50yds. inside the a gate once and put the no trespassing sign on my truck .

I've been tempted to get some cheap signs made " public land here " and post them everytime i go down there.

People wonder why some A-hol would go out and damage a ranchers property ? well from what i've seen of many of the rancher/outfitter types -many aren't the wholesome good hearted folks that some - think they are.
Wyoming is the worst place i've been -there is no such thing as public land around kaycee ,wyoming as far as the locals are concerned -they charge people to shoot praire-dogs on public land there.
I've seen several "outfitters" who specify -"" no gps "" -know why b/c they say they are taking you to private land but it's public land that they've posted.
I'm a firm believer that two wrongs don't make a right ! any one who illegally posts public land deserves serious punishment just like someone who destroys another mans property.

From boise to mccall [120mi.] heading north on hwy 55 almost all the land is posted -much of it is boise and payette national forest land -if my map says shows public it's public as far as i'm concerned.

Roy and Nonya -i'd go out of my way stop those b@&!@rds from posting land that belongs to the people/public.
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Unread 09-22-2008, 12:20 AM
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Re: People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

Was hunting the Long Pines area in Montana a few years ago. A rancher/outfitter had the county road gated and locked= No problem I took the gate off the hinges, twisted it up and threw it in the ditch still locked to the post!!
Mikes right the Kaycee area is bad for Dudes thinking they can keep you out of Public land. In most cases they can make it difficult to get to cause a lot of the roads are privet but in most cases you can get to public land you just have to be a little creative. Just make sure you know where you are at cause the state favors a land owner in a tresspass complaint:(
I've had a lot of Dudes try to throw me off BLM and State land, aint a one of them succeeded, one even called the sheriff on me only to find out I was in the right. The only reason I go back to that area is to harass the Dude
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Unread 09-27-2008, 09:05 PM
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Re: People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

...seen it a lot in PA yrs ago. It's an old trick that rarely works.

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Unread 09-28-2008, 12:34 AM
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Re: People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

Roney's (Owners of NU SKIN) own a large chunk of property north and west of Deer Creek, Utah. Several years ago I worked on the property. I learned the north boundary well during the course of my duties. A couple weeks later I was hunting a bench 3/4 of a mile below the ridge thier property line ran on. The trail was freshly posted. Knowing I was on public land, I continued hunting. Just as a herd of elk started feeding out of the brush a four wheeler comes off the ridge spooking the elk.

Fellow on the four wheeler tells me I'm trespassing and better get movin' pronto. The hell I am, I said. The property you just came from belongs to the Roneys, and the property line is clear up on the ridge you just rode off of. Well, he says, It'd be awful easy to wander up there. This is the best place to post it. Get the hell out of here, I told him.

He rode back up on the ridge, then rode up and down it to run the elk off. I called the sherrif. They took my info over the phone. I doubt anything was done. These people own thousands of acres up there, and have to post every convenient bit of public land too. Classy bunch.

For those that were paying attention, that was the owners of NU SKIN. Feel free to buy somebody elses beauty products. They'll never be in my house.
Unread 09-28-2008, 09:44 AM
mo mo is offline
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Re: People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

My friend and I have been antelope hunting in WY. for years. It seems like no matter what area we draw we run in to that problem. Jimbo is pretty sharp on reading the area maps, but since we are from out of state we always turn around, even though we're 99% sure that someone is just trying to keep people of OUR land....
Unread 09-28-2008, 01:05 PM
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Re: People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

That's a good story Grit .

It does take a lot of nerve to be that big of an *****#*!!*,the problem is people don't push the issue and nothing ever happens to them.

Nu Skin -I'll remember it sucks.

Mo30284 ,i know how it is when you've travelled that far to hunt and just want to enjoy yourself for that few short days per year !
When i know i'm on public land -i tear down every posted sign i see ! I'm as easy going as they come but when i know some jerk is doing stuff like this i welcome a confrontation.

As state earlier - a place i hunt in the owyhee desert had 'new' signs put up around the end of august -until i got there-.

It's beyond me how a person or family who own a 50,000 -100,000 acre ranch thinks they own all the public land around them to.
I guess it's in their genes.
AIPAC for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unread 10-23-2009, 05:52 AM
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Re: People posting public land as "private no trespassing" ?

You guys may be interested in joining this thread:

How to tell if you're on/(still on) the public hunting land?
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