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Palins speach

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Unread 10-20-2008, 01:18 AM
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Re: Palin a LANDSLIDE loser

Originally Posted by phorwath View Post
How do we spell landslide. L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E

Definition: 1) The 2008 Presidential Election

Used in a sentence: Obama defeats McCain in a landslide victory.

Nighty night.
There you go with your crystal ball predicting the future again. Forgive me if I hope you are wrong with that, as you are on so many other points of contention.

Keep swinging your hammer and sickle, phorwath. There's hope for America yet.

linksmechanic, Alec Baldwin threatened to leave the country too if he didn't get his liberal way in a previous election. Which makes him not only wrong from an Americanistic viewpoint, but a liar since he is still here.

I agree with Sarah Palin in that Steve is the better of the Baldwin brothers.
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Unread 10-21-2008, 06:43 PM
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Re: Palin's Landslide Loss

Hunter... Pssst... Pssssssssssst...

It's gonna be a blowout, whomp'em stomp'em kicka$$ landslide. Too many clear thinkers are voting Obama, who has a VP actually qualified to take the reigns, should that need ever occur.

Keep your tissues handy come election night.
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Unread 10-21-2008, 07:29 PM
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Re: Palins speach

SOme interesting information out there floating around.

People don't know Sara calling her and her lifelong achievements and values Fluff. Since the media,minus Fox news, slants everything most of us won't see her crying on stage with someone at a rally in Ohio. Then There is Sara hugging a couples autistic child at another rally. No, you will see the liberal media poking fun and laughing a Joe the Plumber who they say really isn't a plumber and calling him a liar! Nor will you see posted anywhere the true cause of the crash with the bad loan companies that started in 1999 when the Clinton administration forced the big lends to make loans to unqualified people. Nope, that one is another George Bush blame-a-thon. Yes people I remember this happening in 1999 and I also remember the experts saying that it would last ten years and crash.

Oh its Mr Bushes fault that the labor industry is struggling because of out sourcing jobs. Don't ever bring up the unions and the incredibly high wages and benefits that business is forced to pay. How many airlines have gone under because the airlines went to the employees asking for help and pay cuts so they could overt the inevitable and the unions called for a strike and put the airline under.

No money talks and its gotten to the point I can't stand to watch the crap on T.V. any more. Money is going to buy this election and not qualifications!

Regarding guns! They already have the plan and they don't have to take yours and my guns any more. $50. tax on a box of bullets. $50. tax one a hundred primers and yes its retroactive. If you and I do not declare what we have and are found with it we will be in prison for defrauding the government. There are eager lefties in every website like this one and in every walk of our lives doing and saying everything to railroad this unqualified person into the white house. The sad thing about this is, the vast majority of people on this and many website, down home good folk who are going to pay because of the stupid electoral college vote.

The constitution granted us the right to keep and bear arms for one reason and one reason only and it wasn't to hunt food for our families. SInce it is written I am only repeating what is said, The second ammendment was written to insure that you and I could get rid of a government that looses its focus in that it is a government for the people chosen by the people. That is why the hollywood crown and our famous billionaire tried to get the united nations to vote and disarm the world last 4th of july. Yes it failed miserably fortunately.

Unfortunately if what I am seeing isn't interrupted by devine intervention and the democratic nomination gets into the white house, everyone that voted with their minds closed deserve what they get. The rest of us do not deserve it however!

Neal Cooper
Kodiak, AK
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