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Nosler failure

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Unread 10-14-2007, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Nomosendero View Post
Wow, it sure is extreme for a 150 at 2,950. I mean, it has good weight for caliber & not an extreme velocity. I do know that a friend hunting with us in WY earlier this week shot a Antelope Buck in the near shoulder & it was extreme, but it did penetrate, this was a 270WSM & 130BST.
In the case of the 270WSM, he shot a nice Buck Antelope up close & in the near shoulder, so being a little messy was predictable, I don't know why he did that. But it was nothing like this pic & even though he hit the shoulder first, it still exited on this much bigger animal.

As I said before, it sure looks extreme from what I have seen. Years ago, I shot 25 or so Whitetails with the 180grain 30 cal. BT out of a 30-06AI. This should be a very similar situation as the SD of the 150 7mm & 180 30cal. are very close. Also, I was shooting them at a cronied speed of over 2,900fps.
So, those two factors are virtually the same but a BIG difference was the BT at that time was much softer than the BT of today. Were you shooting new factory ammo or ammo that someone had for many years, it would make a difference. But even so, I never, not once did I experience such an entrance hole. Oh, I had some big, nasty wounds, but the bullet ALWAYS made it to the vitals for a quick kill. And these were all much bigger than the fawn Antelope in the pic. Keep in mind that some were shot VERY close from treestands. Now the bullets are harder than in those days & it makes it even harder to understand what happened here.
Someone mentioned a faulty bullet & it would sure have to be.

Wierd stuff happens in the field sometimes & this is a wierd wound in alot of ways. Normally in a entrance wound, hair goes into the wound, especially if it is a big entrance, hair should be everywhere. I notice that the wound is below the white line, but yet I see no white hair in the wound, strange. Blood was blown over to the opposite rear leg, so the mist went out & around, another wierd deal. Was there a bulge or anything on the other side of the animal? I guess this wound acted like an exit because there was no exit.
You will not make peace with the Blue Coats, you are free to go.

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Unread 10-14-2007, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by NONYA View Post
:eek:So Im not REALLY on your ignore list am I?Was that just disinformation?
Boy, you just keep putting your foot in your mouth. I guess that is to try to stop the brains from leaking out? You are on my list but I can still see when you post if I come here without logging in einstein.

Originally Posted by NONYA View Post
:Thank the Lord we have you around to tell me how wrong i am!
Doesn't do any good. People like you never listen to anything except the voices in your own head. I just hope that I cut off the myth before it got to someone who actually believed you.

Originally Posted by NONYA View Post
:The only information I shared was the exact situation and exactly what happened,I shared the FACTS of the shot,nothing more,just because you believe I misused this bullet doest change the facts of what happened.
Correction. You shared facts about one hunt but then you labeled it as a "failure" despite the dead animal and your lack of knowledge about the bullet. I merely pointed out (and quite politely if you recall) that it was not a failure but a misuse of the product.

Originally Posted by NONYA View Post
:I didnt know I had to "do my research" to make sure they worked in my situation.
THere. Finally. That is all you had to say and this thread would never have happened. AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREEEEEE!!!

And finally, my last point is this:
Many people have used BT's successfully to kill every manner of big game at all ranges. Just ask a few guys around here.
And how 'bout that proof of the Barnes bullet 600 yard kill?
Find it
Range it
Click it
Pull it
Dump it

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Unread 10-15-2007, 11:39 AM
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People like me do not listen to rude,know it all A@%$#%$'s who insult,belittle and clown a person just relating an incident that happened in the field,never have never will.So far you have called me a liar,illiterate,and several other insults that sound like they came from a grade school playground,these bullets do blow up and they do it inside the "recommendations" that Nosler has for them,I have had several people relate similar incidents with the same bullets since i posted this topic on a few other sites,I guess you need to go there and let them know how stupid they are like you have me so you can sleep well at night knowing you know everything there is to know about nosler bullets,I know i will.
Unread 10-15-2007, 12:14 PM
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Last year I shot a Whitetail buck @ about 100 yards perhaps a bit less.
The bullet was a 150 0.308 SST at a MV of 3100fps+.
The entrance wound was to the right side of the shoulder only hitting a rib going in and the core exited through the left ham on the way out. I found this jacket under the skin at the exit wound:

Before I found the jacket I was very happy with my results. The jacket shows that the bullet was almost completely consumed, since only the boat tail is left and I was perhaps a bit lucky not to have hit a large bone on the way in.

I decided to switch to the Accubond so that the jacket and core would remain intact, and also it has a much thicker jacket halfway back.

Never the less, close range shots require care in shot placement.
Long range shots with monolithic copper bullets require care too! I suspect that hitting big bone at long range will be the only way to ensure they open up to any degree.

Unread 10-15-2007, 02:23 PM
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The bullet performed as it should have under the circumstances! Unfortunately the circumstances were not ideal in this case. That is why Nosler and other bullet manufacturerers make different kinds of bullets for different kinds of circumstances. They leave it to our "good"(?) judgement to pick the right one for the right job. And as good as they may be, even Barnes makes different kinds for different jobs. Fact is, we as shooters and hunters have it better (as far as bullet choices go) than any of our forefathers did. I think we are pretty lucky. Nonya, as far as reporting this incident on other sites goes, the one on Greybeard had the exact same kind of responses, only thing there was there were too many different ones for you to single out and get in a constest with. 'nuff said!

Raptor Stalker by
Kirby Allen APS
Unread 10-15-2007, 02:28 PM
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Maybe you shoul read over on PREDATORMASTERS.COM,nuff said.
Unread 10-15-2007, 03:38 PM
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GG get off your high horse bud, I love nosler BT's but more than just Nonya has had issues with them occasionally. Actually every bullet company has had to deal with failure issues and accusations, i dont think its up to you though to be the righteous hand of justice for them all though. Hell i have seen several Berger bullets in a row all but defy the law's of physics on a deer but i will still use them if they are my best option. I aint tryin to pick a fight in anyway but i dont see any point in layin into the guy like your doing.

Hell i agree with the overall point of what your sayin, just think maybe you could pull back the volume a little bud

Nonya, sorry you had a bad experince with BT's, good luck with whatever you decide to shoot instead.

Steve Elmenhorst
Third Generation Shooting Supply
"Products for shooters, by shooters"
monday-friday 8:30-5:30 CST
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