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No One Game Playoff For The BCS

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Unread 05-02-2008, 12:50 PM
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No One Game Playoff For The BCS

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP)—As it turns out, the Big Ten and the Pac-10 weren’t the only conferences standing in the way of a major college football playoff.

The Big East and Big 12 also made it known Wednesday that they were against moving the Bowl Championship Series in that direction, so the BCS rejected a plan to turn the much-criticized system for deciding a national champ into a four-team playoff, starting in the 2010 season.

The league commissioners opposed to the seeded plus-one plan presented by Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive during five hours of meetings all said they were concerned a shift to that model would lead the BCS down a slippery slope.

“Even though we could construct barriers at this time, we felt like … there could be easily an errosion of that; more pressure to add more teams with an ability to get to the national championship game as we went over time,” Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe told reporters. “The system is under a lot of scrutiny that can result in pressure to add games. Our league is not favorable to a playoff system as a whole, and viewed this as the first step in that direction

The rest of the story here

More of the same for BCS; playoff proposal rejected - NCAA Football - Yahoo! Sports
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Unread 05-04-2008, 02:22 AM
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Whether the BS has a 4 team playoff is irrelavent. The political powers that be are still going to put the teams in there they want and the BS has absolutely nothing to do with ranking the best teams. It is a political crock of BS controlled primarily by networks like espn who continuously bombard the airwaves with the teams they want you to believe are the best and talking about those teams 90% of the time. There so called champion is completely illigitimate.

I love college football but give the BS no credibility and never have because of it's illigitimacy. The question is not about changing it. The answer is to completely abolish it and pay absolutely no attention to it and make sure all the media, advertisers and college presidents know your not paying attention to it. When the dollar figures start dropping I promise you they will abolish the BS rankings. There is no possible way to match the two best teams in college football for a championship game. If they went back to the way it was before the BS started they would have a chance after the regular bowl games sorted them out a little. Major bowls would not be stuck with being forced to bring in undeserving schools because the BS says they got to.

We would be much better off if they had never started the stupid BS. The bowls did a very good job of matching the best teams for years and after the bowls we had a pretty good idea of who was number 1. The rose bowl was the only problem because the pac10-big10 teams could not get out and play the other guys to see who was best. But even with that it was still a lot better than what we have now. To put two teams together before the bowls sort them out is impossible. In most years there is no way to narrow it to two teams. After the bowl games sort them out you can get really close. But picking two teams to play and then being forced to call one of those the champion is ridiculous.

There is only one fair way to give out a championship without a playoff system like division 2 and 3 schools. Go back to the bowl system we had and give the championship to the teams with the best records. All undefeated teams get a trophy. If none then all one loss teams get a trophy and so on. That way there are no arguments and everyone is satisfied. The major bowls will sift them out.

I follow all the teams and I know from all the unbiased homework I do and having played the game who the best teams are and I don't need some goofball on TV telling me who is the best. I have picked EVERY BS chumpionship bowl ever played 100%. This year I picked all the bowls for my wife to enter a contest because she knew I always got them right. I hit 29 correctly. She won the contest. I remember way back in the early 90's after I had picked several years winners in a row all the media was so upset about a little undeserving Alabama team playing big, bad Miami for the championship and how it wouldn't be a game. Miami was about a 20 point favorite. I was flabbergasted. I am trying to figure how Miami can even play with this Alabama team which had about the best defense I had ever seen. I had Alabama a three touchdown favorite. The morning of the game my wife asked where do I tell the guys to put their money? Are you serious with Alabama? I said take out all the savings and put it on Alabama. That was one of the most confident picks I made. Alabama blew them out by three touchdowns. Wasn't really a game as I expected. Several others through the years that same way. Not tooting my horn just saying I know what I'm talking about.

Last year we were robbed again by the BS and the rose bowl of getting to see the two best football teams in the country play each other. Georgia and USC would have been an awesome football game. Both teams were loaded on both sides of the ball. I would not have wanted to pick that one. The way I do so well ranking teams is very simple. Vegas does it on every game by point spreads. I take the top 20 teams and play each one against the other and point spread each one. That brings the best teams to the top. My poll many times looks nothing like the BS poll but the bowl games usually show my poll as more accurate. Last year at bowl time I had no team within two touchdowns of Georgia and USC with those two being a virtual toss up. Ohio State and LSU were not even close enough to be considered for a championship. Neither one was powerful or talented enough to play with the big boys. Ohio State got creamed by the only talented speed team they played in Illinois. I wish Tennessee hadn't of had all those miracle come from behind wins against some not so good teams to some how get into the sec championship blowing Georgia's chance to blow out LSU. Tennesse played one good game all year and that was against Georgia at home after their bye week catching Georgia after a tough one. The Georgia-LSU game would not have been close. LSU was very lucky being above a .500 ball club with a few miracle late wins and two losses late in the year against teams Georgia was blowing out by 40. Georgia had a very young team and lost a couple of early games but after that, when they matured they just crushed everybody. I know USC had a mid-season swoon with injuries to some key guys. But by bowl time they were an extremely good football team and would have easily beaten anyone but Georgia which would have been a toss-up.

I am out here in Wyoming and a fan of college football and completely unbiased except for our Cowboys but I think the championship is safe from us.

My final poll was a tie for first between Georgia and USC. They were the two best teams last year far and beyond and the rose could have paired them but the political BS behind the scenes said nope. We can't have a game of two strong teams like that showing up our chumpionship game.

Next year I think USC will win the national championship and sorry to upset all you dawg fans but your schedule is 10 times tougher than any other in the country and expect a two loss season again. Doesn't mean your not the best team in the country because you may be. But no team could negotiate that schedule. You play Arizona State, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Auburn in a row along with the rest of the SEC schedule. Get Real!

But if Georgia were to win the SEC next year please do not pair them with Ohio State. Neither Ohio fans or anyone else in the country wants to see them waltz through a weak schedule and make a game they are highly mismatched in and get blown out again. Ohio State realized their weakness and have recruited well the past couple of years to compete with the speed/talent schools but they are still a couple years away.

Now everybody else can give their opinion. Don't blast me because it is just opinion. Remember we don't have a playoff so that is all we have are opinions. I just want to hear everyone elses opinion.
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