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Is it just me????

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Unread 12-30-2008, 10:28 PM
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Re: Is it just me????

Originally Posted by dogdinger View Post
...or does anyone else out there think that the average Joe on this forum has lost a few IQ points? I am by no means saying that I am a freaking brainiac, but come on people USE YOUR SPELL CHECK!!!!!! I am not even going to count your opinion on matters of importance, such as guns/ shooting/ hunting/ bullets/loading data, etc, etc, if you cant even spell and use proper grammar. My attraction to this site from the beginning was the wealth of information I could obtain from such a knowledgeable , articulate, bunch of guys. I now go through here and absolutely cringe at the butchery of the English language, and the improper use of it. I think henceforth I will appoint myself the spell Marshall and enforce the rules of proper English with a sharp tongue. I will forgive the occasional fumble finger miss-typed word, and those of you that are not from a part of the world where English is the national language, but to the rest of you out there, living in America, I say LEARN TO SPELL DAMMIT!!!!!

Len, I know numbers mean a lot to you, but by god this issue has importance to our heritage. We don't want to come off to other people reading this site as a bunch of red-neck idiots who shouldn't be allowed to own a potato-gun, much less a precision instrument that could kill from a mile away. We owe it to ourselves and the hunting/ shooting/ fraternity to police our own ranks.

Flame me if you wish, but at least use proper spelling and grammer when you do. AJ

I've made over 2000 posts and have never used a spellcheck on one of them! How do you transfer it to this site or is there one here already?

I think the overall IQ of the site has dropped, but not because of spelling. The substance and topic material has slipped a little because some of the good old contributors from way back have not been around here in ages for whatever reasons. It used to be that regular threads on here were chuck full of great info that rivaled actual articles on and others but now, many of those thread starters are gone. It's sad but part of life.
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Unread 12-30-2008, 10:37 PM
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Re: Is it just me????

Spelling and grammer arnt everbuddies thang. Take me for instunce...sumtimes I don't git the words down right or in the right order but I cna hunt some and shoot a bit. I not a gun scribe. Maybe you're just having a bad day. I hope it get better for you. Let me no if I can help.

Happie New Year.

"Fenced yards ain't hole cards and like as not never will be, reason for rhymers and old five and dimers like me."
Willie Nelson
Unread 12-30-2008, 10:39 PM
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Re: Is it just me????

Everybody has something to teach. The question is will you humble yourself long enough to learn?

"Amazing things can happen when preparation meet opportunity" Richard Schatz

"The will to win, compares little with the will to prepare to win" Donovan Moran
Unread 12-30-2008, 11:30 PM
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Re: Is it just me????

No, it's not just you. But then again, you might be off your meds again .

My favorite gripe isn't the spelling, it's the repeated 3 year old posts that keep getting opened up to see if a 'for sale' item has been sold.

I'll be happy to buy you a drink the end of next week and get you back on kilter.

If some is good and more is better, then too much is just right.

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives
Unread 12-30-2008, 11:59 PM
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Re: Is it just me????

Fully agree with ss7mm!

My orthography is horrible and I do try to use spelling programs to help my self because I wish to do that, but would never hurt someone's feelings because of their spelling.

I will say this:

Apostle peter did not know how to read or write, but I would rather listen to him preaching the Gospel than any of the theologians that you may find today.
The same goes for a bunch of folks in this forum, they may not have a degree in the English language, but they really know what they're talking about!

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Our Lord Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah and
also as it was in the days of Lot so it shall be in the days...
It's happening again!!! God sent to us His prophet, and His Word
to this generation and we once more are rejecting it as was prophesied!!!

---> As promised, God Sent His Prophet to us!
Unread 12-31-2008, 01:18 AM
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Re: Is it just me????

I for one would not tell anyone they have a low IQ because they could not type on a keyboard. Hell I can only type with two fingers. I am here to learn how to shoot.

I do not care if he can type or spell worth a darn, as long as he can teach me what i need to learn to shoot better.

If I call a plumber I want one who can fix the damn leak, not speak 5 different languages and have perfect spelling.

" people work very hard to become great at something, they have to sacrifice a lot to become great at that something. It is real funny that we as a people have to find and ridicule what they sacrificed to become great. It is because we are so shallow and jealous as a people we were not man enough to do it ourselves."

That is a quote from a very famous person, so famous that my 8 year old daughter knows who he is. He was one of the best men that has ever lived, could not read, right, or spell until the age of 20. He was taught to read in streets were he lived by other homeless people. Their are many statues of this man all over the world. Every person in the united states and beyond enjoy this mans achievements in life, but it is always brought up in articles that he at one point was homeless and could not read or write.

So just to say we owe a lot to people who give up on the finer things in life to give us a better one.
Unread 12-31-2008, 03:51 AM
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Re: Is it just me????


When you guys are tiping a new reply into this white box, does not the word "tiping" come up a spelling mistake?

That does not work for the title of the thread, however.
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