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I'm thinking about getting a dog.

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Old 01-23-2005, 06:23 PM
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I\'m thinking about getting a dog.

Does anyone have experience with German wirehaired pointers? I have read that they are good upland bird dogs as well as good retrievers even in cold conditions.

I am looking for any input as to their temperment and trainability and what ever else anyone knows about them.

Thanks everyone.
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Old 01-23-2005, 07:18 PM
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Re: I\'m thinking about getting a dog.

I used to Run Germain Shorthairs... the guy who taught me to train bird dogs ran Wirehairs...
Both INCREDIBLE bird dogs and can easily be trained to retrieve... very very smart dogs...

If this is your first time with a bird dog go with a female easier to train...

also the have an even temperment but have a TON of energy and need routine exercise!!!
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Old 01-23-2005, 09:38 PM
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Re: I\'m thinking about getting a dog.

I agree, I just got a shorthair, but hunted over three impressive shorthairs out in Nebraska. As for me, up until this new puppy, we hunt english pointers, english setters, and irish setters. I have seen some wirehairs run in field trials that did outstanding. I just got a really good price on a shorthair so that is what i got. Good luck with the dog.
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Old 01-24-2005, 07:51 AM
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Re: I\'m thinking about getting a dog.

ok more on this....

when you get a puppy especially a hunting dog.... socialize the puppy with everyone you know.. this helps in temperment.. but remember getting a puppy is a HUGE commitment and the next 6 months of your life is pretty much spoken for.. especially if you plan to hunt this dog.. YOU NEED to build a solid relationship with this puppy... there are several stages in the first 9 months that are of major importance for building blocks...

as a puppy there are very critical time to train .. basically little by little for the first 3 months you don't want to put alot of pressure on the pup but you need to set the building blocks for training.. there are 6 mins each day when the puppy will learn the most... 2 mins prior to each feeding.. puppys will do anything for food.. therefore 2 min prior to each feeding you can teach with a very captive audience...

The German Shortwire hairs have alot of enregy and are not "close" hunters... they really like to get out there and run to look for birds.... alot of guy I know hunted them from horseback... but you were talking thousands of acres to hunt and limited birds... be prepaired to work alot on close hunting if thats what you prefer but the "hold" birds well.... so if they do get out on you rest assured they will keep the bird pinned unilt you are ready to flush... I used to run medium sized cow bells onmy dogs to get a general direction in thick cover or woods where the dogs were.. when the bells stopped I knew we had a dog on point....
The wirehairs are good people dags as well if you socialize and raise them that way.... jsut as long as they kow when it is hunting time and when it is people/play time... I sued to have 2 collars for my dogs.. one real thick Hunter Orange collar with the bell and then a real nice thin leather coloar for "people" the dogs new when the bells were on it was time to get down to business....

now as far as price.... REASEARCH!! DO NOT i repeat DO NOT settle for the best price on a puppy... if you plan to hunt this pup.. look for the BEST background in hunting... ask for references fromt he breeder as to field trials etc. both from the sire and bitch...

don't be afraid to seach the net and travel to other states to get a pup....

with specifically bred dogs you get what you pay for especially with the pointers....

for instance.. I researched the best dog for what we do here in wyoming... I wanted an even temperment, freindly, BIG dog but with protective instincts and herding ability ... my search came back with the Greater Swiss Mountian Dog... so with more research I found a breeder.. fell in love with the pups and comitted to buying one.. but had to get through alot of red ape fromthe breeder.. they wanted to make sure we were right for the dogs and the dogs were right for us.. at first I was offended but then I realized they just care that much about the breed and their puppys... I traved to N. Caroline for our dogs... 3300 miles round trip.... but like I said I was commited to getting exaclty what I wanted....

soooo after all this wind.... you can tell I a care about dogs... just make sure you are commited to raising this puppy right....

hope this helps
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Old 01-24-2005, 09:17 AM
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Re: I\'m thinking about getting a dog.

4ked Horn,

I am actually in the same situation, I have been researching the GWP for a year now. I initially wanted a genuine Drahtharr, but for the extra money, all it gets you is a dog you can claim is a genuine Drahtharr, and you can breed it as one. But, you need to go through the Drahtharr field trial system, and there are all kinds of rules and special stuff...

I want a dog that will be a bird hunting machine, nice aroud people, and be able to retrive my ducks if I want. After a years looking, and talking to lots of people, the GWP is what I am getting. I am now just trying to decide on what kennel/breeder. Check out http://www.gwpca.com if you haven't already. They have a forum, the people are helpful, but kind of slow to reply sometimes. Let me know what you decide on.....

Big E
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Old 01-24-2005, 11:06 AM
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Re: I\'m thinking about getting a dog.

Rick, Thanks for your long post. That is just the type of input I was hoping to get. We are only getting the dog because my family is ready for a dog and are almost in need of one. My wife hunts upland game and I hunt ducks so the dog must be capable of both. We both come from dog owning families so we are not strangers to dogs. In fact my last dog was a 120 pound (not fat just BIG) chocolate lab named Chuck. Unfortunately I didn't hunt ducks at the time but he was a great backpacking and camping companion.

Again thanks for the time you put into that post. I may have some questions for you later regarding the training technique you like best. I'm a huge fan of Mr Wolters and I have read his books on training dogs for upland and waterfowl birding. I have also seen a dog that was trained with this system and I have to say she was the best trained and socialized dog I have ever known.
GRAVITY. It's not just a good idea. It's the LAW!
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Old 01-24-2005, 11:23 AM
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Re: I\'m thinking about getting a dog.

OK Big E lets see if you know the answer. I have yet to find anyone that can give me a straight answer to the difference between a GWP and a Drahthaar. Since Draht means wire and Haar means hair why do some people insist that a drahthaar is a different BREED than the GWP. If all it amounts to is credentials or some document then I wont worry about spending the money. I'm not buying a show dog. I'm buying a bird dog.

Also what type of health concerns do the GWPs have normally. Have you found them to be destructive chewers or do they dig in the flowerbed? I could really use some info on the typical "at home" behavior of these dogs. All I can find is "These dogs are full of energy and must be excercised daily or they will become bored."

I want to know MORE including the bad stuff. How much do they shed compared to a lab. I ask this because I know how much labs shed (a ton) and I dont mind a little shedding but this will be a family dog and we dont want to have to vacuum the house every day. How much do those energetic dogs eat. Tell me what you know. Good and bad.
GRAVITY. It's not just a good idea. It's the LAW!
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