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How "long" is "long range"

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Unread 02-13-2005, 05:41 PM
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Re: How \"long\" is \"long range\"

There is no single number, it's a series of numbers from a series of people, like Ian said, an individual thing. Sort of like asking if someone is's hard to find a start point but there is a point where all will agree. 5' might be tall to some folks but 8' is tall to everyone.

Here are a few previous threads about this same topic...

This is one from Dec 2004 where you (Hunter308) asked very nearly the same question.;page=2#56676;page=81#1048;page=68#2781;page=32#8979

There's more but I can't find them just now.
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    Unread 02-14-2005, 12:45 AM
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    Re: How \"long\" is \"long range\"

    Really hostile responses to a good question - and plenty of invalid reasons you can't answer it.

    Contrary to what Varmint hunter states - gun/ammo technology moves at a snails pace - we can update a web site daily - even computers with lightning changes take 2 generations ( 2 to 3 years) to become obsolete.

    [ QUOTE ]
    standing offhand kill at 35 yards with my flintlock

    [/ QUOTE ]
    absurd in the context of this forum - modern firearms and typically custom or semi-custom guns.

    [ QUOTE ]
    Sort of like asking if someone is tall

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Actually that's trivial to quantify and there is accurate published data on that. I wish long range was as easy to define.

    Since this forum doesn't seem up to it I'll take a whack on my site. I'll make reasonable assumptions.

    Thanks for posting those links Dave - there is good starting points. I like the 95% one shot kill idea. Another could be based on your longest kill and your typical bench shooting. Crow_mag shooting a mule deer at 1850m is beyond belief (but I believe him) -- insane ultra long range for me. (congrads! - amazing)
    now I can only prey the 1st ammend haters or the brass resizing police don't get me [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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    Unread 02-14-2005, 09:18 AM
    Platinum Member
    Join Date: Jun 2001
    Location: Palmer, Alaska
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    Re: How \"long\" is \"long range\"

    I think anything under 500-600 yards isn't much of a challenge in most situations I choose to shoot in given the kill zone size of a Moose. Probably getting into the long range zone about there too, but for most people, 300-400 yards is getting pretty long... And with the limited knowledge most hunters have of ballistics and other shooting skills specific to LR, I think I agree.

    Dave said >>> Here are a few previous threads about this same topic...

    This is one from Dec 2004 where you (Hunter308) asked very nearly the same question.;page=2#56676

    The obvious question, I guess I'll ask it - Is someone just stirring the pot here, Hunter308?

    Your 1st and 2nd post here, same basic question.
    Brent Moffitt
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    Unread 02-14-2005, 10:28 AM
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    Join Date: May 2001
    Location: Sask. Canada
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    Re: How \"long\" is \"long range\"

    Brent, Dave,
    Unfortunately this stuff can drift us away from what I personally would like to read, which is good info on how to shoot long, how other guys are doing and what gear they are using. We seem to get one of these questions every so many months, not sure why because some people just don't get it that "LONG" is a personal thing, not a standard set by this site or any other.

    Dave and Brent have shown that there is a lot of previous discussion on this topic, the use of the SEARCH button would have covered most of what we just offered. Looks like it is a waste of time to discuss it with guys who have their minds made up or just want to rabble-rouse.

    As for "long", here is my personal favorite. I killed a ten foot Alaskan brown bear last year at 170 yards and the guides both said that it was a "hell of a long shot". For a running brownie with a .416 Rigby it was a long shot but I did not care about the distance - the sucker was coming at us as hard as he could and he needed stopping. The other hunter stopped his in an all-out charge at 28 yards and he figured that was about as close as he wanted one to get to. Story is coming out in the May issue of American Hunter (that is a bit of a plug, but what the hell).

    I hope to practice my long shooting skills next week in Texas on predators, hogs and whatever - but I am not setting any minimums or maximums for the shooting. Making a clean kill with a T/C muzzleloader out at 300 yards on a big hog is long range shooting to me, I will read wind, apply elevation, employ the same long shooting marksmanship skills (natural point of aim etc.) that I use with my centerfires.

    When I get back I will spin you guys some stories about hunting predators with the owner of Burnham Bros. calls and hogs on the fabled Nail ranch. Understand that yesterday there was over 400 hoggies on one of the winter wheat fields...
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    Unread 02-14-2005, 02:54 PM
    Silver Member
    Join Date: Nov 2004
    Location: GF Montana
    Posts: 467
    Re: How \"long\" is \"long range\"

    Good info - a formula is emerging. Brent and Crow_mag mention kill zone of the target as an essential parameter. For Varmits I will take more chances. Knowledge of ballistics (which you get from reading this forum) - what you can do on the range (perhaps 75% of that)

    I think most of us can agree with Brent when he saz: [ QUOTE ]
    for most people, 300-400 yards is getting pretty long...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I'm giving Hunter308 the benefit of the doubt - perhaps we didn't adequately flesh out the answer.
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    Unread 02-22-2005, 06:09 PM
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    Re: How \"long\" is \"long range\"

    Hey Ian,

    Man I wish you the best of hunting over there on the Nail. There sure are some good critters running around that place.

    We hunt mainly east Texas around the area of Madisonville. PLeanty of river bottom hogs in there to occupy our time with. I am new to the "long" range game but have shot pleanty of game out to 400 yds. To me that is about as far as need be around where we hunt. However, with the hogs available year round we are working on advancing our parimeters, to a couple hundered yards extra.

    Hopefully by the end of this year we will be consistantly ringing the gong at true long ranges. If you check out the link below my name you can see a few of the critters we have gotten from our stompin grounds.

    Good Luck,
    Mike / Tx

    My Photo's

    "Heck why would I lie, most folks don't believe the truth when I tell them"
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    Unread 02-23-2005, 04:52 PM
    Bronze Member
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    Re: How \"long\" is \"long range\"

    I got to agree with Brent.

    Are you stirring the pot or maybe smoking it? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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