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How about a ELR forum???

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Unread 12-12-2011, 09:58 PM
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Re: How about a ELR forum???

Originally Posted by Broz View Post
I was just thinking a differnt section / forum on this site. The things I do and my methods may not be the best for a guy that only shoots 600 ~ 700 yards. And the same goes for the guys that shoot to 700 giving advice that will not work for me shooting 1500. I just think we need to differentiate some thing with intended distances.

I am in agreement. I think it's a great idea.
There are alot of techniques that will work just fine at 500 and 600 yds that simply just wont work at 900+. There are also tools and equipment that's very important for ELR, but is totally unnecessary for 500 or 600 yd shots.

Even though alot of folks consider 400 yds or 700 yds a long shot, it just doesn't compare to the stuff that happens at 1/2 mile+ or 1000 yds and beyond.

Maybe a section for "Super LR" or "Beyond 1000" or whatever.

Distance is just one of the things that is so variable though. I mean, I remember when 500 yds was considered very tough by even experienced hunters (before we had laser rangefinders and wind meters and ballistic programs). Nowdays, 500 yds on big game is not much comparatively.

In contrast though, still today; a shot on a prarie dog at 500 yds in light variable winds with a .2 BC bullet at 3000'/sec is every bit as tough as an equal condition shot on an elk at 1000 yds with a .8 BC bullet at 3000'/sec...........arguably even tougher. When a wind that we can't even feel will blow the bullet off enough for a clean miss.....that's tough shooting, regardless of the distance.

Just my 02 Cents.
Aim small = Miss small

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Unread 12-12-2011, 10:15 PM
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Re: How about a ELR forum???

Originally Posted by Tikkamike View Post
Well this is long range hunting. .. so I don't think we need something for the average shooters. There are tons of forums for that. Long range is what sets us apart

LOL! Ya, that was a sarcastic suggestion! I just git a bit tired of reading these posts where someone is complaining about how xyz bullet shouldn't be used because they had one blow up on a shoulder at 75 yards.

Scot E.
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Unread 12-12-2011, 11:19 PM
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Re: How about a ELR forum???

Either the idea will naturally evolve, over a period of time, to where the few that are doing the ELR thing on a regular basis will tend to exchange information on their own which will attract others. Or,...

A more focused ELR category will be included within the major topics.

The type of information from those ELR experienced shooter may be a little tough to appreciate by those who aren't.

For example. Broz posted that bipod and/or rear bag should not rest on the shooting mat. Being as I have only limited experience out to 1200 yds, so far, I tend to question this idea. Nothing against Broz. Broz hits what he's shooting at! Only revealing my inexperience at the finer points of ELR shooting.

What a better place to learn than here. From those who are doing it.

Being one who likes to 'focus the scope' rather than shoot w/a scatter gun I'd lobby for the suggestion of the OP.

BTW, I figure Broz and I will be shooting at about a 1/2MOA media target at ELR just to see what a bullet looks like after hitting it. Some time next year...
I may be the slowest guy on the mountain . . . . but . . . . I'm on the mountain!
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Unread 12-13-2011, 05:22 AM
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Re: How about a ELR forum???

It's a great idea. Overdue in my book actually.

To further the previous point of why.....here's some general personal limitations I've come to appreciate regarding cold bore 1st round hits on 1 MOA size steel targets...

Hasty(< minute to setup/execute the shot):0-600 yds=laser, drop chart/turrent, no spotter, 7-10 knots of xwind

Anticipated/Planned(1-5 mins to setup/execute the shot):600-900 yds=laser, kestral, ballistic computer, observer, < 4-6 knots of xwind

Deliberate(i.e. established OP where > 5 mins is avail):900-1300 yds= laser, kestral, ballistic computer, LR smart spotter, < 4 knots of xwind

Beyond that, my skills/capabilities to hit a 1MOA target with no sighters need improvement

But I'm signed up for the end of July 2012 DE combined class...to see if I can improve that

I post those three categories above to serve a point of reference to justify the thread....I know others have thier own techniques/capabilities....those yardages/equip might slide a bit left and right depending on the specific hunt......just throwing that out there for discussion purposes.

How about when a fella bellies up to LRH, and asks if a 6.5-284 is GTG for a Colorado Elk trip.....well...it kinda depends!...How far, what equip is posessed, what is the current skill set, what time/resources to practice,...heck what kind of hunt does a fella want to have. Some folks would rather crawl a shade closer, and remove the technolgy out of the equation. Some would rather use all the technology/weight/capability they can get to get a chance at a big critter way out there, that they might not if they had to crawl closer/risk spooking/or not even observe. A dedicated subforum to address the specifics of the longer shots....not just the equip, but the prep, setup, sequence...etc...would be a great thing to have.

Alright..enuf out of me! In summary...I agree....A dedicated subforum under the Long Range Hunting & Shooting topic for the deliberate/900 to 1000+ yd hunters would be a great addition to LRH.
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Unread 12-13-2011, 06:57 AM
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Re: How about a ELR forum???

Good idea Broz,
Help sort out the mud from the clay.
All the ELR stuff in one location.
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Unread 12-13-2011, 03:28 PM
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Re: How about a ELR forum???

I have thought about an ELR section for a long time and I come back to the same thought most of the time. The guys who just want to be one of the guys and talk about things they know little about but never kill anything or even go hunting but fancy themselves snipers defending freedom from the invading masses of deer will still come there and post about how they always use a 6X scope to kill elk at 1200 yards. So I suspect that I would still be irritated by the people who don't kill anything at ELR but want to talk as if they do.

Anyway, there was a poll about four or five years ago where people selected a distance on the poll for their longest kill. IIRC only about 10% had ever killed a big game animal beyond 800 yards. In my experience that is about where people separate out from lack of practice and about 1200 yards is where equipment and techniques change dramatically. IIRC only about 2% had ever killed a big game animal past 1000 yards.
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Unread 12-13-2011, 04:22 PM
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Re: How about a ELR forum???

If I remember right there used to be a ELR section way back in the days when the site was just getting started. And for reasons I can't recall Len opted to phase it out. Now maybe since member numbers are about 30 times what they were then he may be willing to rethink the topic, probably best to just PM him and ask.

I would enjoy reading on the topic, but sadly just don't have the skills or equipment to make the jump from LR to ELR.

Ignorance can be treated with education, sadly there is no cure for stupidity.
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