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Gang hunting. Is it fair to the animals?

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Unread 09-13-2007, 10:56 PM
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Gang hunting. Is it fair to the animals?

I just looked through one of our current hunting magazines based out of the western US and saw yet another picture of one hunter and a buck surrounded by 10 "other" guys who managed to crowd into the picture. If you live out west here you might guess who the crowd was. Has something to do with a mossyass or something. Seriously, if they get any more henchmen into the picture they're going to have to start using a fisheye lens.

Honestly, how many drones with walkie-talkies does it take to kill a buck or a bull? Is it fair to the game or to the rest of us to have hoards of pawns on every ridge communicating every twitch of a buck's nose to a high priced hunter several of zip codes away? And how many of these so called "guides" are even licensed? In Wyoming where a guide had better damn well be licensed and PROVE he's licensed, these mossass guys don't seem to tread. And Montana where it is illegal to hunt with walkie-talkies, these guys don't seem to be quite as "skilled" at their game taking. I wonder why.

And who are these mindless morons who pimp our game for us anyway? DOn't they have any ethics? Don't they have any balls of their own? They hang on to big D's ankles trying to make a name for themselves when if they just manned up and went out on their own they could save the last shred of dignity they had left. Why fight for scraps from the table when they could be cutting the bacon straight from the hog themselves? And then maybe, just maybe, they could be called hunters again if it were a one man show.

These gang guys wouldn't know a hunt if it snuck up and bit them on the arse. Let's see them fly solo on a general season hunt. Let's see them bag a buck without January snow. Let's see them take a bull that is truly on public property outside a CWMU or a limited entry unit. Come on you spineless ninnies, let's see what you can do when you're put on even ground with the rest of us "average hunters". I swear on my grandfather's grave if that mossass calls me an average hunter one more time in his pathetic videos just because I haven't booked a hunt with him, I'm going to start a new hunting season!

The crowning event in my hunting career is going to be the day I dump a big bull out from under these clowns from across the canyon and then walk over to them and say, "not too damn bad for an average hunter and I didn't even remember to bring my walkie talkie." "Hey, since there is like 20 of you guys, couldya help me get this meat out?"

Please, help save our sport. Save our animals. Save your money. Don't book hunts with these mossass fellas if you're coming out west to hunt. By giving them your money, you are helping them end your hunting priveleges because gang hunting does not sit well with the general public or their view of hunting. And the rest of us get blamed. We suddenly all become gang hunters because we have our friends or family in a hunting pic.
We know this is not right. We know gang hunting is not fair to anyone. We know it is not a sport. It has become a business for these guys to pimp the state's wildlife out to the highest bidder. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could make 1200% profit from something we didn't own in the first place?! This "guiding crew" makes money from the rich guy at the expense of the poor guy and then they pass it off as game management? PLEASE STOP THE INSANITY! This is a rape job and it should be a crime.

Please pass this along to your hunting buddies if you care.

I will gracefully fall off my soapbox now. Thank you.
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Unread 09-13-2007, 11:37 PM
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I saw that and I though it was pretty bad and also saw another
so called expert on tv take a brush shot that would have got his ass
kicked where I come from.and the "guide" had the nerve to say what
a great shot it was. And this guy puts down long range hunting ?

Before the shot he even said he could'nt tell how big or how many
points that dear had.

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Unread 09-14-2007, 07:58 AM
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I hear ya GG, I cant stand to watch 9 out of 10 Hunting shows. Be easy on the walkie talkies, I understand the way they are using them but every one I hunt with has one..its a good way to pass time in a treestand give reports on what your seeing or just general BS....and when your dad is 63 paw in law is 74 two old retiree's in thier 60's is who your hunting with good to be able to talk in cases of emergencies(or any thing else)........scares me watchin them old guys go up a tree....fun to let a small buck feed around you watch and give heads up coverage on some of the dumb things deer do when they dont know thier being watched! I had 2 button bucks spend the day under me last year I got to laughing at em and couldnt stop before it was over everybody was laughin at me on the radio! Talk about 2 lil gobber bucks man Im about to bust out now!

Id love to have some of those "PRO HUNTERS" square up on a level plain and lets see who goes home empty handed!
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Unread 09-14-2007, 09:01 AM
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GG & JE, I don't get Outdoor Channel or OLN anymore, but other than Jim Scouten's shooting program, I don't miss the rest. (I did enjoy seeing places I'll never get to go to, though) Even when they don't show the kill, you know the anti-hunters are pointing their fingers and making notes. How much worse are these "death squads"?
I have never been on a guided hunt, but would enjoy it with a real guide, if I could afford it and if it really was a fair chase. A gang of "guides" with walkie-talkies is crap. The hunt is the thing, and if I don't earn a kill, I don't want it. Like a lot of Texans, JE and I hunt on a private ranch by leasing year round hunting rights, but there are big ranches that "day lease" or package hunts. I believe that they are mostly fair chase, but some offer "canned hunts" with a guaranteed shot. Either they have a lot of game, or it's not fair chase.

In Texas, wild native game animals belong to the people of the state, not the land owner, and the Parks and Wildlife Dept is considering rules that would stop High-fence capture and harvesting of protected species, particularly whitetail deer. If adopted, I'm not smart enough to predict all the things it would change, but overall, I think it's the right thing to do.

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Unread 09-14-2007, 09:24 AM
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I hear ya GG.

Up here its not the mossass outfit but the large groups of "sportsman" who get together. I've heard as many as 20+ shots in a very short time and watched the buck dance through all of them.

As far as shooting one out from under them; that is a goal of mine also. However they've been known to go up to the dead animal and put a shot into it and stake their claim.:mad: I have a plan for that too.;)

and I watch tv shows no longer!
I may be the slowest guy on the mountain . . . . but . . . . I'm on the mountain!
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Unread 09-14-2007, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by NYLES View Post
..... Be easy on the walkie talkies, I understand the way they are using them but every one I hunt with has one..its a good way to pass time in a treestand give reports on what your seeing or just general BS....
We hunt a large farm, with permission of the land owner, along with about 8 other guys, whose manners are less than considerate. A few of them have no regard for where your at and occasionally will walk around to pass the time.

Our big thing is using them to communicate between the three of us if we see one of the other "hunters" walking around the area were watching, mainly for our safety.

Beyond that, I've givien up on hunting shows, with the exception of upland birds and waterfowl.
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Unread 09-14-2007, 11:16 AM
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I wouldn't be so sure about the "not in Wyoming" statement. Last year I was sitting just over the crest of a ridge watching a line of about 30 elk filter down and across the canyon into the timber north of the Gros Ventre. We had heard the bulls bugleing before daylight and had snuck into position for what was going to be about a 500 yard shot. Everything was ready, rifle on the bipod, lasered where they would come out, guide acting as my spotter ready,....catching glimpses of the 350" plus 7x7 bringing up the rear of the herd, the same bull we had located the night before. All of a sudden we heard voices,...look at those bulls, bang, bang (WWII Normandy landing sound effects). Seven guys had ridden up behind us, after seeing the young bulls in the herd, and started blazing away, directly over the top of our heads. In all seriousness, over 30 shots rang out, dust flying, elk running and not a single one hit.

Those (____) hunters had the nerve to comment that they had seen our horses tied below the ridge line and had seen my hat hanging in the blowdown we were sitting in, but man, when you see those many good bulls, everyone has got to start shooting so you can hit one. They commented that a few in their group had seen the herd and called the rest of the slob army on the radio so they could have more guns.

I have never totally lost my cool as much as that day or used so many four letter words to describe someone's lineage or total disregard for the animals or safety of others.

They never even saw the 7x7, and neither did I the rest of the 10 days I hunted.

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