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Do you pay off your credit card responsibly? If so you just got screwed!!!

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Unread 05-23-2009, 07:44 PM
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Re: Do you pay off your credit card responsibly? If so you just got screwed!!!

I think it's too early to know what will become of the credit card legislation just enacted. I'm having a hard time seeing it all bad, especially when the credit card companies themselves put so much effort and threatened the implementation of scare tactics in trying to defeat the legislation. There were a lot of Republican politicians that voted for this legislation also.

It's the first legislation since the crisis aimed to prevent some abuse of the people that received the loans, rather than bailing out those banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions that were happily making money hands over fist lending the money, until their house of cards collapsed.

There's any number of different credit card companies that will still be competing for our money and business. Time will tell if they all agree to start slamming card holders with unreasonable fees. I personally think it will be a tough sell. I know I don't HAVE to have and use credit cards - if worse comes to worse. How will they make more money if 30% of card holders stop using them?

I watched a Gwen Iflle Washington Week show on PBS last night, and that's where some of this is coming from. Some is me trying to figure out how credit card companies will get away with screwing over their clientele. Not sure they can pull it off. It may just mean they'll have to settle for making less money than they used to, the same way that banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions will have to figure out how to move on without the huge profits that they generated with their bogus practices of the past 4 years that led to the financial crisis.

As far as politics goes, if there was only one right way, it wouldn't be called a Democracy. If I have to share all the same political beliefs and positions of another, and vote for the same candidates as another in order to be "accepted" or "friends", then I'll take a pass on meeting those eligibility requirements. No amount of peer pressure will force conformity.

Lastly, this isn't really worth getting all worked up about. But if one must, I suppose one must.

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Unread 05-23-2009, 10:40 PM
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Re: Do you pay off your credit card responsibly? If so you just got screwed!!!


I agree with you, the credit card companies needed to be tightened up with the crap they were pulling, that is for sure. My ONLY complaint, why is that congress, time and again, does something that can help but always leaves a door open to stick it to the responsible credit card users?

Why not just tell the credit card companies to straighten up and leave it at that is my only concern.

Oh, and one other thing, if your in college or do not have a job, you SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET A CREDIT CARD!!!! Let alone a dozen of them!!

If you can not afford something, you do not DESERVE to have it, you have the right to work your rear off to earn the money to get it but you deserve nothing. That is what is wrong with this country right now, the number of people that feel they are intitled to a way of life has just grown to the majority!!!!

Self responsibility has been bred out of most of the US citizens. ITs really sad. Why can we not be left to take care of ourselves. The elite liberals will tell you, "Because we do not know how to take care of ourselves", They want to do it for us because they feel they know best.

Please understand I have no ill will toward you or your post in any way. IT was a good one. My response was more general then anything and not really directed toward you in any way, just a broad reply.

Take care and thanks for adding your opinion to this debate.
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Unread 05-27-2009, 06:19 PM
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Re: Do you pay off your credit card responsibly? If so you just got screwed!!!

Well I guess I should buy some stock in Vaseline.

Funny how those who practice responsiblity get screwed the most as if its a crime to be responsible with your life.
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