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Coyotes in extreme cold

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Unread 01-30-2007, 07:47 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

Thanks for the info guys. I'll definately keep it in mind, however it's looking like a night hunt might be out, Weather Channel predicts flurries Sat & Sun which means cloud cover, of coarse thats still 5 days away, things could change. That won't stop me from getting out in the mornings and evenings though.

Ignorance can be treated with education, sadly there is no cure for stupidity.
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Unread 01-31-2007, 11:22 AM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold


Two things come to mind that you might want to think about that I have learned through the years.

As soon as the lakes freeze up the yotes will be checking the ice fishing holes, just about on a daily/nightly basis. They are looking for anything that the ice fisherman leave on the ice, such as minnows, trash fish, half eaten sandwiches...

Another related thought is that a frozen creek, channel through a marsh, or river is a highway for them in the winter. Instead of going off through the brush they will trot along the river/creek for miles until they smell something and then go investigate.

If you can call in spots that overlook creeks or rivers, or brushy areas that border lakes, I think you would be hitting some high percentage areas.

Don't underestimate the distance a mouth squeek can travel. I would do several sessions of squeeking before I tried any distress calls.

Good luck.

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Unread 01-31-2007, 05:21 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

If a coyote hears the sound of an animal in distress it will come.

In really cold windy conditions coyotes will lay up and wait it out.During real cold periods hunting up in the day [10am -5 pm] will be productive.Before and after weather fronts come through is always a good time.

I'm not sure if useing a light is legal in Wi. if you're talking about hunting during a full moon w/a good scope "they can see very very well at night".
Hide and move just like you would in the daylight.

Females will be coming into heat in the next month.Since you proclaim you're new to the game i won't try to tell you how to make a female invitation call.The dominate males will be competing for the females just like buck deer do.
Get a howler and make the typical hhhoooowwwlllll if a coyote answers try to mimick the same sound but sound smallish/teen coyote type sound.
A diaphram turkey call makes a great whipped pup sound just make a hut -hut huthutt sound like a puppy would make if you stepped on its tail.Throw some of those in a few minutes after the howls.
If you can get in a stand w/a good view and place some type of decoy out in the open you might very well get some shots.
Don't worry if you don't sound perfect coyotes don't always sound perfect either.

Use this simple advice to mentally invision how and where to set up.
Say there is a big rectangular shaped field and you are looking at it like a map.
The wind is blowing out of the west -your set up should facing into the wind westward in your face or as close as you can get."Keep your back to the open field" coyotes that are born in areas w/alot of cover generally speaking will NOT come running across an open field.They will use any and all terrain features to come to the call -low deppressions ,brush ,fencelines.So w'your back to the open area a coyote will have to walk out into the wide open field in order to use his best weapon SMELL.If he smells you he's gone.
Be ready i've had them running at me in 6-8 seconds from the time i first blew the call.
Don't walk out in the open fields sneek in quietly and give everything 2 minutes to settle down then start out calling real low almost muted just incase one happens to be bedded down 150yds away.
I try to kill coyotes around 150yds -let them get any closer and more things go wrong.
Put the rifle on him and bark a quick whoop whoop when he's near a shooting lane and shoot.

Follow these simple things and you'll get off on the right foot.
Best of luck -Mike

[/ QUOTE ]

My set-up advice leaned towards day set-ups.
Coyboy is right at night coyotes will come out into fields w/no hesitation.
AIPAC for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unread 01-31-2007, 06:00 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

Waltech Jim, brings up a good point. I had icefisherman tell me the same thing one winter. They were leaving there shack just before it got real dark. They thought someone left there dog on the ice, but after a double take realized it was a coyote. (Lake WI near Okee about 15 years ago.)

Frozen waterways [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Unread 01-31-2007, 07:22 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

As long as the wind isn't howling I'll get out and try to put some of these tactics to work. I can dress for the cold, sorta [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]

coyboy , I can see that happening on Okee, I've icefished there a time or two myself, course I could see that just about anywhere around Lake WI, nice country there.

Ignorance can be treated with education, sadly there is no cure for stupidity.
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Unread 01-31-2007, 09:52 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

I didn't make it out Monday but the previous three I got one, one female and two males, she had mange. They were all taken in the Northern Kettle Moraine around 3pm. Used Carver Calls, Swift call, in cottontail. I'm sure any good distress call will work.
You can use lights at night but "only at the point of kill". So I guess no shinning. At night is the only time I hear them howl in this area.
Byron South and Mike Dillon(FOx Pro) will be in the Mil area in Feb at the New Berlin and West Bend Sportsmans Warehouses. I hope to make the NB seminar on Friday night the 16th.
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Unread 01-31-2007, 09:56 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

What does a red light do?
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