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Coyotes in extreme cold

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Unread 01-30-2007, 02:47 PM
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Coyotes in extreme cold

I've been trying to break into yote hunting this year and need a little info from the experts on this topic.

Our normal Jan. temps are highs in the mid-upper 20s, lows in the low-mid teens. This weekend the highs will be in the upper single digits and the lows will be in the - single digits.

With the full moon this Fri. I thought it would be a good time to try a night hunt, but am a little unsure if it would be worth it in those temps. Any experiences/ advice would be welcome, hate to pass up on an outing if there is a reasonable chance of success.

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Unread 01-30-2007, 03:14 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

Lunar Watch says 12 noon and midnight. but thats for MS check your tables for best times...Id try it but wouldnt make it an all night ordeal. Way to cold for me!

If its legal use a RED light!
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Unread 01-30-2007, 03:21 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

i dont know much other than i have better luck the longer it stays really cold. single digits for a long time and I see them everywhere. Lots of snow helps to. maybe different where you are though.
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Unread 01-30-2007, 03:49 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

Ive been out a couple times lately,it seems like that weird time of year when they slightly lose interest in food and havent quite paired up yet.We havent had the cold weather though,until just recently.
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Unread 01-30-2007, 04:01 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

If a coyote hears the sound of an animal in distress it will come.

In really cold windy conditions coyotes will lay up and wait it out.During real cold periods hunting up in the day [10am -5 pm] will be productive.Before and after weather fronts come through is always a good time.

I'm not sure if useing a light is legal in Wi. if you're talking about hunting during a full moon w/a good scope "they can see very very well at night".
Hide and move just like you would in the daylight.

Females will be coming into heat in the next month.Since you proclaim you're new to the game i won't try to tell you how to make a female invitation call.The dominate males will be competing for the females just like buck deer do.
Get a howler and make the typical hhhoooowwwlllll if a coyote answers try to mimick the same sound but sound smallish/teen coyote type sound.
A diaphram turkey call makes a great whipped pup sound just make a hut -hut huthutt sound like a puppy would make if you stepped on its tail.Throw some of those in a few minutes after the howls.
If you can get in a stand w/a good view and place some type of decoy out in the open you might very well get some shots.
Don't worry if you don't sound perfect coyotes don't always sound perfect either.

Use this simple advice to mentally invision how and where to set up.
Say there is a big rectangular shaped field and you are looking at it like a map.
The wind is blowing out of the west -your set up should facing into the wind westward in your face or as close as you can get."Keep your back to the open field" coyotes that are born in areas w/alot of cover generally speaking will NOT come running across an open field.They will use any and all terrain features to come to the call -low deppressions ,brush ,fencelines.So w'your back to the open area a coyote will have to walk out into the wide open field in order to use his best weapon SMELL.If he smells you he's gone.
Be ready i've had them running at me in 6-8 seconds from the time i first blew the call.
Don't walk out in the open fields sneek in quietly and give everything 2 minutes to settle down then start out calling real low almost muted just incase one happens to be bedded down 150yds away.
I try to kill coyotes around 150yds -let them get any closer and more things go wrong.
Put the rifle on him and bark a quick whoop whoop when he's near a shooting lane and shoot.

Follow these simple things and you'll get off on the right foot.
Best of luck -Mike
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Unread 01-30-2007, 04:30 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

Winmagman, I have hunted the full moon quite often. I think it gives you one of the best opportunities to shoot WI coyotes. Everyone relizes they are more active at night and since we can not use lights this will be your best oportunity. I have the best luck at night with coyote sounds, howls, challenge and barks. Set-ups are key I like to have a little elevation when I call at night so The dogs are backdropped by snow. Sit on a hill or in flat country I have set up ladder stands in advance just for a night call. VERY IMPORTANT TO PICK CALLING SIGHTS DURING DAYLIGHT, you need to recognize your killing field.

I'm not saying rabbit calls won't work, I just like coyote vacalizations at night. I have had coyotes cross open fields at night to come to the call. They are not used to being hunted at night and are a little more brazen. A big advantage is to set up with the moon at your back and sit in the shadow of a large deciduous tree or a coniferous tree. This definetly helps conceal your self. Good snow camo helps.

The cold dosen't seem to be as big a problem as you think. If there is wind with the cold then that can be a big problem. You and the coyote will be less active.

Good luck I plan on giving it a try also.

Warning If you drive to you calling spots and park on the road give the sherrifs dept. a call first. I've had Columbia cnty investigate my vehicle with there reds on as I'm sitting 400 yards out in a fence line. Really messes up your chances. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Unread 01-30-2007, 04:47 PM
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Re: Coyotes in extreme cold

Another good tactic in the southern part of the state in areas where there is more fields and marshes than woods.

During extended cold the mutts seem to be more active during mid-morning. I would start driving at first light looking for coyotes, glassing good areas. If you spot them and determine where they are headed. drive into position where your hidden and try to get at least 500 yards from the road. Use the terrain and cover to get to a spot from which you can call and cars on the road won't spook him. I have done this quite often. I have seen coyotes over a half mile away and when called to with a distress call, they usually stop, look, and head in my direction. If they see your stalk the jig is up. (I have seen coyotes after only driving 2 miles doing this, somedays over 100 miles)

Cattails and heavy marshgrass are favorite daytime hides for cold weather coyotes. I like to call to the marshes in the evening as my only blind set. Wait for the sun to set give a couple barks and an invitation howl. (sometimes they respond), wait five minutes and start with a rabbit. Don't leave until you can't see to shoot.

Over the years these tricks have worked for me.
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