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Cold weather dress...

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Unread 01-03-2008, 12:46 PM
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Cold weather dress...

What do you where? Looking for ways to stay dry while moving around in cold weather. I have been trying to figure out the warmest, lightwieght, mositure free outfit I can get.

Ive tried body amour cold gear...will freeze your but off down here in the south simply you walk break a sweat your done. Not enough dry or warm factor with this stuff.

I have heavy insulated gortex duck bibs, liner and coat...dont try and walk more than 50 yards in this..youll sweat sit down and freeze. Took coat off last week after a lil walk at about 30 degrees looked like id been in a shower, alot of sweatin going on hear. If Id had sat still much longer would have froze.

I have wool cheap columbia stuff not bad but to good on wind breaking.

Had a duck hunter tell me about silk on the skin layer up as needed from there...ended up using body armour hot gear the tight seems best option so far 20 degrees this am I wore it a longsleeve cotton shirt and lightwight down coat...pretty warm up top anyway. Need to get some bottoms.

Will try this combo with a diff coat tommorrow should be in the twenties.

Any other ideas and combos welcome, oh! you westerners be easy on me I assure you 32 in MS and 32 in lets say CO are two very very differnet things!
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    Unread 01-03-2008, 02:55 PM
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    Layering Up

    First of all forget about cotton. Down is great, don't get it wet. Plan on hiking any great distance you will need a pack.
    On a AK sheep hunt last Sept we spent our time on horseback, hiking, climbing, sitting and glassing.
    First layer is a of wicking material readily available at Cabelas. Yes, silk works. I start with a t-shirt and shorts, depending on the temp maybe a second long sleeve mock or turtle neck. Long underware in a similiar material. Next a wool shirt, I beleive one layer of wool to be important, next a fleece or wool pull over or sweater. Over that a down or thinsulale light weight jacket w/hood. My outer layer was a uninsulated rain jacket w/hood, a good wind breaker.
    My pants were Gore-Tex brush type pant. My boots were uninsulated and I had a variety of socks. Gore-tex gloves. Head gear was just a base ball cap, but I had a watch cap and face mask in my pack
    This got me through a hunt--not real cold 20*s in the morning. We saw some snow, rain and some faily strong winds.
    When we tied off and started to climb I woud shed down to my fleece pullover or maybe my wool shirt. Then as our activity level changed back on they went. Constantly adding or sheding as needed.
    Colder weather add another layer or an insulated jacket for an uninsulated one. Always better to have an extra layer with you and not need it, than leave it in the tent.
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    Unread 01-03-2008, 03:48 PM
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    Join Date: Dec 2006
    Location: FREE RUN, MS
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    Had to wear the cotton today, Im at work.

    I agree on the pack and take it with you but trying to lighten this mess up as much as possible. Never know some days walk a mile into the wholly swamp climb a tree next day a few hundred yards across a field and hop in a shootin house. I have way too many different types of cold weather gear to ever get cold but hate wearing all that crap(just gotta be a better way!)....I might have to run down and tackle Ol' Mossy Back, and you know 'Split-Toe" is hiding just across that bottom! Need my agility!

    The main problem is going from high activity to sitting still....and sweat is a very very bad thing!

    I saw some type of Body amour the other day at hibbits looks like a liner shirt and pant going to go have a look at that stuff in a min, might allow very light dress and add the liner in when I get to the spot. Size and wieght of a jump suit.
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    Unread 01-03-2008, 04:23 PM
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    Layering, and backpack carrying other in. Silk or light poly pro as base to include socks.

    I go super light going in or walking and then take out bibs and/or jacket to put on when stopped. Key is start out superlight with nothing but base layer on and no chance to work up sweat.

    Old trick, stop after 5-10 minutes and if getting hot, take layers off. Do not keep going sweating your butt off.

    If I am going to be on stand, then the "Heater Suit" works well and the fleece and thinsulite jacket and pants combo rolled very tight (8"x20") with 2 carry straps. I modified the fleece pants with 20" zippers on the sides of the legs and super easy to get on and off but still warm. I tie it to fanny pack or in small backpack. I also have small slip over booties. The disposable little heater pads work well for hands and feet. Slip over fleece hoods or baclavas top it out.

    Lastly I do not put it on or zip it up until I have cooled down if I got warm and started to get cold.

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    Unread 01-03-2008, 04:41 PM
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    Join Date: Dec 2006
    Location: Dogpatch, NY
    Posts: 698
    Layer Up

    Yea its a pain.
    If you discover another way, you'll never have to worry about where your next meals commin' from or any thing else for that matter.
    Be sure to let us know!!
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    Unread 01-03-2008, 07:10 PM
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    When growing up in PA I had a couple of woven wool pullover sweaters. Two of them over a modern base layer and under something to break the wind would allow walking around the hills all day in the cold humid climate.

    Down flat didn't cut it, for me, back there. It would get wet from sweat then act more like a conductor than an insulator.

    Out here in sub zero weather a down sweater/jacket is sufficient when walking with a cheap wind breaker such as the 19 dollar frog-toggs from Cabelas.

    The secret seems to have been or be to wick the sweat to the surface as fast as possible. Frost will form on the outer layer but be comfy underneath. I guess ya just gotta figure it out for yourself.
    I may be the slowest guy on the mountain . . . . but . . . . I'm on the mountain!
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    Unread 01-03-2008, 09:25 PM
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    I was out before dawn today: +7*F. I'm with BountyHunter on most things. Layering is essential, as is NOT sweating on the way to a stand. Currently I'm starting with UnderArmor, but I'm not that psyched about it. Better is a good thin layer of Thermax, then Polypro, a medium wool layer, heavy fleece (preferably windproof), topped by an outer layer of Goretex or similar all weather fabric, depending on need.

    Like BH, I dress very light for a stalk / walk, then find a rally point just shy of the stand / hide and gear up. If you're sweating before you stop & layer, you're in for trouble. Your head alone accounts for 20% of your skin area, and it's an efficient radiator. Cover as needed. There are some fine high tech boots out there, but I usually use the old military "Micky Mouse" artic boots if I don't have to kike for many miles. Speaking of milspec, just about any ECWCS garment is a good starting point (think ... army surplus). A Thermax or Polypro watchcap, covered by a wool hood or windproof device is great.

    When possible, take extra socks &/or a base layer of clothing. Plan on a big main pack loaded with bulky (but light) layers, and an attached day pack with other essentials. Get used to layering and un-layering and your comfort level will skyrocket.
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