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cheney incident

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Unread 02-15-2006, 05:02 PM
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Re: cheney incident

I agree with LB on the stamp issue. When I am hunting out-of-state I normally use a guide. I fill out the application and/or permits as I am advised to. It would be entirely possible for the guide to neglect to advise me of a necessary stamp or special permit and I'd probably never realize it.
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Unread 02-15-2006, 06:07 PM
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Re: cheney incident

Leonard & VH

I actually totally agree with you. I just thought Leonard's line of reasoning had never worked out for me. Maryland and West Virginia have a million stamps and special permits each and all you can do is tell the clerk that you are out of state and what you want to hunt. You write your check and hope it is right. Most of the time the wardens that check you don't know either.

However, if you don't have what you need to have then it doesn't mattter what line of BS you give them, you are still in deep road muffins (or in my case 4 more points against my drivers license).
The Smokin Fur Rifle Club
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Unread 02-15-2006, 07:24 PM
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Re: cheney incident

Varmint Hunter, I wasn't trying to correct you. Just illustrating that the regs vary from place to place and species to species and little mistakes often occur.

Using the reasonable man principle It is clear that he "intended" to be correctly licensed. Missing the $7 stamp is NOT unreasonable. Its not like he didn't have a hunting license.

With all that aside.....if he turned around to shoot a bird then he is an *******. Varmint, you know that parts of your state (NY) just opened rifle hunting in formerly shotgun only areas. I've spoken to some farmers there that have told me that they are reluctant to let people deer hunt with a rifle. I don't agree with their logic, but I respect it because its there land. But, I do tell them that bird hunting is more dangerous than deer with a rifle because shooting a deer (even with a bow from a treestand) is a planned deliberate shot and bird hunting is fast and a reflex action. Maybe now they will see the truth.

I passed a shot on a Pheasant last week in NJ at a friends place because the dog (dog was a newbie and learning) went on point but the bird walked about 10 yards to my left. When I heard him fly I turned but did not shoot because I did not know who or what was there. People need to understand the rules of bird hunting.
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Unread 02-16-2006, 10:18 AM
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Re: cheney incident

So how far away would a person shot with a 28 gauge quail load have to be before there would be no significant penetration? How about a .44 Magnum?
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Unread 02-16-2006, 09:07 PM
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Re: cheney incident

I wish the best for the man that was shot. Like you said,both men made a bad mistake that day & as allways we
have to see what is on the other side of the target. Difficult on a passing Bird, but necessary.

Sadly, my gut feeling on this matter is that the Liberal
media & the Liberal politicians want the worst for this
gentlemen in order to get to Cheeny & hurt hunters in general. I hope that I am wrong.
You will not make peace with the Blue Coats, you are free to go.
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Unread 02-16-2006, 11:49 PM
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Re: cheney incident

I remember two similar cases from my teenage years. A police officer in our neighborhood shot another hunter on a pheasant hunt. I remember the talk. Every bit of it was heartfelt concern and sympathy for both parties.

It is truly tragic that we as a country, with all our different opinions, can't show the same respect and concern. I am grateful to have our country governed by those who understand and love our hunting traditions. I am anxious over the fuel this accident has provided for those who seek to take our freedoms.

I read with mixed feelings the statements condemning Cheney. There are reckless people I wouldn't hunt or shoot with. However, if we're honest with ourselves, I believe many of us can recall an instance where we forgot, just for a moment, the power we held in our hands.

I know I can recall, with horror, a time or two I nearly made a mistake. I've discussed these things with friends and family, and have heard similar stories. This is a good opportunity to revisit and reinforce our sfety teachings and habits.

I sincerely hope the injured man will make a full recovery. And Cheney will be able to make a dignified statement, to the public, accepting his mistake and quelling the frenzy the antis will have.

The fear of losing my right to keep and bear arms is unsettling to me. I believe the long range equiptment is quite vulnerable, especially with it's growing popularity.

Good hunting.
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