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Black gun rant

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Unread 07-27-2008, 10:58 PM
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I own a black gun or two. I'm not stupid. Nor am I offended. Every type of weapon comes with its peculiar set of responsibilities. I'm grateful you're educating the youngsters and dfds alike. Might save me trouble!
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Unread 07-27-2008, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by grit View Post
I own a black gun or two. I'm not stupid. Nor am I offended. Every type of weapon comes with its peculiar set of responsibilities. I'm grateful you're educating the youngsters and dfds alike. Might save me trouble!
Thanks grit. Your another one of my friends who own black guns and who I KNOW is responsible and courteous with them. NOt to mention dedicated and intelligent.
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Unread 07-28-2008, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by buzzgun View Post
No, I'm not Nonya, never met him, don't know anything about him......

I do know that you have a SERIOUS comprehension problem if you believe anything you posted in the quote above is related to anything I've posted on this thread......heck, you can't even seem to grasp the difference between an opinion and an attitude!!! Guess anyone who disagrees with you has a "bad attitude"??

Just to set the record straight:

I never suggested that GG should have "given priority to the the other guys".......

Second, simple fact is, if GG had set up to the far left, this problem would never have happened, if you can't see that, you are a fool.........that's not to say (and I NEVER claimed) that it was GG's fault, or that he should have to set up anywhere specific, or that GG brought the problem on himself, or that the black gun guys weren't being rude....or any of the other things you claim I said.......but the simple fact remains, if he had set up to the far left, none of this would have happened.......

Third, I never suggested any "conditions"........and you are just plain silly to suggest that I did or would........

Make no mistake, I've said it before and I'll say it again......the guy spraying GG with brass shouldn't have done it........maybe he knew he was doing it, maybe he didn't, but he was still wrong......I have never made excuses for their behavior or tried to justify it......

But, go ahead and dream up more stuff that I supposedly said........you seem to be good at it!!!
buzzgun - I apologize as I must have misunderstood you. As far as I could gather, the point of your post was to criticize GG for reasons you posted and I later emphasized and credited to you. I just didn't realize you agreed with the real purpose of GG's thread all along. Why didn't you just say that you agreed with GG in the first place. Cripes, you could have saved me a lot of time. Then after agreeing with GG in this thread, you could have started a separate thread of your own, on a subject altogether unrelated to this thread, and titled it "Elitism Rant". There, you could have brought up your personal concerns regarding elitism, and how there is no place for it amongst the long range hunting crowd. You could have even stated that your concern was caused by this very thread started by GG. That way you could have left all of the following statements out of this thread and placed them in your own thread, where they belong:

"if GG had simply commented on how rude it is for someone to spray another with hot brass, everyone would have agreed" & " I consider GG's hogging of 3 benches as rude and inconsiderate of others too.......and, just maybe the black rifle guys were doing a little "edjumicating" of their own via hot brass???" & "Maybe next time he (GG) will set up on the far left so none of the unwashed black rifle folks can bother him!!!" & "Your (GG's) post smacked of elitism when you felt the need to tell everyone how valuable your equipment was......" & "If you (GG) had set up all the way to the left, this would have never happened......" & "however, if you (phorwath) doubt for one second that GG was looking down his nose at the black rifle guys, you can easily remove all doubt when you read this part of his post:" & "If that sound like he (GG) thinks he has more right to be there because his stuff costs more.......well, your (phorwath) head is firmly planted in the sand......" & "You (GG) can claim that you weren't looking down your nose at the black rifle guys, but your post suggests otherwise......when you mention your "thousands of dollars worth of equipment that I doubt they could pay for".......your words tell the tale....."

Last edited by phorwath; 07-28-2008 at 03:43 AM.
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Unread 07-28-2008, 01:01 AM
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"So to have a little fun -i aimed 1.5" low at 'their' bullseye and shot a five shot group on the ghoulish laughing guys target with my 22-250 -i'd guess it to have been a .6" group.You should have heard the laughing and carrying on when we went down to put up more targets -i complimented him on some awesome shooting...
He told his friend -it just took him a minute to get warmed up --sooo funny."

LOL, thats hilarious.

Anyways, WOW, what a thread. It only took me about 1/2 hour to read 13 pages of nonsense, but I must admit it was quite entertaining...

I dont like to shoot at public ranges for the very same reasons 99% of us on this site dont like to, because the general public are morons with guns of any kind, especially the ones who "spray and pray" whether it be from pistols or SKS or AR's. I just hate dealing with the general public. They just dont have a clue. I dont care if it was a $3000 rifle or a $30 BB gun, if someone was spraying brass all over my chit, I would've definately let them know it. I dont treat any of my stuff like that and I definately dont take to OTHER people treating my stuff like that, PERIOD.

I dont think GG was being arrogant at all, he was simply stating the facts. If you dont like it, to bad so sad, get over it already...Feels like HS again, drama drama drama....
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Unread 07-28-2008, 08:49 AM
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The only "excuse" for the recent display of stupidity you reported is ignorance or carelessness, and that doesn't excuse his behavior......but it explains a lot......I'd point out that the same results would have occurred if he had been using a bolt gun or a single shot to bounce bullets off concrete.......hopefully, he learned something and won't do it again........
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Unread 08-03-2008, 10:09 PM
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OK I have been lurking since day one of this thread so I guess I will chime in! First Off I agree with the moral of this thread 100%. I also think that GG and Buzz would probably be friends if they knew each other. I think so much of what riles people up on these forums is that we cant see emotion or facial influctions. Because of this we assume people are saying one thing when they think they are saying something else.

Buzz, GG I don’t know either of you but I think its safe to say that you two gentlemen are going to have to agree to disagree on certain issues! Other than those few issues you are both saying the same things!!

I do have to share a story though from our local public range. I was there set up to the left when the range opened. I had my Chrono out and a target board at 100yds on the farthest left station. I also had the next station over setup to go out to 300yds (that’s the max at the range) I had a couple rifles on each bench and would work back and forth while letting barrels cool. After about 2 hours I notice this fellow carrying what looked to be a very heavy very long rifle case. I watched him because I wanted to see what he had. He pulled out what appeared to be a 50bmg. He began to set up right in the middle of the range. Well there were people to his left and his right where he set up. So I didnt think much about it after that. I figured he was just showing it to his buddies

We reset targets and he put his board out. Once the range went hot. I got behind my rifle and was looking downrange when KAWOOM!! I was 20 feet to the left of this guy and I mean WOW! (A muzzle brake like that under a tin roof) Well the people that were closer to him were really really mad. One guy was sitting on the ground holding his ears. Another one of the bystanders looked like he was gonna kill someone! A few of us went down and helped to calm the situation down. I took the guy with the 50 over by my setup to get him away and let everyone else cool down and gather there senses.

As I got to talking to this guy I found out that he was a silver spoon trust fund kid and that he saw the guy on the military channel shoot a 50 and he decided he wanted one. He was very nice and very apologetic. He told me he went to the local sportsmans wharehouse and they had one so he bought it. That was his first shot with it. LOL he told me he was going to try and take it back. We gave him some much needed range advise and watched his back as he loaded up and left. Still appologising as he drove off.

Why did I bring this up? I just wanted to show that even though the majority of poor common sense and rude behavior come’s from the "Black Gun" people; even people with Bolt guns are prone to acts of idiocy!!

I wish people could be given or taught common sense. Because this world seems to be losing common sense by the minute. Be safe and shoot straight everyone!!
Isnt the first rule in the 10 firearm rules; Know your target and whats beyond it?
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Unread 03-22-2013, 10:02 PM
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Re: Black gun rant

Originally Posted by Rimfire View Post
Some good points.
1 shoot far left.
2 shoot as far away to avoid vibration from sustained fire
3 avoid public ranges filled with black gun / rubber knifers
4 wear plugs and muffs to give extra protection from noise and BS

You guys missed the most important one, be friendly. One day at the local range I had a hard time getting off the 10 test rounds I came with due to non stop fire from them;) So at the end of my shooting I was talking with an elderly gentleman / range officer who is a friend of mine. (he too loves black guns) So while a few of the black gun owners were listening I told Jack we should hold a BLACK GUN SHOOT. Boy did that draw some attention. One asked what would you shoot and how is it run ( yeah he took the bait, now I got to set the hook) I tokd him I would shoot a 338 Lapua with 300 grain smk's at 2950 fps. He said well thats not fair thats not a black gun (assault rifle) I told him yeah it gets better, the rules for the shoot are we hang all the black guns from the target backers and I get to shoot each one. I guess i forgot about being friendly that day
Thats funny . I plan on shooting the "black gun" eventually I will keep the brass flingin in mind.
"Molon Labe"
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