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A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....

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Unread 09-03-2008, 08:28 AM
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A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....

I tend to be the type of person that is more then willing to help those that need help, even if they do not ask for the help. It is the American way to take care of each other when there is need.


I was watching the late night news the other night and they had a report about many of the evacuees and they did NOTHING but complain about the shelters they were living in.

One said that the other states were not ready for them and that this was a disgrace because they had 3 years to get ready for "Them"!!!

One lady was very upset because she had to take the kids outside to a row of outdoor, portable toilets to go to the bathroom. THere must have been 20 of them lined up.

Another lady complained that she could not take a shower every day.

Another man demanded to go back home instantly.

Another man said next time he would not be leaving when they were told to get out of town because of a coming storm that would be possibly dangerous to them.

I set there watching these people bitch and moan. Took me back to when I was watching the same damn thing on the news, people bitching and moaning because they were not taken care of a few years ago.

What really gets me going is not helping these people, but the lack of appreication and the attitude of entitlement that comes from these folks. What really gets me is that I would highly doubt that there was one of those people that were interviewed that paid one penny into the US tax system in the past 3 years.

I guess my opinion, if you can not afford to take care of yourself and there are those that are trying to help you out and save your life, be greatfull. If conditions are less then ideal, freakin live with it for a few days, the alterative is most definately worse then the conditions back home.

As far as being pissed that they can not get back home, thats understandable but the reason they are not allowed back home is because there is no electricity and they do not want a million people walking around the streets while the clean up crews are clearing debris and getting downed power lines back up and functional.

I guess if i had no means to help myself, I would be willing to live in a bit less then ideal conditions for a few days at no cost to myself. Hell, they get a roof over their head, free meals, free water, free toilets and at whoes expense, not theirs. Not to mention a free bus ride from danger to a safe place.

Are the shelters dirty, I am sure they are, you get 1000 people in one place that will tend to happen pretty quickly. There are no hotel maids in a rescue shelter.

For me, I see all these people bitching and I would love to see them take names and addresses down and the next time something like this happens, let them sit on their rears and take care of themselves or help them and then hand them a bill to pay for it themselves.

We can not do that because its not politcially correct. Seems there is an attitude down in that area with some folks that they should be taken care of all the time.

When did we stop taking care of ourselves in this country and when did we start bitching when we are helped out by others and do nothing but bitch and moan when we should be saying thank you for saving my life for FREE!!!!

Do nothing and get reamed for not helping enough, do what they ask and then get reamed for not putting them up in the hilton.

I understand that they are in a bad situation but when its -20 to -30 degrees for two weeks at a time, you do not hear any bitching from us up here in the north, you take care of your self. You live in an area, you prepare yourself to survive in the conditions those areas will put upon you. If anyone things that a hurricane is any more lethal then -30 degree temps with catagory 1 hurrican winds on top of that. Where bare skin will freeze in a matter of a minute or so with wind chill temps in the -50 to -60 degree range, they are sadly mistaken but again, you never hear about these hardships because we just take care of ourselves.

Perhaps I am being overly hard on the masses down south but there are a few individuals that really make it hard to want to continue helping them out, after all, ITS NOT FREE.

Maybe another camp out on their roof surrounded by flood water is what is needed???? Not sure what would work but when did Americans become such a whiny bunch of spoiled brats when someone is saving their life and helping them out FOR FREE!!!

Anyway, enough ranting, just a bit annoyed with these folks.
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Unread 09-03-2008, 09:28 AM
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Re: A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....

+1 Amen Brother!!! I saw the same program and got just as steamed.
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Unread 09-03-2008, 09:41 AM
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Re: A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....


You are pretty much spot on. It would have helped if you were to have lived there for a while to catch on even better. Also that is the kind of remark that the media chooses to report more than any other.

There are large cultural differences between West bank and East bank, up river and down river. Comparing Slidell with New Orleans is like comparing James Jones to a homeless fella.

The political culture of LA in general and New Orleans in particular is very different to what you are used to though MT is kind of headed that way in spots.

I lived up river, 23 miles, from New Orleans for 7 years in St. Charles Parish. Of my 7 children the last two are Coonasses and proud of it, by the way.

I recall when there was a major racial problem at the local high school , my neighbors were amazed that my 3 kids went to school that day. We knew about it but being from Idaho thought nothing of it. We seem to get along with everyone.

Certain groups of people there have been taught/conditioned/trained to have someone take care of them for their votes.

I was there during the Moreal and Edwards days. Pretty much a hoot from my perspective. I gathered that in New Orleans a fella or group of fellas which included a fella by the name of Moon ran the show anyway.;)

Additionally, I think Idaho politics is pretty much like Louisiana's except we've never had a Kingfish.

Also living there allowed me to recognize the racial problems that exist here in good ol' Bingham County Idaho.:(
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Unread 09-03-2008, 10:11 AM
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Re: A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....

Kirby, you make some good points about lack of appreciation and sense of entitlement. Sad thing is, that is the way this country is becoming more and more and the politicians pander to it for votes.
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Unread 09-03-2008, 10:27 AM
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Re: A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....

Well gentlemen, I hate to say it, but this is OUR fault. By "OUR" I mean middle class America. As we go through our lives dealing with our own problems, working to provide for our families, and trying to be good Americans, the liberals protest, the illegal immigrants get more and more rights, and the "poor me's" bitch about the free things that aren't good enough. I believe that if we banded together we could stop some of the things in this country that are completely out of control--welfare, immigration,... Problem is, we have jobs and families so there's no time to bitch and protest... Anyway, I agree with the rest of you guys--be glad you're still alive, and you have food and water.
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Unread 09-03-2008, 01:13 PM
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Re: A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....

I have lived in Louisiana all my life. There are generations of people who reley on welfare and other goverment handouts. When the state decided to bus the low income residents from New Orleans they could not tell them where they were going. They would argue about where they were being bused to. They sent them to Alexandria first, and then bused them to shelters. Some thought they were going to hotels like after Katrina.

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Unread 09-03-2008, 02:43 PM
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Re: A bit annoyed with some New Orleans citizens....

Unfortunately, LBJ's "Great Society" spawned several generations of people, mostly clustered in the inner cities, that seem to think that retiring at age 14 to procreate, abuse drugs and alcohol, victimize those who seek to work for a living, and drain the greater society of resources is their inalienable right. I do not disagree with them. What I disagree with is forcing the productive members of society to pay for their lack of ambition.

The worst part is that it has gone from being a charitable hand up to an entitlement. We need to start weaning these people off of the government teat.
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