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6BR for 1000 yard varminting.

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Unread 09-10-2007, 08:00 AM
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If your ever looking for a cheaper alternative to 70 grain ballistic tips. Try some speer tnt 70 grain, they shoot great. A varmint is a varmint he will die with either bullet. Its just not fair to shoot a varmint under 200 yards with this rifle, thats why you have a 17 or a 22 mag. Its almost cheating.
I think the 6br is great if you don't want any case prep. And Lapua brass is really that great. I shoot it in a Cooper 22 ppc, with lapua brass. I have yet to wear one out.
Go to JBM calculations website
They have a program on there to calculate recoil. I am building a rifle around 18-20 lbs and shooting heavy bullets, with a f-class benchrest type stock. The recoil is so pleasant around 4lbs, I seriously doubt you even need to consider a muzzle break especially with lighter varmint bullets. Your ears will thank you.
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Unread 09-10-2007, 08:21 AM
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If you are going 32 lbs, I would recommend that you talk to gunsmith Mark King in PA (, top recommended smith). He and his buddy John Buhay are making the best 6mm guns for the 1k crowd and more importantly John is building some great stocks of any weight you want that are barrel blocked ready to drop in a barreled action for around $1200-1300.

Both John and Mark are top competitors, craftsmen and gunsmiths. Might save you a lot of money and trouble looking at that setup. Also, at 32 lbs a brake is a waste of $200 IMO.

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Unread 09-10-2007, 12:42 PM
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Buntyhunter, thanks for the info. Regarding the brake, I already have it, so I will use it.

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Unread 09-10-2007, 12:46 PM
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Flybuster, I will look at that bullet too. Thanks for the info.

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Unread 09-11-2007, 06:49 AM
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I think you made a good decision going from the 6x284 to the 6br. Take a look at the 6/6.5x47 Lapua before your gunsmith starts making swarf. IMO the 6x47 has the same accuracy with just a little more case capacity. I have not tried any of the lighter bullets you are planning on using but with the 105s and 107s I think that the 6x47 has just a little advantage.
I admit that I know just enough to be dangerous.....but dangerous at ever extending distances.
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Unread 09-11-2007, 03:42 PM
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I will give the 6x47 a look. However, I am going to stick with the 6BR.

The gunsmith, building my project, recommeded the chamber be set up for a standard neck 6BR using Lapua brass along with a .060 freebore. This will allow me to shoot the 70grn Ballistic Tip, 75grn V-Max, 87grn V-Max and the 105grn Scenar. I am going to have to seat the lighter bullets out pretty far in order to touch the lands.

I have been reading the Lapua 105grn Scenar has been the most accurate bullet for the 6BR if your using a Krieger 1-8 or 1-8.5 twist, 4 groove, .236 lands barrel. I have a Krieger, 30", 1-8.5, .236 lands barrel, so I am really looking forward to shooting this bullet out of this rifle.

This rifle is going to be heavy and stable. It will weigh around 32 pounds. Here are the specs;
1. 6BR, standard neck, using Lapua brass
2. Nesika Model L, 1.70 Dia Action
3. McMillan Tooley MBR Stock, 5 pounds weight added to rear and front stud for bi-pod use.
4. Krieger, 30", 1-8.5 twist, 1.450 Dia. Straight taper barrel, .060 freebore.
5. Jewel 2oz trigger.
6. Vias muzzle brake
7. Davidson 20MOA base.
9. Kelby 30mm Rings.
10. Nightforce NXS 12x42x56mm NP-2DD or NP-R2 or MLR, I have not yet decided on reticle. I have always used the NP-2DD in the past with great success. I have heard the NP-R2 is an awesome reticle too. I have also, talked to many vamint hunters who are saying the MLR reticle is the way to go for Long range varminting.

As you can see, this rifle will be heavy. There will probably be no recoil due to the muzzle brake and weight of rifle. I could probably go without the brake, but I wanted it on this project. It should be a very pleasnt rifle to shoot, allowing me to really watch my hits and allow me to see my misses.

This rifle will be used for 1000 yard varminting, however, most of the varminting will be done from 400 to 600 yards. I was dead set on having the rifle built around the 6x284, but I decided the 6BR would be the better choice overall.

After studying and investigating this cartridge, it was obvious the 6BR is the most accurate of all the 6mm. I know it's not the fastest 6mm, but I have learned how accurate this cartridge is, so I decided to give up speed for accuracy. Also, I had many varmint hunters, individuals on his site and gunsmiths tell me the 6BR is a great cartridge for varminting.

Another reason I decided to go with the 6BR, was because of what past 6x284 owners were telling me. They basically said they wish they would have chambered their rifle for the 6BR instead of the 6x284. It was pretty overwhelming the responses I was getting from other shooters regarding this topic.

Many varmint hunters said once they switched to using the 6BR for varminting, their hits on target increased dramatically. After hearing and readng about this, I was pretty much sold. I am looking forward to shooting the 6BR, it will be my first.

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