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Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

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Unread 02-05-2005, 12:55 AM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

I believe you. That is what I have been saying all along, Barnes are not the best long range bullet.

One thing I would like to mention also is that Barnes bullets are made from copper wire that is brought in from a copper wire producer out of house. It is very common over there in American fork, Utah that some of the lots of copper don't react or swage like others. Barnes takes a bullet off the producion line at random, and tests it for all kinds of different things. If they get a lot of copper that doesn't perform up to specs, they "in theory" go back and scrap all that copper, and send it back to their copper supplier. Then they start over with a different lot. I say this is "in theory" because I have a friend who did his MBA thesis study on Barnes production management about 12 months ago, and he was in house for 5 weeks, and never saw them scrap any bullets and send them back to be melted down. Very interesting isn't it?
I bring this up because it is entirely possible that the Barnes bullets I bought were from the lot that was "supposed" to be scrapped, and the ones you fellas bought were the good ones! It is possible is it not??

Oh, and by the way, you did not have to teach me about shrapnell inside animals causing damage. I have been shooting Ballistic tips for years on elk and deer just for that very idea. Massive damage internally is very effective, and Ballistic tips do way more damage internally then Barnes in my experience.

Also, if you caught the implied meaning of my lot to lot theory of inconsistent copper, than you would have to agree that a bullet that is not consistant from lot to lot can't be good for long range as consistency is the key to accuracy! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Unread 02-05-2005, 02:15 AM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

I agree with you on consistency issues goodgrouper. Also I was not saying they were the best long range bullet only they worked for me so far. These topics do become very sticky way too quick at times dont they! I think that there are better bullets for long ranges such as the scirrocco you mentioned and I was just voicing my opinion on the X bullet since thats all j. jones asked about. Oh I finally got around to looking at those pics of your cow elk and it looks like the accubond worked great. I have shot them in load development but not on game yet have all your experiences with them been that good?
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Unread 02-05-2005, 04:36 AM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

I may have made a statement that was not entirely correct. Barnes X bullets are more likely to ashed their petals at initial impact at too high a velocity. The high velocity doesn't allow the petals to form a mushroom. Once expansion takes the four petal mushroom shape, then I believe from talking to Barnes that the petals are very stable. Like Brass Bender, you rarely retrieve a Barnes X to examine. The wound challels are impressive and expansion is evident. I think that from tests, the Barnes X expands better than Failsafes. Luckily, most folks don't shoot at 1,000+ yds. The majority of hunters,including ones on this site, would have a large potential of wounding at that range on big game.
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Unread 02-05-2005, 10:06 AM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

Well , after shooting 7 dogs and 3 pigs last night with the Triple shocks loades to max velocity out of a 30-06 wich was right under 3500fps with the 130gr bullet molyed , I can atest that the rest of these bullets will be used for shooting only large pigs at close range and I do not feel that the offered enough energy dump on the target at ranges of less than 200yds to be a good effecient killing bullet.

All dogs shot with these bullet were shot directly behind the front shoulder hiutting the heard and lung area all dogs ran at least 75yds and several more than 100 never to be found. the dogs were examinded and found that their was some decient expansion and very good penitration but the bullet just diden't deposit enough energy to offer a quick kill instead having the animals bleed out to die which shows poor bullet performance.
The pigs that were shot acted a little differantly but still went farther than if shot with a Partition. one weighing in the 120lb class was shot in the chest just left of center and the bullet exited breaking the opposite rear leg the range was about 75yds and the animal traveled about 50yds before stopping and lived almost 30 seconds after stopping , I think that if the pig had not had a broken rear leg it would have gone a long way before dieing.

NOW if these animals were shot at such close ranges the impact velocity was surely well above 3000fps and the bullet diden't expand enough to dump alot of energy then I seriously doubt that they will work any better at long range where the lower velocity will slow expansion.

The SST interbonds worked well all bullets exited and all animals diden't travel over 75yds the bullets that hit pigs did seem to break up a bit but still exited unlike a Ballistic tip would.
I think that these bullets are gonna make a good load for what I want.
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Unread 02-05-2005, 04:44 PM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

Good job! You formed your opinion of them and they didn't work for you. Have you tried the scirrocco yet? They work very well at all ranges I have tried them at. Everyone can not have the same experience with a bullet or there wouldn't be as many manufacturers as there is. Maybe goodgrouper is right and all us guys that like the X bullet got a better lot than than the guys who dont like them. Stranger things have happened. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] Good shooting and hope you find a good knock em dead load for the old /06. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Unread 02-05-2005, 08:42 PM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

J Jones

The X bullet is not designed and never was to impart the maximum shock to take an animal down instantly. It was designed to be able to penetrate and hold together. If you wanted an instant death on something so small like dogs or smaller pigs, then by all means go to a ballistic tip type of bullet.

Now take a 300 pound or larger boar and shoot him end to end either at 50 yards or 500, the bullet will expand, and will most likely penetrate the whole length and exit.

It is a specialty use bullet. I use them for a lot of hunting. I don't expect them to flop at the shot though they often do. But when Muy Grande walks out at 300 yards walking away from me trailing a doe, I can in 100% confidence shoot him in the butt and it'll give him a dust cloud in front of him as the bullet exits and hits the dirt. I can expect that in almost any animal up to Elk size also.

The end result of this constant conversation is that different folks prefer different performance.

As to X bullets not working, as much respect as I have for the posters on this board, I have to say I'm still waiting to see it happen. And I don't expect I'll see much variance. Not any more than I've seen with all the other bullets anyway. With much more chance of deep penetration.

As to LRB bullets, wow!! I've just not ever been able to shoot them worth a flip. And at a buck or more a piece. Oh well.

Get as close as you can, but utilize your skills as needed.
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Unread 02-05-2005, 08:48 PM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

Yea , I guess that the old saying goes oppinions are like A$$e$ , everbody has one and they all stink.

Anyhow , I tried the Swift Scirocco's when they first came out and I coulden't get them to group well so I just went on useing the old reliable Partition but now I'm seriously looking at the new interbonds and accubonds.
Who knows , maybe I'll do a little tinkering with the Barnes and try making the hollow point a little deeper or something
I did however order a box of the 53 gr TSB for a 22-250 Ackley that I use a bit , maybe they'll work better for me when launched up close to 4k.
But everbody is intiteled tho his or her oppinion and somethings work alot better for some folks than others , I respect everbodys opponion and apperciate all the feed back that everbody offered.
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