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Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

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Old 02-02-2005, 07:56 AM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

I'm just gettin started at this long range stuff,500+.But i've had some good training years ago from a bench rest shooter.First very few bullets are the same,Weight,aol and od.He said to buy at least 500 rounds and go thru them,first weight,he put them in egg cartons.Then he had two homemade tools,one was for od the other for distance from tip to od,any thing that didn.t meet his od whent into the neibor box.He also checked roundness.He said that what people call flyers were due to one of the above problems.And i never seen the man shoot more than one hole at 100 yards,EVER.I wish he was still around here,moved to Florida.He was fond of barnes and swift bullets for huntin,shot all his deer in the head,didn't want to wast the meat.Only one kind of brass and would only shoot it 4 or 5 times.I'm sorry i didn't learn morem from him!
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Old 02-02-2005, 09:56 AM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

J.Jones, I went thru a phase where I shot light Barnes and Nosler BT's in my 30-06. I attained high velocity and good accuracy but I learned alot about what not to do. The 130gr Barnes X always exited with a small hole and never dropped an animal in it's tracks unless I hit spine. It was effective in killing deer and hogs but they usually ran about 100 yds. When I tried to use them at ranges exceeding 250yds they were very ineffective. The light wt. Barnes X's just dropped off the charts. The 125gr Nosler fly's better but it blew up on the hide. I shot one buck three times before one through the neck stopped him. The bullets all blew up on the hide. The 30 cal. 125 Nosler's belong in the varmit only loading. I switched to Nosler 150's and they produced impressive one shot kills on deer. They were still a little lite for hogs and produced massive wounds with shallow penetration. I switched again to 165grs and haven't looked back. They fly great at long range and drop critters in their tracks. One more note about the barnes bullets. Put them in the high shoulder area for best results. I prefer the heart lung shot for less meat destruction and the Nosler BT works best for quick stops for me.
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Old 02-02-2005, 10:56 AM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

I'm still torn up when I read all the barnes stuff. My experiences are all positive. Shoot a 400 grain 416 end to end in an Eland and 4 petals open and it weighs 400 grains.(actually just a tad more) Shoot deer with 30 cal and the entrance is 30 cal, the exits can be as large as hardballs or your fist. Everthing is destroyed. Shoot animals with 338 win mag out to over 800 yards and jells the lungs and liver and the second shot breaks the spine on a caribou. Of course there is not a huge entry or exit wound, but the exit wound shows expansion and the penetration is completely through. No recovery.

Folks almost have me scared to keep trying out past 800 with them but everything from 50 yards out to just over 800 has been textbook perfect.

Of course I don't care if they drop in their tracks. Let em run a ways and bleed out. Better for the meat IMHO anyway. And if you can't trail one 100 yards you have no business in the field and have never bowhunted or MZ hunted either. Its a fact of hunting to have to trail.

My always end answer is I want the penetration in case I hit large bones, rather than a frangible bullet that may fall apart before penetrating vital organs.

Of course now that bonded bullets are out they are showing super results. And I may switch. But then again, they are not showing the almost 100% weight retention that allows an X to continue on a straight line penetration more often than not.

The worst thing here, is that I"ll probably have to be burned before I switch.

FWIW I've shot them in my contenders in 30 cal at longer ranges where the impacts are way below 1800 fps and they've always opened a bit. Way more than I could ever say for Sierras SSP bullets.

Love em or hate em. At least it seems that the TSX will shoot a lot easier than the regular ones and in almost every rifle.

FWIW, (less than 2 cents?) Jeff
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Old 02-02-2005, 04:21 PM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

ROST495, I've had the same experience as yourself as posted above. I've blown up more Nosler Partitions than any other bullet. After three failures in a row, I'm back to X bullets to stay. Like you said, until they fail, stick with what works. Barnes will tell you that their best velocity curve is starting out under 3,000 fps, othwise on a close shot, you could blow off petals. We've shot several large mulies with impact right at 3,000 and made big exit holes. Petals must have stayed together to have fist size exit holes. Go with my positive experience is going to be my motto I guess. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
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Old 02-02-2005, 05:33 PM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

Rost495, I am not in any way insinuating that barnes aren't good bullets. I love them but my personal experience is no large exit wounds. I also don't mind tracking a deer a hundred yards (unless it's raining) lol. The 165gr Nosler BT just electrocuted the deer I've shot with my 30-06. However, in my new 300 RUM I am loading the 180 gr TSX's because I know the bullet will stay together and get the job done. My only question is, will the TSX open up at long range and will it fly accurately to a 1000yds? Maybe someone here can tell me their experience with the Barnes TSX at long range.
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Old 02-02-2005, 07:31 PM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

You have gotten a lot of good feed back. One more or one less isn't going to hurt. So here is mine:
I have been reloading for 33 years and the best group that I have ever shot with sporter hunting rifle has been with Barns X Triple Shocks. I shot a nice 4x4 mule deer years ago using the older bullet. I was happy with its performance but no too happy with its accuracy. This new Triple Shock is excellent! You won't be sorry. I've used the 180 grains on my 300 RUM and 165 grains on my 300 Win Mag.Very happy with both of them. Getting groups within 0.6" with my Remington RUM and 1" with my Howa 300 Win Mag at 100 yards. I did follow Barnes instructions and on both instances I pushed the bullets 0.050" off the lands. Penetration is awesome but not because they wont expand but because it's got razor sharp cutting petals where other bullets with a blunt blob would only dream to penetrate to, also, concentricity is very importante for accuracy, unleaded bullets has no issues as would lead jacketed bullets.You can be the best when it comes to placing that lead concentrically in reference to the jacket, but there will always be the question if the bullet you will let fly at long ranges is the one that is out of concentricity.

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Old 02-02-2005, 08:45 PM
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Re: Who is using the Barnes Triple Shocks? / Like them?

I am sure I will have some dis-agree with me but from my experience triple SHOCK means 1 no expansion, 2 not a copperless land in my barrel,3 subpar accuracy not a bargain in my book.
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