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Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

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Unread 10-31-2008, 04:08 AM
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Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

I'm may be interested in getting a walk around .308 in the future and would like to know who has one. Also your experiences with it like what you do or have done with it like hunting, varmints, long range, target practice. You know the whole works.
I was thinking about a varmint set-up but they are heavier than a normal hunting one and I already have a heavy beast for longer distances. So I'll personally probably shy away from the varmint versions. Getting a new one I'd have it glassed bedded and pillared.
I've already heard and read about the .308 but would still like to hear your stories about it.
Pictures would be nice to. So don't be shy and post em.

Please comments only from .308 owners.
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Unread 10-31-2008, 08:02 PM
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Re: Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

I have a Rem. 700 short action with a Heart varmint size barrel that is 21 1/2 inches long. It is in a Brown Precision pillar bed stock. This rifle is actually about as light as a regular long action 700. This rifle is a real shooter. It will shoot 1/4 MOA all day long. I deer hunt with it mostly. It really drops deer in their tracks with the 125 gr Nosler ballistic tips pushed by 46 grs. IMR 4895 at 3050 fps. With a 3 inch high zero at 100 yards it is only 4 inches low at 300 yards. I just hold in the center of a deers shoulders out to 300 yards and he is dead meat. I had to put camo tape on the barrel because it was polished bright SS. And I painted the stock digital camo pattern like the USMC camo. This rifle was made up years ago as a hunter class bench rest rifle. I love it. I can't find how to put pictures on this site or I would show you a picture of the rifle.
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Unread 10-31-2008, 08:46 PM
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Re: Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

With the right ammo, it does well on targets to 1,000 yards.
The 155 Scenar is a decent target bullet if your rifle is throated for it, and it can be driven to nearly 3,000 fps in a .308. With a BC comparable to a 175 SMK, it shoots flatter and with less wind drift than my .260.

I have a 20" Remington LTR in .308 that shoots FGMM 168 grain ammo into 1/2 MOA, and FGMM 175s to about 3/4 MOA. I just started shooting some of the M118LR from American Ballistics, which is a 175 BTHP at 2,600 (24-26" barrel) and that shoots to 3/4 MOA as well. I was slamming a 4" popper at 600 yards with it yesterday at Reade Range in PA.

I have a 26" Remington Varmint Special that doesn't shoot quite as well up close, but is easier to shoot longer ranges with, due to less drop and more barrel mass. I dial on 44 MOA to get to 1k with the LTR, and wind is hard on it, but I only need about 38 MOA with the same ammo in the 26" gun.

I've used Nosler 165 BTs to hunt with the LTR, but typical whitetail rifle distances here are usually measured in "feet", vs "yards", and rifle/caliber choice isn't very critical.

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Unread 10-31-2008, 08:57 PM
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Re: Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

I have an older, (pre-garcia) sako. I consistantly shoot under 1/2" with hunting loads. the nosler 125 and 150 sierra work great. it wont shoot 130s. it has a 22" barrel w/ 1-12 twist. I have wanted to change to a 24" 1-10. its lite, shoots great for anybody I have allowed to shoot it. I dont need a canyon blaster, I just hunt alittle closer. ;) what can be said? its a great little gun for most of what I do.
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Unread 10-31-2008, 09:58 PM
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Re: Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

I fought the 308 thing for ever. 308's i felt were boring, every one had one, heck my dad has hunted with a 308 for 40 years.

I finally broke down and bought one to compete in local sniper matches and all i can say is WOW! Every one should have a 10/22 and a 308.

First off they just plain shoot. 44.2gr Varget, Black hills brass, Fed 210m, and 175 SMK and you are good to go to atleast 1000 yrds.

I have a older Rem PSS with a 26" barrel. This thing that is bone stock (only trigger work) shoots great.

208's are cheap to shoot and they allow you trigger time for practice. At 600-1000 yrds they make you realy read the wind.

I will not be without one in my safe!
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Unread 10-31-2008, 11:37 PM
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Re: Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

You can get the best of both worlds...

Remington SPS Tactical with a 20 inch barrel...not too heavy, very accurate, and well balanced.

Some people are afraid of the short barrel...but I been shooting 308's for going on 30 years, and I figured out loooong ago that they lose very little speed with a 20 inch barrel...my SPS Tactical can get 168 grain Ballistic Tips going at 2,700 fps with 44.5 grains of Reloder 15...and I can safely go faster, but that load is accurate and fast enough to reach 1000 yards without worrying about it going transonic.

175 SMK's can get to 2,640 fps.

With a 308...you really have to get the "dope" right....drop is easy to figure and fairly constant...wind is a challenge, but its doable...either than or I been REAL lucky for a loooong time.
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Unread 11-01-2008, 03:56 AM
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Re: Who Has a .308 along with your Experiences

Have shot a lot of .308 rounds over the years and what I like about the cartridge is, it's easy.

Easy to load - many, many accurate, effective loads available.
Easy access to excellent factory ammo - several different makes of "match grade" ammo are readily available.
Easy on the shooter - like a .30-06, but less recoil.
Easy on the barrel - I routinely get 4000 - 6000 rounds of accurate barrel life from my .308's.

I use the .308 for hunting, varmints, and match/competition shooting. It's a peach.
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