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What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

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Unread 07-18-2012, 12:49 PM
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What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

Just wanted to say HELLO!! Came here to find out if anyone knows what is actually recommended bullet weight for 7mm08 with 1/10 twist doing 2800-2850 fps out of a 26 inch extra heavy barrel #8 straight contour Douglas barrel. I have used Speer 145 SPBT and 145 SPBT Match for years and always maintained 1/4 to 1/2 with the Match and 1/2 to 7/8 with the regular boat tails. I have shot it out to a 1000 yds with this setup and Match bullets using a cheater card attached to my rifle from actual shooting to that distance. I started using my rifle for deer hunting and just want to load something other than the 100 grain Hornady's I use for coyotes and load something else to keep me busy. Any recommendations from anyone with the info I have provided is much appreciated..
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Unread 07-18-2012, 12:55 PM
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Re: What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

If it is just for deer hunting then the 139 grain Hornady Interbond would be perfect. If elk is also on the kill list then the 145 grain Barnes LRX would be a great choice. I am shooting the 140 grain ttsx and 145 grain Lrx out of my 7mm-08 and i am going to use the 145 for elk this year.

I'm 18
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"The only advantage a light rifle has is weight, all other advantages go to the heavy rifle."
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My guess on W3P .308 230 Grain Bullet: G1 .740-.755
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Unread 07-18-2012, 02:06 PM
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Re: What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

Thank you for the recommendation. thats the same bullet my son and I had been looking at at Bass Pro Shop.. If anyone has any other recommends with that 1/10" twist I'd like to read them.. Thank you again.
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Unread 07-18-2012, 03:00 PM
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Re: What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

For deer sized game I found the 120 grain Ballistic tip to be the best.

I tried all of the other bullet weights and designs and they all shot well but the deer
allways ran 10 to 40 yards after a perfict hit.

With the 120s they hit the ground where they stand. I had trouble at first believing it but
after many DRT kills I was convinced that it had something to do with energy transfer,
velocity and bullet design combination.

The most accurate load I have with it is 41.5 gr of H414 @ 3010 ft/sec. .053 5 shot group.
The fastest accurate load is 45.4 grs Varget @ 3150 ft/sec .077 5 shot group (100 yards).

The 140s that I tried in a 1 in 10 twist just never got the accuracy of the 120s.

I went to a 1 in 9 twist and the 140s were more accurate but still did not perform like the
120s on deer.

Also on 168+grain bullets the 1 in 9 or 1 in 8.5 were nessary for accuracy shots over 600 yards.

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Unread 07-18-2012, 08:47 PM
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Re: What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

Thank you J.E. CUSTOM for your recommendation. We actually have a box of 168 grain match to play around with, just never used it. I knew it was the wrong twist for that weight, but couldn't help myself. Thanks again.
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Unread 07-18-2012, 09:05 PM
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Re: What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

I sold my 7-08 after using it on deer with a 120. Needless to say two 120 sierra pills in a row didn't make it in broadside out of a 20" m7 stainless. I went up to the stunned deer and shot it at 10 yards with my dad's 44. It didn't die. I proceeded to holster the pistol which by now had snow in it's barrel from ******* with the deer. I then gave said deer a left hook which knocked it stone cold, drug it back to the truck, and put it out with a pistol from the truck. I gave up on light-weight bullets in 7-08 after that and traded the dang rifle for a 44 mag of my own.
Moral of the story-- don't use light weight bullets when you actually want to kill what you are shooting. I won't use under 140 grain bullets in any 7mm now.
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Unread 07-19-2012, 03:54 PM
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Re: What bullet weight 1/10 7mm08 26" @2800-2850 fps

The load I've been loading for my daughters 7mm-08:
49gr RL19
140gr Nosler BT
Winchester cases

I never did run it across a chrony, but it was consistent MOA with one of the roughest barrels I've ever seen, Nosler manual states it at 2900

This year I'm going to change it to a 150gr Nosler partition, still with RL19
Keep in mind the animals we shoot for food and display are not bullet proof. Contrary to popular belief, they bleed and die just like they did a hundred years ago. Being competent with a given rifle is far more important than impressive ballistics and poor shootability. High velocity misses never put a steak in the freezer.

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