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Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards

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Unread 12-25-2009, 09:36 PM
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Re: Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards

If you can get 100 fps more out of the 168 E-Tip, you'll get about 25 yds more down range velocity but the 180 will still hold a slight edge in momentum and energy.

Of the two, I would go with the 180 out of the 300 WSM if they shot the same. If the 168 shot better, I would go with it. Not a big diff between the two but with elk, every little bit helps.
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Unread 12-25-2009, 10:13 PM
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Re: Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards

300 win mag. I don't even own one anymore but: Better brass then the wsm, berger 210 or 240 smk.
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Unread 12-26-2009, 12:57 AM
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Re: Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards

Originally Posted by linksmechanic View Post
300 win mag. I don't even own one anymore but: Better brass then the wsm, berger 210 or 240 smk.
Curious what 300 WM brass is better than Norma WSM brass? Does Lapua make 300 WM brass?

I've never tried 240 SMK's out of my 300 WSM but it will shoot 210 Bergers @ 2935 in front of RL17. I personally dont think the 240 is the best bullet for either the WM or WSM, but that's just me.
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Unread 12-26-2009, 02:27 PM
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Re: Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards

Originally Posted by 4th_point View Post

As much as I'd like to get a 338 Edge/RUM/Lapua, I think what I need right now is something that can anchor elk, moose, and black bear at ~600 yards. I currently own a heavy 243 (for varmints & targets) and a 35 Remington (just for fun and pigs if I get a chance to go south), but nothing for large game at 'medium' ranges. I had a 300 WSM that was boringly accurate, but sold it for another project.

A few weeks ago I asked about the 300 Win Mag vs. RUM for 1000 to 1200 yards and I got some great advice. A big 338 seems like the way to go for a dedicated longrange rig, and the 300 Win Mag seems like a great all-around rifle as well. In my mind, these would need to have long, heavy barrels and would not be ideal for hiking or when jumping animals.

Instead of those longrange rigs, I think I need something more versatile. Right now, I think I will have more opportunities at 400 to 600 yards than at 1200 yards and want something that won't be burden to carry.

I'm thinking either a 300 Win Mag or 338 Win Mag that weighs 6.5 to 7.5 lbs without scope. A Kimber 84M Montana would be great at 5lbs, but I don't think I'd feel confident in shooting an elk much past 300 yards with the cartridges its chambered for (260, 7mm-08, 308, 338Fed).

So what do you guys think? 300WM with 200gr Accubond or 338WM with 225gr Accubond? I have to admit that for 600 yards I am leaning towards the 338. Even though the 225gr is only 15% heavier than the 200gr, it seems like the extra bullet weight could come in handy. Plus, if I ever go to Alaska (some friends go every year) I think the 338 would give me extra confidence (maybe just my imagination) for big black bears and moose. Would either the 300 or 338 be suitable for shoulder shots on big black bears, moose, or bull elk at 600 yards, or is that placement not advisable?

I previously owned a T3 in 300 WSM (8 lbs total weight) and recoil was not an issue (shot 40 rounds in one session). I had great luck shooting at 400+ yards with this rifle. I have not shot a 338 however, and I do not want a muzzle brake on this new rifle. Also, I have shot with good success at 600 yards with a 308, have reloading equipment, LRF, spotting scope, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Well Jason are you thoroughly confused yet ?

There is a lot of good advice to wade through and If you can just start back with your post
and apply all of the advice so that you will end up with exactly what you wanted you should
end up with a great rifle for your needs.

I always try to evaluate all possibilities and then make a checklist for the person wanting
the custom rifle and let them check off all of the pros and cons to come to a final decision.

It looks something this;

Type of animal =
max distance to be hunted=
(These two things will normally help decide what caliber and bullet weight.)

Type of terrain and distance from transportation to hunting (How much walking)
This will give one a ideal weight and overall length for the rifle.

How much recoil you can tolerate is very important and the bigger the cartridge/bullet
combination the more recoil so based on recoil the decision to install a muzzle break
becomes important and with the break comes the necessity for hearing protection.

Also another important factor is whether you reload or want to buy factory ammo.

Next is wild cats (Non factory chamberings) they can produce extra benefits but
there are issues with them that must be addressed.

I hope this helps you come to a best all round rifle for your purpose and use.

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Unread 12-26-2009, 05:02 PM
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Re: Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards

300 WSM or 325 WSM in short action

No Click LR carry gun

click on pics to enlarge

Here is my exact same thing.

Manners and others make 1 lb or so stocks to make it come in easily under 8 lbs with high quality 1" scope (Zeiss, Swaro and Kahles).


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Unread 12-26-2009, 10:11 PM
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Re: Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards

look at Hunting/ deer hunting/ 37" MULEY pg #4 and you will see my 600-800 light carry 7-6oz. loadedw/sling 325WSM 4-14X40 mildot w/cds, GETER DONE
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Unread 12-27-2009, 07:23 PM
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Re: Walking or light rifle... elk at 600 yards


A few thoughts. To keep the rifle light and accurate, you need to take a few things into consideration.

1. What is your recoil tolerance? Heavier and faster bullets are going to thump you more on your end.

2. Going to a lighter rifle yet keeping the accuracy up there will dictate that your going to need some luck and lots of reloading knowledge to find a load that will meet your accuracy needs and/or you'll need to put some $ into the rig to "make" it accurate.

So, on #1. Any 338 will work but is going to thump you more. A 180 30 cal will easily suffice to your 600 yd limit and yet, won't thump you as hard. Goodgrouper has proven that many times and at longer ranges.

On #2, put the extra $ into a good barrel, action job, trigger to "make" it more accurate. It does not have to be a $3-4k rifle to meet your accuracy needs. $300 for a barrel, $300 for the barrrel work and about $200-300 more to true it all up and maybe $100 for a decent trigger or trigger job.

My own big game LR rig is a Rem 700 LA in 30-06AI, 26" SS Lilja turned to an absolute toothpick at the .552" muzzle, trigger tuned to 2 lbs. I've tried numerous scopes. My fav was my former Mk 4 4.5-14x50 w/ TMR but it recently got sold to fund my new NF 5.5-22x50 w/ NP-R1 reticle. With the Mk 4 the weight was only 7.5 lbs and yet I could shoot 1/2 MOA groups out to 800+ yds. I've got proof.

See, look at that barrel just underneath the Obj lens; drastic contour down to a toothpick.

This is a 4.25" group @ 818 yds. Same rifle but IOR scope which fell apart about 20 rounds later. 180 BT doing about 3000 in a 7.5 lb rifle = thump! But, I'm tough!
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